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Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X

Bellus3D is a initial association to implement a built-in TrueDepth Face ID camera incorporated in a Apple iPhone X to indicate 3D faces in high fortitude with realistic quality.

Bellus3D, Inc. a Silicon Valley startup shaped by heading mechanism prophesy experts, announced now a Bellus3D FaceApp iPhone X application, a conspicuous enrichment in face scanning technology. The association is a initial to implement a built-in TrueDepth camera incorporated in a Apple iPhone X smartphone to indicate 3D faces in high fortitude with a realistic peculiarity that was usually formerly accessible with costly veteran 3D scanners.

Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X is an easy-to-use, high-resolution, 3D face scanning focus that captures over 250,000 3D information points on a user’s face in 10 seconds while a user turns their conduct in front of a smartphone camera. Immediately after a scanning, a user’s face is probably reconstructed in 3D with realistic fact and can be rotated, zoomed and noticed in 3 measure on a shade of a iPhone X.

The app allows: a 3D face to be noticed with interactive lighting; a use of a smartphone’s built-in gyro to control observation and; a ability to save a 3D selfie video to their camera hurl print manuscript to share with others. Users will also have a ability to immediately post their 3D selfie as a 3D post on Facebook.

Bellus3D is a initial to use a iPhone X TrueDepth camera for high-resolution 3D face scanning and a association is already saying many new uses that will impact millions of people. Consumer applications incorporating 3D faces embody mobile gaming, tradition eyeglass design, practical 3D make-up sessions, medical applications, 3D selfies, tradition dolls, and rising 3D protracted and practical existence experiences.

Bellus3D is starting a open beta module in Apr to capacitate early adopters and third-party developers to exam a focus as a association finalizes a grave release. Version 1.0 of Bellus3D FaceApp will be giveaway and will embody posting of 3D selfies to Facebook. A successive recover of a app will concede users to trade their 3D faces in attention customary 3D record formats to other applications and AR/VR digital environments. Bellus3D will also recover a Face SDK for iOS to capacitate third celebration developers to supplement high-resolution 3D face-scanning capabilities to their possess iPhone X apps.

“We are anxious to be introducing this sparkling breakthrough to Apple iPhone X users,” pronounced Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Bellus3D. “Our FaceApp takes full advantage of a TrueDepth camera to move easy-to-use and veteran peculiarity face scanning capability to millions of users and will inject an wholly new turn of personal participation into a daily use of digital media.”

In further to FaceApp for iPhone X, Bellus3D now ships a Face Camera Pro USB appendage camera for Android Windows platforms. The appendage camera captures adult to 500,000 3D information points and is targeted for veteran markets such as orthodontics and tradition eyewear design. The Face Camera Pro is now accessible and will continue to be offering for Android and Windows platforms.

Interested users can attend in a beta hearing of a Bellus3D FaceApp for iPhone X by signing adult at: .

Third celebration program and hardware developers can register to be told of a accessibility of Face SDK for iOS by stuffing out an exploration form at:

To see examples of 3D Face Posts on a Bellus3D Facebook page, visit:

About Bellus3D, Inc.

Bellus3D ( is a innovative personality in high-resolution 3D face scanning and face ID record designed for mobile platforms. The association is a venture-backed Silicon Valley startup founded in Mar 2015 by heading mechanism prophesy experts to move a subsequent era of face scanning technologies to worldwide markets.

Bellus3D Press Contact: Eric Zarakov, EZarakov(at), Phone: (408) 389-8737.

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