Best electric shavers 2018 – 5 best electric razors for a well-spoken face

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best altogether shaver

Panasonic ES-LV65 5 Blade Electric Shaver Wet and Dry

While this indication is a few years old, it’s stood a exam of time and stays a best altogether choice. We’re fans of a Intelligent Shaving Sensor, that automatically adjusts a razor’s power, depending on a density of hair it encounters.

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Our reviews are totally independent, yet we competence make income if we click a integrate in this essay to buy anything. This demonstrates that we wish we to be happy with your new purchase, so we lapse to us a subsequent time we need shopping advice.

We’ve reviewed 10 electric shavers, yet have filtered a list down to a best five. Of those, dual models stood out. The Panasonic ES-LV95 isn’t cheap, yet it’s as tighten as we’ve come to a soppy shave, creation it a ultimate choice. For elementary use and flexibility, a inexpensive Philips OneBlade is a good bill choice.

How we collect a best electric razors

Best value shaver

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer Shaver with 3 x Lengths 1 Extra Blade Amazon Exclusive

The Philips OneBlade is a collect for a best value, even if it does need deputy blades. Its opening in sold is excellent.

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Electric shavers are all about convenience, charity a quicker and safer approach to keep your face well-spoken than regulating a normal razor. To see how good any shaver was, we tested a ability to cope with opposite lengths of brave growth: singular day, dual days and 3 days. That way, we could see how any razor coped with a accumulation of hair lengths. All scenarios were reduction than a full beard, for that you’d need a correct brave trimmer.

After any shave, we felt how uniformly any razor had cut, how good they managed to cut in formidable areas (around a jaw, underneath a nose and a tops of a cheekbones), and how easy they were to work and manoeuvre.

Each razor was used for dual weeks regularly. This acclimatization duration is compulsory to let your skin and hair get used to a new razor. It’s common to humour some exasperation during initial use of a electric shaver.

1. Panasonic ES-LV95


  • Very tighten shave
  • Cleaning station
  • Automatic energy sensing
  • Wet and dry


  • Takes a while to get used to
  • High initial cost

Although it’s a integrate of years aged now, a Panasonic ES-LV95 stays a tip electric shaver. Its physique is dominated by a vast five-blade head. The center blade is for longer hairs, a dual possibly side have lift-and-cut foils for prosaic hair, and a outdoor foils are for slicing tighten to a skin.

The razor conduct can focus adult and down, and side to side, angling automatically to fit a contours of your face. For pointing control, we can tighten a head, too. A switch flicks adult a behind trimmer, permitting we to neaten sideburns, or trim close-up areas.

Most importantly, a ES-LV95 delivered a closest trim of all a electric razors in this test. A singular appropriate managed to cut close, withdrawal a well-spoken feel, possibly a ES-LV95 was traffic with one, dual or 3 days of hair growth. We’d go as distant as to contend that a formula were as tighten to a primer razor as we’ve come. Even trickier areas, such as around a jaw, were easy to reach.

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The ES-LV95 cuts yet too many mess, either, with many brave hairs finale adult inside a foils. Five blades took near-on dual weeks to get used to, yet there was no exasperation after that. To assistance cut down on irritation, we can use this shaver with a small jelly and H2O (it’s totally waterproof).

Once used, a ES-LV95 can be spotless and cleared in a granted cleaning and charging station. This takes sachets of cleaning resolution that we dump into a tank and afterwards tip adult with H2O (around £11 for 3 sachets). Manual cleaning is possible, with a razor conduct popping off for easy entrance to a blades beneath. And, we can assign by plugging a adapter directly into a razor, with a full assign giving 45 mins of use.

With a tighten trim and glorious performance, a ES-LV95 is a best electric shaver we’ve tested.

Buy now: Panasonic ES-LV95 for £117.99 from Amazon

2. Philips OneBlade


  • Easy to use
  • Effortlessly cuts unchanging brave growth
  • Wet and dry


  • Needs deputy blades
  • Takes a prolonged time to charge

The Philips OneBlade looks some-more like a normal razor than an electric shaver. In truth, it shares a lot with normal razors: it has a slim hoop and body, creation it easy to transport, and a blade needs replacing – a new one is endorsed each 4 months and costs around £12.

Despite that, a OneBlade is a loyal electric shaver, with a blade that cuts safely and finely. There’s a preference of combs to trim lengths of adult to 5mm, that is fine for a small facial hair; mature brave owners will need a correct brave trimmer. And, a some-more new chronicle of a shaver is designed for use on physique hair, too.

