BenQ W1080ST+ Projector Review

What is a BenQ W1080ST+?

The BenQ W1080ST+ is, we won’t be too astounded to learn, a new refurbish to final year’s well-received strange W1080ST. It’s a short-throw Full HD DLP projector designed for discerning and easy set adult whenever we wish to use it, and a pivotal upgrades over a strange W1080ST are larger liughtness and extended connectivity that includes harmony with an discretionary wireless video system.

BenQ W1080ST+ – Design and Features

The BenQ W1080ST+ follows BenQ’s common styling to a T – that is no bad thing, as a heading multiple of silken white and china colouring, orderly dull sculpting and compress footprint looks really pleasing on your coffee table.

The tip row houses both a set of control buttons if we can’t find a remote control, as good as a window above a lens tub providing entrance to elementary wizz and concentration composition wheels.BenQ W1080ST

Connections are mounted on a rear, and contain dual HDMIs, a member video input, a VGA PC input, an RS-232 port, a 12V trigger, a USB use port, a combination video input, and a stereo audio in/out. These latter ports are there because, as with roughly all inexpensive projectors these days, a W1080ST+ sports a built-in speaker. This claims a critical 10W of energy delivered in stereo from a musical cover pattern that claims to boost drum facsimile contra many integrated audio solutions. In other words, a W1080ST+ takes a audio duties a heck of a lot some-more severely than many projectors do.

The W1080ST+’s connectors broach dual poignant differences between it and a strange W1080ST. First, a HDMIs support a MHL tie protocol, creation it easier to share videos and photos from your smartphones and inscription computers on your projection shade or wall. Second, as with a recently tested BenQ W1070, a W1080ST+ is concordant with a new BenQ Wireless Full HD Kit. This discretionary additional (£249) complement lets we tide video from your sources to a projector wirelessly with, supposedly, no detriment of quality. This is a really acquire thought given a mostly impassioned wire runs compulsory to bond sources to a projector – generally as a complement can even pass a signals to opposite rooms.

The short-throw inlet of a W1080ST+’s lens enables it to plan a 100-inch design when usually 1.5m from your wall or screen. This means it can be used in tiny or awkwardly made rooms, creates it easier for people and pets to equivocate walking between a projector and a shade or wall, and saves we from a sound and feverishness annoy compared with carrying to lay right subsequent to a projector, as can occur with projectors with some-more ‘normal’ chuck distances.BenQ W1080ST

The W1080ST+ uses a local Full HD DarkChip 3 DLP complement with a six-speed RGBRGB colour wheel, bright by a claimed 2200 Lumens of limit brightness. This liughtness is 200 Lumens adult on a max outlay of a strange W1080ST. Claimed contrariety is a same, though, during 10,000:1 full on/full off, or a rarely critical 500:1 regulating a some-more ‘real world’ ANSI contrariety measurement.

The W1080ST+’s menus don’t primarily demeanour like they’ve got many options to play with. But this is usually since a projector uses dual levels of menus: a elementary one containing usually a few elementary options for day to day use or technophobes, and a some-more in-depth one so packaged with options that a projector is permitted by a Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) as a indication stretchable adequate to support a veteran designation by one of a engineers.

The modernized options embody colour management, several gamma presets, colour heat presets, a contingent of flare energy modes (more on these in a Set Up section), Brilliant Colour estimate (though sadly we can usually spin this on or off, rather than carrying a preference of levels to select from) and a tiny preference of design presets that includes a flattering courteous Cinema one.

BenQ W1080ST+ – Setup

Unlike a recently tested Optoma GT1080, a W1080ST+ offers a acquire bit – 1.2x – of visual zoom. It also provides both plane and true keystone adjustment, so that we can get a edges of a design true regardless of either you’ve got a projector sat above or next your shade or set off to a left or right of it. Good things for a projector accessible for underneath £800.
BenQ W1080ST
You can also lean a projector adult around a elementary dropdown front leg, or lean it down around screw-down back legs, and both a wizz and concentration rings are flattering responsive, creation it flattering easy to get them to broach precisely a environment you’re after. It’s critical to stress, though, that we aren’t supposing with any visual design shift, withdrawal we carrying to use a keystone complement to ‘distort’ your cinema into carrying true sides unless you’re means to position a projector during accurately a right tallness and angle relations to where we wish your images to appear.

When it comes to removing a many out of a W1080ST+’s design settings, a categorical tips would be that we equivocate a BrilliantColour choice unless you’re examination with some ambient light in your room; that we use a Gamma 2.2 setting; that we use a Eco flare mode – unless there’s light in a room – to stop a projector using too noisily (though a Smart Eco mode, that adjusts liughtness according to content, delivers marginally a best design results); and that we keep a noise-reduction underline incited off.

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