Best Battle Royale Games 2019: Here’s where you’re dropping

It’s no tip that conflict royale games are a prohibited genre right now, many like open universe presence with crafting elements before it and first-person war-torn shooters before that. Some have done groundbreaking waves in a gaming attention while others haven’t seen as many success. Right now, what are a best ones accessible to play? 

Trusted Reviews has gathered a list of a really best conflict royale games we can play right now, either it’s early access, on mobile or even a browser game.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


  • Brilliantly offset plan and action
  • New maps adult a pace
  • Incredible torment and tension
  • More discriminating and quick than a strange release


  • Xbox One chronicle still lags behind
  • Not a many immediately fun Battle

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Kicking things off is a grandaddy of conflict royale games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The diversion primarily started off as a mod for ARMA and while some titles tackled a conflict royale knowledge before to this, PUBG was a initial diversion to raze in recognition and take a genre to a heights it’s during now.

PUBG is as tighten as you’ll get to a “battle royale simulator” – there’s a lot to learn with a ubiquitous gameplay though with 3 singular maps and a fourth winter environment entrance soon, PUBG is going from strength to strength.


Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android

If there’s one diversion positively everybody has listened of, it’s Fortnite. We’re coming a one-year anniversary for a free-o-play conflict royale mode and it’s been a biggest tellurian video diversion prodigy given Minecraft.

A child-friendly take on a genre, Fortnite uses a cartoon, non-realistic cultured and large, oversized weapons to emanate a possess identity. Wacky skins and dances in a store meant Epic make a shedload of income from it and a singular building aspect means there’s zero else utterly like it.


  • Addictive, and we can play it during work
  • Satisfying customisation
  • Captures a conflict royale theme


  • Bit limited

Platforms: PC (browser)

Now we’ve lonesome a dual biggest names, it’s time to demeanour during a obtuse famous gems. Everyone remembers from a few years back, right? Now there’s, a top-down conflict royale diversion where any actor is simply a circle.

Weapons and upgrades can be found, a gameplay works like many other conflict royale games and as always, there’s a high training curve. is good given it’s such a discerning diversion to play and anyone can try it out as it runs in Flash. Get a few pals on with we and for half an hour, it’ll be a many fun you’ve had in ages.

The Darwin Project


  • Mix of crafting, presence and heartless combat
  • Fun ‘overseer’ purpose has one actor obliged for messing with a other players
  • Dynamic games


  • Only one map, and it’s a tiny one

Platforms: PC, Xbox One 

One of a initial conflict royale games announced, Darwin Project has been famous given E3 2017. Players quarrel it out in a solidified landscape with quick gameplay and designated zones that gradually tighten off rather than a timorous storm.

It was creatively in Early Access and saw assuage success, though in an try to benefit some-more players, it’s now free-to-play. It’s value perplexing out as a diversion offers some really singular concepts: have we ever wanted to be a vicious ringleader of an arena, awarding people foster if they act like your behaving monkey? 

You can do that, and with stellar Twitch integration, streamers can move their assembly along for a ride.


Platforms: PS4, PC

Initially a zombie presence diversion like DayZ, H1Z1 done a switch to conflict royale in Feb 2016. On a surface, it looks really identical to PUBG though in-game, it plays many faster, roughly like an arcade version. Player count has started to collapse though a diversion recently launched on PS4 to evident success, flash over 10 million singular players.

On PC, there’s a apart mode for vehicles usually called Auto Royale and while it feels like H1Z1 has been personification locate adult given a conflict royale genre exploded with PUBG’s launch, H1Z1 is still a plain knowledge on both PC and PS4.

Realm Royale

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

HiRez Studios, a group behind Paladins, launched Realm Royale as a conflict royale chronicle of a diversion into early entrance this year. It took off true divided – some players report it as World of Warcraft conflict royale. You can collect a specific class, play to your strengths and even serve a equine to trot opposite a map on.

Plus, when players die, they renovate into a duck that gives them a ability to flee. Some controversial growth decisions meant a diversion declined in recognition roughly as fast as it rose though that doesn’t meant it’s not good. Give this a chance. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Perhaps an surprising entry, though Call of Duty: Black Ops 4‘s conflict royale mode Blackout is one of a best we’ve played. After all, how many other conflict royale games let we director things out with an RC automobile or

Blackout mixes a parsimonious gunplay and transformation of Call of Duty and mixes in a classical conflict royale format, nonetheless with a few tweaks that CoD fans will recognize like zombies and consumable perks. Somehow it all blends together into something that feels totally unique, with a high prolongation values of Black Ops 4 resplendent through. Blackout is a delight, and shows what AAA growth can do to supplement a bit of flicker to a sleepy formula.

Rules of Survival


  • Mobile conflict royale


Platforms: PC, iOS, Android

The usually mobile disdainful diversion on this list, Rules of Survival is really identical to PUBG though is many improved to play on your phone. Over 200 million players have downloaded it and while mobile controls are fussy during a best of times, Rules of Survival offers one of a improved experiences.

There are 120 players per diversion that is some-more than scarcely each other conflict royale title. Since it’s been so successful in Asia, it’s turn an esport with a universe championships holding place progressing this year. Looking for something to play while laid in bed or on a toilet? This is a one.

Fear The Wolves


  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R though conflict royale 
  • You can play as a pacifist, evading on a helicopter


Platforms: PC

Fear The Wolves launched out of early entrance recently, and while we’ve nonetheless to play a full version, we played a lot of a somewhat wonky Early Access period. Set in Chernobyl, hot anomalies seem and wolves ramble around a towns that offer dual player-vs-environment elements we don’t tend to find elsewhere.

It’s first-person and kills matter distant reduction given to win, we don’t have to be a final chairman alive. You can opt to rush on a end-game helicopter instead, nonetheless we competence get shot while climbing a rope. 

Apex Legends


An early diversion surprise, Apex Legends brings Respawn Entertainment’s signature super-slick gunplay and shooter sensibilities to a conflict royale genre. There’s some-more than a hold of a glorious Titanfall 2 here, while one of a best ping systems in a diversion creates it easy to play with pointless players but even regulating your mic.

For teamplay, there’s zero improved than Apex Legends, nonetheless some competence be put off by a pace. Those people are wrong, Apex Legends is reddish great.

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