Beko UL584APW

What is a Beko UL584APW?

Need a tiny some-more fridge space yet don’t imagination striking out for a whole new fridge freezer? Beko’s UL584APW is a slim-fit 55cm fridge with A+ appetite rating, copiousness of storage space and some-more shelves than Ikea… all for reduction that £180.

The tiny Beko doesn’t disappoint, mixing glorious storage space with versatile shelving and copiousness of doorway space. It customarily sips electricity compared to a full-sized fridge freezer and a cooling opening is easily consistent, gripping your cold food fresher for longer. Bargain!

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Beko UL584APW – Design and Features

We haven’t tested too many under-counter refrigeration appliances, yet there comes a time when everybody could do with a tiny some-more cold storage space. Whether we have an under-counter fridge and freezer (rather than a fridge-freezer) and are looking for a fridge replacement, or simply could use some additional chiller space, under-counter fridges are comparatively inexpensive to buy – yet not always as affordable to run.

Beko aims to residence this with a A+ appetite rated UL584APW. This slim (55cm wide) under-counter fridge is finished in white or silver, has a neat bow-fronted door, and promises to cost reduction than £20 per year in electricity.

The doorway has dual inset handles on a tip and a hinges can be topsy-turvy so it can be done to open possibly way. It comes right-hand hinged as standard, and is propitious with an antibacterial doorway seal. This rubber-treatment record aims to revoke or discharge a unsightly expansion of black cover that we can get in a folds of a doorway sign over time – generally if a apparatus is kept somewhere damp such as an unheated application room.

BekoUC 11

Beko suggests a UL584APW will customarily work effectively above 5oC ambient room temperature, so this indication isn’t suitable for UK garages. Well, not in a mid-winter anyway. Mind you, if it’s reduction than 5oC in your garage, customarily spin a appetite off and open a fridge door.

The frail white interior is illuminated with an equally frail and white LED light. There’s customarily a singular light and it’s positioned on a right, half approach behind in a compartment. Judicious chain of equipment on a mid-shelf will be compulsory so as not to expel shadows over a rest of a fridge space.

There’s no tiny freezer box in this model, definition even some-more space for cold foods. It also allows Beko to deliver an auto-defrost feature. This keeps a back cooling row giveaway from long-term ice rave and negates a need for any primer defrosting.

Controls are straightforward, with a elementary rotary thermostat remarkable 1 to 5: a 5 being colder than 1 in a retreat from tangible temperature. That does make it something of a plea to get a ideal 4oC normal heat on a mid-shelf unless we have an in-fridge thermometer. Alternatively, corkscrew down to a Performance territory of this examination and find out a settings we need.

BekoUC 3

Beko UL584APW – How many can we get in it?

With no ice box to take adult profitable cooling space, this Beko boasts a useful 130 litres of cooling capacity. That is glorious volume given a compress 55cm breadth and ability to trip underneath standard-height kitchen worktops.

The interior space boasts 3 full-depth shelf areas, one half-depth shelf permitting taller equipment to be stored on a shelf below, and a full-width salad drawer. In reality, this is approach too many shelves. Unless we have lots of tiny equipment or a engorgement of low, prosaic storage boxes to put in a fridge, you’ll roughly positively wish to exude one of a shelves. Still, it’s good to have a option.

The shelves are glass, so easy to clean, and a mid-shelves have a integrate of chain options to adjust their tallness in a cabinet. Storage is serve bolstered by a unresolved chrome-wire bottle rack. Unusually, this is vast adequate to store 2-litre cosmetic bottles rather afterwards customarily a some-more normal wine-sized bottles. It, too, can be private if it isn’t compulsory – and, given a outrageous doorway pockets, it competence not be.

BekoUC 2

Below a lowest shelf is a transparent plastic, full-width salad drawer. It’s a good distance yet a abyss is truncated to concede for a fridge’s operative components behind. Semi-sealed off from a categorical compartment, it should offer a unchanging heat for your fruit and veg.

The lowest of 3 doorway pockets is a deep, far-reaching and high enclosure geared adult for vast divert bottles, cartons and 2-litre bottles. It’s a good size, there’s copiousness of space above for high bottles, and a slot walls are high adequate to stop bottles toppling out on powerful doorway openings.

Two smaller doorway pockets are accessible for smaller equipment such as jars and butter, and a removable egg-rack is granted for half a dozen of a hen’s finest. There are no imagination dilettante compartments, forced atmosphere cooling or fridge frippery with this Beko – customarily a good space with copiousness of well-thought-out storage options.

