BenQ W8000 Projector

What is a BenQ W8000?

The £2,999 W8000 is a Full HD DLP projector designed with critical home cinema fans in mind. Key attractions of this mid-range indication embody a choice of lenses, scarcely manly video processing, and eccentric acceptance of a opening by THX.

However, while it oozes peculiarity in some areas, a contingent of issues eventually extent a intensity market, and leave rivals such as a Optoma HD91+ and, especially, a Sony VPL-HW65ES looking like some-more versatile alternatives.

BenQ W8000

BenQ W8000 – Design and Build

The W8000 is a large, corpulent appurtenance that has no time for winding edges, dull corners or farfetched lens tub housings. It’s black, it’s matte, it’s done like a 431(w) x 167(h) x 321(d)mm zephyr retard – and you’d improved get used to it.

The nearest it gets to excitement is a lead china trim that runs usually underneath a tip corner and around a lens housing.

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Happily, a no-nonsense pattern is corroborated adult by severely stout build peculiarity – it weighs tighten to 9kg – and what competence have been a disorderly multiple of image-shifting wheels and on-projector control buttons is dark divided underneath a strap that’s so good integrated into a tip corner that we can hardly see it.

The W8000’s remote control is one of a projector world’s improved efforts. It’s vast and good balanced, and a buttons are spaciously laid out, realistically organised, and splendid by a splendid red backlight.

This is usually what we need from a remote that’s expected to be used in a darkened film room environment.

BenQ W8000 – Setup

The W8000 offers copiousness of coherence when it comes to removing a images accurately positioned on your screen.

For starters, we can select from a operation of opposite lens options with varying throw-distance characteristics. Your selected lens slots simply though resolutely into a projector’s front edge.

Well-calibrated circle adjustments yield tight, accurate visual changeable in both straight and plane directions, while all a lens options yield a useful volume of visual zoom.

BenQ W8000

It’s a pity, perhaps, that a W8000 doesn’t support motorised lens adjustments, though we theory that would have been formidable to grasp alongside a swappable lens feature.

The W8000’s on-screen menus cover all a common calibration collection you’d design of an desirous home cinema projector, including white change and colour management, alongside a far-reaching operation of gamma presets.

You also get a preference of elementary design presets, including a Game one and one designed by THX to broach what it believes is a many healthy and accurate pictures.

Strangely, a Game preset didn’t seem to urge submit loiter (the time it takes a projector to describe images), while a THX environment caused a fans to run aloud and was a letdown with regards to black levels.

As a result, I’d suggest regulating a tweaked chronicle of one of a dual “user” settings that a W8000 provides.

Some design presets concede we to call in a energetic iris complement for adjusting light outlay in and with picture content, or we can control light during flare turn around a Smart Eco environment that sits alongside a some-more required Normal and reduced-brightness Eco flare outlay options.

I found a best formula were achieved with a flare set to Smart Eco or Eco, and with a energetic iris complement incited off.BenQ W8000

More argumentative among AV enthusiasts will be a array of processing-based features, including support interpolation suit controls, sound reduction, colour tinge composition and corner encouragement features.

Personally, we felt a strength tinge encouragement underline was a usually estimate component that clearly done a certain difference. However, a other estimate facilities are some-more supportive in a approach they work, and are so value experimenting with.

Other endorsed settings embody gamma to 2.3 or 2.4, rather than a some-more standard 2.2 setting, and nudging a liughtness down to around 45 or 46 from a default 50 level. So prolonged as you’re examination in a blacked out room, that is.

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