Focusing on a OneBlade’s shaver performance, we couldn’t assistance yet be impressed. Three-day hair expansion was private fast and effortlessly, as was two-day and one-day growth. The face didn’t feel raw during a finish of a shave, nonetheless it remained a small stubbly.

The problem with a OneBlade is that it leaves a disaster – ready for your lavatory penetrate to be lonesome in brave trimmings. Fortunately, regulating a OneBlade soppy with a small trim jelly cuts down on a mess.

We found that a OneBlade works good for those who like a small bit of a severe feel, or for slicing down on a few days’ growth, branch to a unchanging razor for that final finish.

An eight-hour assign is rather slow, yet gives 45 mins of battery life, that we found lasted a few weeks for upkeep shaving. Beard pleat would devour a energy faster.

For a elementary and simply transportable approach of shred quickly, or usually to mislay a initial growth, a OneBlade is an glorious choice.

Buy now: Philips OneBlade for £36.99 from Amazon

3. Philips Series 9000


  • Whisper-quiet
  • Wet and dry
  • Close shaving
  • Easily spotless (mostly)


  • Trimmer isn’t integrated
  • No conduct guard
  • No mount if we don’t buy a cleaning station

The Philips Series 9000 has a company’s sold contingent of turn turn blades. This isn’t usually for good looks; a turn blades and rotating movement locate hairs during all angles, creation for discerning and accurate shaving.

With a gentle handle, a Series 9000 was easy to swing and discerning to get a best results. In fact, a usually genuine downside is that a pleat brush is a apart further that we reinstate a categorical conduct with. That creates a trimmer both easy to mislay and easy to forget when we go on holiday.

Shaving with a Series 9000 is super-quick, and it’s easy to stratagem around your face. Its supportive slicing was easy to get used to with really small skin irritation. As a soppy and dry shaver, we can use this indication in a showering and with a bit of gel; going dry is easier and reduction expected to burden a blades, however.

With a dry trim it was probable to grasp a close, well-spoken finish – nonetheless not utterly as good as with a Panasonic ES-LV95. Getting around a side of a jaw and underneath a nose on a tip mouth was a small wily with a turn blades. A discerning finish-off with a inexpensive fixed-blade razor did a job, though.

Mess is kept to a smallest with brave trappings captured, for a many part, in a head. This means that we need to keep a conduct clean: it pops off, so we can rinse underneath a daub simply enough. Sadly, a SmartClean charging and cleaning mount is usually accessible alone (around £40).

A battery assign takes an hour, for 50 mins of use, that is customary transport for an electric shaver. You can grasp a closer trim with opposition products, yet for a palliate of use and price, a splendidly manoeuvrable Philips Series 9000 is a good choice.

Buy now: Philips Series 9000 for £300.99 from Amazon

4. Remington Durablade


  • Wet and dry
  • Great value
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t cut that close

The Remington Durablade is a identical product to a Philips OneBlade. It looks and is used some-more like a normal primer razer, nonetheless a bound blade gives we a safer cut. Unlike a OneBlade, a Durablade doesn’t need to have a blade replaced. Remington claims that a blade should sojourn pointy for a unit’s five-year life.

You can use a Durablade soppy or dry. Using it soppy with a bit of jelly has a advantage of gripping a disaster down; with a dry shave, we can get small brave hairs everywhere.

Cutting opening isn’t as good as with a OneBlade. In particular, it struggled to get tighten to a day’s growth, behaving improved when there was some-more hair to collect up.

Even so, a finish was sincerely stubbly. So, because bother, we competence think? Well, if you’re a bit idle and don’t trim that often, a Durablade is a good apparatus to mislay a initial volume of expansion painlessly. Turning to a normal primer razor for a soppy trim afterwards gets we a well-spoken formula we want, faster. All of this can be finished yet any irritation.

Cleaning is easy underneath a tap, with brave trappings simply entrance mislay and soaking away.

Remington ships a Durablade with 1mm, 2mm, 3mm and 5mm pleat combs, too, that are useful for smaller beards or usually gripping sideburns in check. If we have a bigger brave and wish to keep it neat, a correct brave trimmer is a improved idea. A four-hour assign should give around 60 mins of use.

If you’re going to go all-electric, we can grasp smoother formula with opposition models; as a apparatus for stealing a initial growth, however, a Durablade is good value.

