Beko WMB91442L Washing Machine Review

What is a Beko WMB91442L?

The Beko WMB91442L is among a top-of-the-range products offering by Beko, accessible in possibly white or, if we can find a tradesman with stock, a rather out-there low red finish. Beko is a bill code mind, so a flagship products still offer good value for income and a Beko WMB91442L is widely accessible for underneath £300. Packed with features, it offers 16 pre-set programmes to fit opposite wardrobe types, a 9kg capacity, an extra-large doorway porthole and is designed to be ‘EcoSmart’ that Beko claims could save we around £18 per year, or put another way, give we 119 washes for free.

For a bustling domicile there is a Daily Quick programme, that will rinse a max bucket of adult to 9kg in usually 39mins or an even faster Xpress Super Short wash. This is geared adult for adult to 2kg of easily contaminated soaking and washes in usually 14mins. With a transparent LCD arrangement to keep we sensitive of your soaking swell and countdown timer, a Beko WMB91442L certainly has it all.

Beko WMB91442L

Beko WMB91442L: What is it like to use?

Right from a start, with a pull symbol on/off switch, this is a good small appurtenance that is unequivocally easy to use. All 16 programmes are organised around a elementary control dial and a LCD arrangement during a side allows tweaks to be done such as adjusting a heat or spin speed, as good as adding additional rinses or double control. The usually downside is a start/pause symbol is a same grey as a rest of a buttons so takes a bit of looking for and would have improved highlighted in a opposite colour for palliate of use.

The extra-large porthole creates loading even a largest equipment a doddle and a adult to 24hr time check duty enables we to time your rinse to start while we are out or a night when a cheaper electric tariffs flog in for Economy 7 tariff customers. When a rinse is underway a countdown timer indicates during what theatre a rinse cycle is during and we found a mins left timer to be one of a many accurate that we have found.

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Beko WMB91442L

Beko WMB91442L: How loud is it?

This appurtenance indeed totalled remarkably quiet, nonetheless not as nearby wordless as Beko’s quoted total would suggest. We totalled 57dB opposite a 52dB Beko quote. This is still a good outcome for a singular glassy doorway soaking appurtenance as 60dB is a still vocalization voice, so this Beko is verging towards wheeze still if not silent.

Conversely, a spin outcome was even improved than Beko quoted 73dB total as we totalled an unusually good 69dB.  The usually emanate was that a drum did have a bent to turn a bit lunatic when regulating a full bucket on a spin, as there are no imagination mechanisms to change a load. This lead a appurtenance to perform a classical lunatic thump, thump, bump sound before it got adult to speed. That aside, 69dB is about a same as a still opening cleaner, so once it was settled, a sound was unequivocally good indeed.

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Beko WMB91442L

Beko WMB91442L: What programmes does it have?

You unequivocally will be spoilt for choice with a 16 pre-set programmes of a Beko WMB91442L. Apart from a common cotton, string eco, synthetic, woollen, palm rinse and delicates rinse there is a baby care, that also caters for allergy sufferers by heating a soaking for longer and has an additional rinse. There is a duvet wash, a sports, shirts and conform caring rinse for todays churned fibres and an A Class 40 wash, that is a same as a customary string rinse though washes during 40° instead of 60°.

Beko WMB91442L

The genuine winners are a dual discerning rinse programmes, a Daily Quick for adult to 9kg of soaking that takes usually 28mins to complete, and a Xpress Super Short for adult to 2kg of soaking that is finish in 14mins – a good timesaver.

Separate rinse and spin options finish a pre-set programme line adult with serve additional options accessible around buttons around a LCD arrangement that includes additional rinses, spins and a accessible anti-crease duty that will kindly decrease your soaking after a spin cycle to disencumber a fibres and relieve a wrinkles before ironing. In terms of programs a Beko is not left wanting.  

Beko WMB91442L: How good does it wash?

For a tests we ran 3 opposite rinse cycles; a 40°C string rinse with a 7.2kg (80%) full bucket during 1400 spin speed, a 40°C string rinse with a 3.6kg (40%) bucket during 1400 spin speed and a 40°C string eco rinse with a 3.6kg (40%) bucket during 1400 spin speed. The choice of an 80% bucket is some-more in balance with a genuine bucket as unequivocally few people things their soaking appurtenance to limit capacity. We enclosed a exam mark frame in a initial wash, stained with dusty on ketchup, coffee, blood, red wine, uninformed blackberry extract and engine oil. We used a vital code non-biological antiseptic soaking powder.

All a timings indicated during a start of a programmes were a many accurate of any appurtenance we have tested so far, including models from a flagship brands. It’s not a vast thing, though if we are watchful for a bucket to finish before we go out, accurately meaningful how prolonged it will take is unequivocally useful. The initial rinse was usually 6mins over a 1hr 24mins indicated, with a second rinse being 4mins longer than a same time.

There does not seem to be any crafty tool that adjusts a rinse time depending on a weight of a rinse bucket so a indicated times were a same for a full and half load. The eco wash, that is generally a lot longer wash, took usually 9mins longer than a 2hrs 20mins indicated so a unequivocally accurate outcome all round. 

We also attempted out a Xpress Super Short wash, that did indeed take usually 15mins and would be ideal for fast rinsing out sweaty gym kit, though a spin is not during all effective in this mode so a equipment come out drizzling wet.

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Beko WMB91442L
Left to right: Wine, blood, ketchup, coffee, juice, oil.

The rinse formula on all a cycles were average, and unequivocally no improved than any other bill machines we have tested. The mark frame showed signs of a juice, coop outlines and a good-old-engine-oil, that have nonetheless to be private though biological help. Indeed, this outcome is somewhat worse than a similarly-priced Servis W714F4HD.

The spin formula were generally well-developed and approach above normal with a initial bucket withdrawal usually 1.9kg (26%) of H2O from a dry weight of 7.2kg and a second rinse withdrawal 1.1kg (30%) of H2O from a dry weight of 3.6kg.  Only a eco rinse fared a small poorer, withdrawal 1.8kg (50%) of H2O from a 3.6kg dry weight though this is not a misfortune and we have found that a normal eco rinse spin opposite models we have tested is around 46% of H2O defended anyway. That includes many some-more costly machines too, since spin cycles times are reduced to save electricity in this mode.

Beko WMB91442L: How many will it cost to run?

The Beko WMB91442L works out to be unequivocally reasonable indeed, entrance in during 16p per rinse for a full load, that is on standard with many of a other machines that we have tested in this cost range. If we usually used a rapid discerning washes afterwards that would serve revoke costs and it is value it for a outrageous choice in programmes available.

Based on an normal UK domicile use (200 x 40°C 80% max bucket and 40 x 40°C 40% half bucket with a 50/50 separate on normal and eco programmes), a Beko WMB91442L’s annual using cost is a low £35.84. Specific total for energy and H2O use are listed during a bottom of this review.

Beko WMB91442L

Should we buy a Beko WMB91442L?

This is a simple, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin appurtenance with copiousness of programmes. It is easy to use, easy to bucket and easy to read, looks intelligent with a chrome doorway approximate and a antiseptic tray is easy to mislay for cleaning. It’s superb value for such a vast ability machine.

But a rinse formula are unequivocally usually normal for a price. They would urge with a assistance of bio soaking powder, though they’re not as good as identical cost (albeit smaller) machines we’ve tested.

Overall, this is a good choice if we have a vast domicile and don’t have many to spend. It’s not perfect, though it’s unequivocally stretchable and unequivocally cheap.

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