BeProduct and Stars Design Group Celebrate PLM Success

Fashion record residence BeProduct is gratified to betray a successful Product Lifecycle Management (“PLM”) beginning in partnership with design-to-delivery attire association Stars Design Group Incorporated.

The perfection of a severe preference process, Stars Design Group (hereafter “Stars”) chose to work with BeProduct in 2017, and now a association has around 30 active users of BeProduct’s eponymous amicable product growth platform, in offices around a world.

Founded in 2000, Stars undertakes design, development, and placement processes on interest of a operation of clients – operative on brands, private labels, protected products, uniforms and other product categories, essentially in menswear. Through a patron networks, Stars’ products are sole in a USA, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and a association now designs and develops thousands of styles per year opposite a opposite accounts.

Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Stars also maintains abroad operations in India, China, Ethopia, and Vietnam. Through these satellite offices, a association oversees production during around 70 opposite hand-selected factories, operative to safeguard that peculiarity and domain are achieved within a transparent formula of practice.

Stars began a hunt for PLM as a approach of handling a complexity of multinational design, development, production and placement for mixed clients, before finding a stipulations of some-more normal solutions – as CEO President Bret Schnitker explains:

“One of a biggest hurdles of a business indication is a farrago of a patron bottom – quite since we’re so heavily concerned in design, development, and a origination of technical specifications for many of those customers. Traditional PLM solutions are roughly zodiacally set adult to understanding with singular brands and firm categories, since a clients all have opposite identities and opposite quality, performance, and smoothness requirements. Today’s universe requires us to be both stretchable and organised, so what immediately appealed to us about BeProduct was a ability to rise products for mixed clients on one platform, fast and in an organized way.”

A maestro of several PLM implementations in prior roles, Schnitker and his organisation were also drawn to BeProduct’s affordability and accessibility. “With systems like PLM, historically a up-front investment was so large that businesses felt impeded once they’d purchased a solution,” he explains. “People recognize that they need PLM in sequence to say opening and grow, though a outcome is mostly a formidable doing with complicated customisation, definition a resolution fast falls behind a times. But with BeProduct, a whole resolution is cloud-based, with an affordable monthly price and no up-front investment in program or infrastructure. Being built that approach also means BeProduct can be a living, respirating thing; as a user, we pointer in one day to learn that an updated procedure or all-new functionality is accessible and prepared to go. And that’s only so many some-more sparkling than carrying an expensive, immobile resolution that you’re stranded with until a miracle recover is manually installed.”

As good as a strengths of a resolution itself, Stars relished a event to work closely with a BeProduct organisation to assistance figure a growth of a resolution – something that BeProduct Founder Daniel Pak believes is essential for any program businessman in a complicated conform market. “We are anxious to cruise Bret and his organisation as equal partners,” Pak says. “We know a value of agility, and a idea is to build a many stretchable apparatus for complicated conform businesses, creation certain that a singular resolution can be deployed on a cloud and afterwards configured, non-destructively, to accommodate a needs of roughly any business model.”

Following a successful doing and on-boarding process, BeProduct and Stars continue to collaborate, with destiny functionality in a areas of 3D and supply sequence partnership targeted for deployment really soon.

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About BeProduct (

Built by a smarts behind some of fashion’s biggest record implement bases, BeProduct helps brands and retailers live a things they make. Every sketch; any stitch; any step of pattern and development. Headquartered in New York City, hosted on a cloud and designed with partnership during a heart, a PLM resolution is singly stretchable and as full-featured as marketplace leaders’, with nothing of a large craving bloat.

For only $75 per user per month, and no upfront investment in infrastructure, a business get their possess private amicable network, ordering people with a passion for product. Designed around streams, likes, notifications and comments, BeProduct blends present comprehension with an discerning knowledge to emanate a place for creativity but compromise.

Manage apparel, shoes and accessories. Use a bulletproof API to pattern tradition apps but a line of code. Create colour palettes by uploading travel character snaps. Handle formidable correspondence requirements. Work some-more closely together on pattern and development. Do some-more of what we love, and let us worry about all else. Sidestep a fake choice between implementing off-the-shelf solutions or custom-building during outrageous cost. BeProduct is PLM finished differently.

About Stars Design Group (

Stars is a heading attire pattern and production organisation that supports desired lifestyle attire brands in a stability query to say their disdainful code equity and grow their footprint globally, while giving equal use to idealist start-up brands, partnering with any according to a needs. It’s not only what we do, it’s how we do it.

In today’s ever-changing tellurian marketplace, we know how formidable it can be to find a production attribute that can broach cost-effective, ethically obliged products, with minimal interruptions.

Our attention imagination and proven lane record of higher use has helped us to settle countless relations that have developed into patron friendships travelling years. Our design is to always listen to and know a clients objectives and challenges, creation a partnerships that many stronger. We feel it’s critical to learn from a mistakes as good as a successes, and to incorporate those lessons into vital improvements that will be jointly profitable to both Stars and a clients.

Our handpicked staff and production partners, severe training regimens, and despotic guidelines, safeguard that a clients are partnered with one of a strongest, many forward-thinking companies in a industry.

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