BenQ W1210ST Projector

What is a BenQ W1210ST?

The W1210ST is a Full HD DLP projector with a short-throw lens and a mode with an ultra-low submit loiter that BenQ believes creates it ideal for gaming. And we know what? Having spent distant some-more time gaming on a W1210ST than we could ever flattering forgive as “work”, we consider BenQ has a point.

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BenQ W1210ST – Design and Build

The W1210ST is vast for a projector designed for infrequent use, as against to bound home cinema room installation. It wears a bulk utterly nicely, interjection to a particular and really BenQ multiple of shimmer white and matte silver. Its edges are all agreeably rounded, avoiding any differing angles.

The lens is recessed and comes with a detachable cover, creation it rebate expected to humour repairs when you’re relocating it between bedrooms or in and out of cupboards.

The remote control we get with a W1210ST is many improved than a one shipped with a recently tested BenQ TH530. It’s larger, some-more gentle to hold, and generally easier to use interjection to a some-more atmospheric symbol blueprint and clearer symbol labelling.

Best of all, a buttons are backlit in a splendid red, creation it distant easier to fast find a symbol you’re looking for if you’ve blacked out your room for a critical film night.

BenQ W1210ST – Setup

Simple wizz and concentration wheels, accessed by a window on a W1210ST’s tip edge, make it easy to get your design to a stretch we want. There’s a decent volume of wizz for a short-throw projector – it can furnish a vast design even when sat flattering tighten to your screen, so it’s easier to place in a standard room blueprint or a smaller room than your normal longer-throw model. For instance, we can get a 100-inch design from a chuck stretch of as small as 1.5m.

BenQ W1210ST

There’s no true design changeable on a W1210ST, definition you’ll expected have to use a drop-down leg underneath a projector’s front corner to angle a projector adult or down somewhat to get a cinema in a right place. This will also meant you’ll need to use keystone improvement to get a sides of a design true – never an ideal solution, given you’re radically distorting a pixel-for-pixel correctness of a Full HD images. That said, a W1210ST’s keystone complement works some-more clean than many.

The W1210ST is surprising for a projector universe in that it facilities a “first install” procession that binds your palm by a many simple aspects of setup. BenQ W1210ST

A array of design presets are provided, yet we reckon many people will get by with only dual of these: Cinema and Game. The scenarios you’ll wish those for are flattering self-explanatory. These are flattering realistically calibrated out of a box, yet there are a few other setup suggestions I’d make.

Firstly, spin off sound rebate for all sources. Secondly, even yet it can means a small fact to be mislaid in dim areas, name a Smart Eco flare mode for a best all-round contrariety result.

Thirdly, to opposite a black “crush” outcome a Smart Eco mode can cause, we nudged a liughtness environment adult from a default environment of 50 to 51. Finally, make certain we have a Fast Mode on when gaming, as this does a shining pursuit of shortening submit loiter (the time a projector takes to describe design information perceived during a inputs).

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