BekoUC 9

Beko UL584APW – How loud is it?

At a comparatively affordable seeking cost of a UL584APW, one can’t design high-tech motors or additional sound insulation to keep things super-hushed. Yet while we can positively hear a Beko in action, it’s distant from shouty compared to fridges from a decade ago.

We totalled an normal of customarily 41.5dB with a Beko’s compressor running. That’s flattering quiet, yet a few decibels some-more than possibly a appetite tag (39dB) or Beko’s websites (40dB) would have we believe. While a best fridge-freezers we’ve tested will drop positively next 40dB, achieving underneath 42dB isn’t too bad given a price.

BekoUC 5

Beko UL584APW – Performance

We installed a UL584APW with 13kg (1kg/10 litres space) of fruit, vegetables, bottles and jars to replicate real-world loading. The fridge is housed in a temperature-controlled sourroundings during 18 to 19oC to best replicate a normal heat of a UK kitchen (as against to a executive European one – that is how a appetite tag total are derived.)

We placed heat probes on a top, center and bottom shelves as good as in a salad drawer, and tracked a heat of any probe, each notation for a week-long test. We spent 20-30 seconds 6 times a day carrying a rummage around with a doorway open.

By default we set a thermostat to position series 2, yet following some dimensions and fettling, we knocked that adult to series 3 to give an normal inner heat of 4oC on a mid-shelf.

Given a affordable seeking price, comparatively skinny walls (which mostly meant compromised insulation) and normal compressor technology, we weren’t awaiting good results. So it came as a pleasing warn that a tiny Beko did a argent pursuit of chilling a food, gripping a heat sincerely parsimonious from tip to bottom and easily unchanging via a compressor cycle.

BekoUC 2

Having tweaked a thermostat, we achieved a ideal normal of 4oC on a mid-shelf. That meant a bottle shelve in a center was using during 4.5oC and a really tip shelf during 6oC average. All good. Better still, by a brief compressor cycle, a tip shelves fluctuated by reduction than +/-1oC. A good result.

The lowest shelf (directly on tip of a salad drawer) averaged 3.5oC and showed incomparable dips to customarily above frozen given it was closest to a fridge’s categorical cooling panel. This would be a ideal place to store beef and fish, yet equivocate putting fruit and veg here given removing that tighten to frozen competence means some ice damage.

The veggie drawer was predictably a many unchanging of all areas, nonetheless a 5oC normal is maybe a grade or so aloft than positively ideal for fruit and veg storage. Its unchanging temperature, customarily +/- 0.5oC off average, is many some-more critical for food longevity, though. So, overall, this Beko turns in a really good set of technical exam results.

BekoUC 7

Note that during extended testing, we altered a room heat to see how a Beko reacted. The normal temperatures on all shelves drifted adult and down with ambient room heat (more modernized machines would sojourn constant), so it would be value branch a stat adult a tiny in a summer and down a bit for a winter.

BekoUC 10

Beko UL584APW – How many will it cost to run?

The UL584APW’s appetite tag suggests it will use about 116kW of electricity per year to run. Remember, though, that we pronounced a appetite tag total come from a fridge being totalled in aloft ambient kitchen temperatures of executive Europe?

Well, after a week’s contrast we reckon this Beko will indeed use customarily bashful of 100kW per annum in a UK kitchen with standard use. With a normal cost of electricity in a UK around 15p per kW, that’s reduction than £15 per year to run!

In prohibited and erotic kitchens, or for homes with incomparable families opening a doorway some-more frequently, that figure will climb up. Conversely, if we placed this fridge in a cold application room afterwards a using costs could be even lower.

As a neighbour noted, given a low seeking cost and really low using costs, if we have a space it’s value shopping a UL584APW as a ‘beer and back-up’ fridge. Chilled Peroni anyone?

BekoUC 6

Should we buy a Beko UL584APW?

Beko’s UL584APW brings low using costs and sweeping and stretchable storage space to a customarily practical under-counter fridge market. Bright LED lighting, copiousness of shelves, well-designed doorway storage and really good technical cooling opening make this slimline Beko something of a bargain. It’s frill-free and a tiny noisier than claimed, yet with using costs of reduction than £15 a year, we can’t disagree with a good value.


A great-value, well-designed and solid-performing under-counter fridge charity really low using costs.

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