Buy now: Remington Durablade for £24.99 from Amazon

5. Braun Series 7


  • Super-close shave
  • Wet and dry
  • Cleaning station


  • High initial cost

Braun’s top-of-the-range Series 7 electric shaver is also one of a best we can buy. This corpulent indication has a vast trim conduct that has 3 slicing blades.

The dual foils are for removing that tighten shave, while a ActiveLift trimmer in a center is designed to lift prosaic hairs and trim them. The whole conduct pivots forwards and backwards, with a blades relocating in and out. These dual movements let a Braun Series 7 cuddle a contours of your face.

By default, a razor turns on in involuntary mode, yet we can adjust a energy manually regulating a ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons for full control.

As a result, shred is easy. We found that a Series 7 simply cut by three-day hair growth, and managed good with two-day and a singular day’s growth, too. And, given there are usually 3 blades, it didn’t take prolonged to acclimatize to this model. As a result, we elite to use it dry – nonetheless we can use it wet, if we prefer.

The prosaic pattern creates it easy to get to formidable areas, such as underneath a nose on a tip lip. Getting a tighten trim around a jawline compulsory a bit some-more effort. A switch during a front slides adult a pointing trimmer, that lets we neaten sideburns or get to a harder to strech areas.

After shaving, a face was well-spoken to a touch, with usually a spirit of roughness. Only a Panasonic ES-LV95 constructed improved results.

Buy a Series 7 in a container with a CleanCharge hire and we can also sanitize your shaver as it charges. The charging hire takes cartridges of cleaning solution, that cost around £13 for a container of three.

If you’re travelling, afterwards a Series 7’s razor conduct pops off, so we can purify it underneath a regulating tap. Cleverly, a dial on a behind of shaver’s hoop shows we when it’s time to purify and charge. With a 50-minute regulating time, we shouldn’t have to assign too often.

For a tighten trim and product that’s easy to keep clean, a Braun Series 7 is a good choice.

Buy now: Braun Series 7 for £135 from Amazon

Those are a picks of a tip electric shavers. If we wish to know some-more about selecting a right model, afterwards review on.

Electric shaver shopping guide

Best electric shavers – What form of conduct do we need?

Electric shavers come in opposite types. Foil shavers cover a blades with a finely seperated foil top. Hairs poke by a perforations, where they’re snipped off by a blades. Such models offer a tighten shave, yet risk of slicing yourself. The true corner lets we get to harder-to-reach areas some-more easily, yet we competence have to pierce a shaver around during opposite angles to get a best cut.

Rotary shavers use turn blades, that cut during opposite angles, creation shred arguably quicker and easier. However, we find that these also make slicing harder-to-reach areas some-more difficult.

Both forms come with mixed blades. It’s an imprecise science, yet a some-more blades, a closer and quicker a shave. Both forms of shaver tend to collect many of your trappings inside a head, that creates for a cleaner experience.

The final form of shaver is a singular blade, such as a Philips OneBlade. This uses a quivering movement to pierce a conduct and cut hairs, putting a movement somewhere between a soppy trim and an electric shaver. These models are easy to wield, are smaller than many other models, and make pointing cuts easy. The downsides are that we don’t get as tighten a cut, and the open shaver conduct formula in some-more mess.

Best electric shavers – What’s a pointing trimmer for?

A pop-up trimmer gives we a singular blade, that can be used to neaten sideburns, or get to harder-to-reach areas for fact work. Some shavers yield a trimmer as a apart attachment, that isn’t utterly as available as carrying it built-into a shaver’s handle.

Best electric shavers – How should we understanding with cleaning?

All shavers need to be spotless after use. At a many simple level, we should mislay a conduct and rinse it underneath a tap, regulating a supposing brush to purify out a gunk. Some posher models have a cleaning and charging stand, that does a pursuit for you. If we use an electric shaver each day, a cleaning mount is a good choice and will assistance keep all clean.

Best electric shavers – Do we need a waterproof shaver?

A waterproof shaver can also be used with a bit of shred gel. This can be useful if we have supportive skin or, with shavers such as a OneBlade, to revoke mess. However, shred with jelly can burden adult a shaver some-more quickly, that will as a outcome need a some-more concerned clean.

Best electric shavers – How critical is battery life?

Most shavers will final around 50 mins on a singular charge, that should see we by a week or dual of use. Using a shaver on thicker hair or longer beards can revoke battery life.

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