Beko HII64500FHT

What is a Beko HII64500FHT?

Beko’s HII64500FHT is a four-zone, well-featured initiation hob entrance in positively underneath £350. Despite a affordable price, it comes with Schott Ceran easy-clean glass, a power-boost function, a timer and a ability to integrate dual zones to feverishness unequivocally vast pans.

The Beko performs good generally, with good heat-up times and accurate control over 19 levels. Round vessel positioning on a block noted zones is a bit tricky, and some other operational oddities make it a small fussy to use, yet we cant disagree with a good elementary value.

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Beko HII64500FHT – Design and features

Wow, that is a bright, unequivocally apparent Beko logo. Sadly, that’s approaching to be everyone’s initial greeting to this affordable and well-featured initiation hob from, er, Beko (in box a trademark hadn’t smacked we in a face with that fact already). For badge snobs, that trademark is a bit of a manifest carbuncle on what is differently a neat and sophisticated-looking hob.

The white section markers and legends are sincerely pointed yet still simply visible, a red indicators are not too splendid and a executive appetite slider is easy to use – generally as it scarcely offers 19 levels of appetite for accurate feverishness control. That rises to 20 levels if we cause in a fast-heating boost duty accessible on any zone.

Moreover, a HII64500FHT is many prohibited over with features, that is surprising during this cost point. The list includes a boost setting, discerning heat, countdown timer and keep-warm duty for all 4 zones, a ability to integrate a dual left-hand zones together for prolonged pans, and a child lock. Leveraging a kitchen apparatus buzzword de jour, there’s also an Eco mode.

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BekoFHT 1

We were intrigued by this feature, wondering accurately how we done an initiation hob many some-more careful than a 90%-plus appetite send that a record allows. However, bizarrely, all a Eco mode does is separate a appetite to all now active zones. So this would meant we are cooking during a many reduce temperature, during half power, holding twice as long. Um, go figure.

Unusually, this Beko allows we to precedence a super-powerful boost mode in a midle of cooking (rather than usually heat-up) regulating a Quick Heat setting. Quick Heat boosts appetite to a section for a tangible time, depending on a stream cooking level, from 10 to 85 seconds. We theory this could be used to redeem from a Eco mode, yet we struggled to consider of a plate that would need a low feverishness and afterwards a super-boost during cooking.

BekoFHT 2

Beko HII64500FHT – What’s it like to use?

The Schott Ceran potion aspect is as glorious as ever in this Beko’s implementation. It offers a mid-gloss aspect that’s spectacularly easy to clean, even when burnt-on cheese creates it demeanour like a lunar surface. It also resists chips and scratches and never fails to gloss adult to perfection. The gloss-black aspect is a bit of a dirt magnet and shows adult fingerprints like a CSI dusting, yet that all comes off with a discerning wipe.

BekoFHT 9

Equally, hold controls built into a aspect are unequivocally good indeed. While a section preference and a singular feverishness control are not a favourites, as they involves mixed symbol presses any time we wish to change a temperature, they do work well. The HII64500FHT responds good to a hold controls.

The boost mode, keep-warm duty and timer are all good during this affordable cost point. The timer offers a countdown for any section and indeed turns a section off when a time is up.

BekoFHT 8

Typical initiation hob facilities such as indicators when a potion is hot, vessel detection, and brief cut-out are all benefaction and correct, and there is no arguing a appetite of a boost and Quick Heat features. Unfortunately, when possibly of these facilities are intent a hob’s fans go into overdrive to keep a initiation coils cool, so a HII64500FHT is distant from a quietest initiation hob out there.

The dual left-hand zones can be related together to form one incomparable zone. While this is supposed to be ideal for fish skillets and vast form pans, we do consternation if this underline isn’t usually a box-ticking exercise. Like many hobs during this cost indicate a underline simply allows a singular coexisting control of dual turn burners. That doesn’t make for a many even vessel bottom heating compared to models that offer a genuine vast vessel cooking zone. Your mileage competence vary.

Few initiation hobs are accessible for rebate than a Beko’s £329 seeking price, and those that are offer a whole lot fewer features. In that honour alone this Beko is make-up some good value credentials.

BekoFHT 6

Beko HII64500FHT – Performance

While all zones delivered excellent appetite on a boost mode initially, they all faded comparatively fast as a initiation coils got warm. This translated to a 10% rebate in rise appetite within 15 to 20 seconds of branch a section on. So, for example, while a unequivocally absolute back-left section would happily broach a limit 3000W on boost into a vast vessel initially, that would dump sincerely fast to around 2700W for many of a test.

All initiation hobs tend to rise primarily and afterwards blur a little, yet not many blur by as many as 10% within a initial 30 seconds. As such, a tests heating H2O to 90°C were a small next what we would have approaching from a Beko’s initial promise.

Heating 2 litres of H2O in a 21cm turn vast vessel on boost mode, a absolute back-left burner delivered around 3kW primarily and strike 90°C in a plain 5 mins exactly. Yet pierce a vessel brazen to a front left and a hob usually delivered 2350W initially, dropping to 2150W, for a 2-litre boil time of a clearly normal 5 mins and 30 seconds.

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BekoFHT 7

Using a vast back-right turn section with a 19cm mid-size vessel and 1.5 litres of water, this Beko delivered 2200W (2.4kW rise and fading) to move a H2O to exam feverishness in a good 4 mins and 35 seconds.

The smallish turn section during a front right of a hob valid itself to be another anomaly. The boost mode delivered positively no additional appetite over turn 19 on a elementary slider control. Either way, a hob appearance during about 1500W into this pan, dropping to 1350W sincerely quickly, for a 90°C time of a rather normal 4 mins 45 seconds.

BekoFHT 13

This hob’s keep-warm mode pulses adult to 300W any integrate of seconds. That is positively customary for a elementary keep-warm underline on initiation hobs, and works comparatively good for pans cooking during midst temperatures. It positively won’t keep a prohibited vessel simmering and competence be somewhat too prohibited for ethereal dishes such as divert porridge. Yet we do have to rage these stipulations with a fact that unequivocally few hobs during this cost indicate offer this underline during all.

Engaging a left-hand far-reaching aspect cooking section delivered no surprises in a fact that it simply links to turn burners. Heating on a exam skillet was therefore sincerely uneven, and a opening between dual turn zones sincerely large. It’s not ideal but, once again, relations to this hob’s cost indicate – where few aspirant models even offer this underline – it’s no bad thing.

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Should we buy a Beko HII64500FHT?

Few initiation hobs accessible around £300 offer utterly a appetite or underline set of a Beko HII64500FHT. It’s comparatively powerful, easy to use, elementary to purify and offers a good preference of features. Yet it’s distant from perfect, with fast vanishing boost power, loud cooling fans, elementary related zones for incomparable pans and a honestly uncanny Eco mode all counting opposite it.

Take that unequivocally affordable seeking cost into consideration, though, and we can’t repudiate that a Beko HII64500FHT unequivocally does offer good value.


A great-value initiation hob with copiousness of features, even if a ultimate opening falls a bit brief of greatness.

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