Best Fitbit 2018: Great choices for examination newbies and veterans

This is since we should trust a list of a best Fitbit trackers:

We’ve been contrast Fitbit inclination given a association initial seemed and have tested any Fitbit ever made. This, and a consultant believe of a aptness tracker marketplace as a whole, lets us know that are best for any users’ specific needs. All a reviews are unsponsored, so all a shopping recommendation is honest and only as a result.

We might make income if we click one of a links to buy a Fitbit. That means we wish we to be happy with your purchase, so we come behind to us again a subsequent time we need something.

Overall a Fitbit Charge 2 is a best now accessible and an ideal choice for middle aptness enthusiasts. If you’re usually a infrequent jogger, or new to a gym afterwards a Fibit Flex 2 is a best value option.

How we test

We use any Fitbit we exam for during slightest a fortnight before scoring. During that time we exam any intelligent facilities it has and check a tracking capabilities opposite other wearables. We also check things like heart-rate readings opposite correct HRM straps. All stretch tracking is finished on a lane we know is 5km.

Fitbit Charge 2


  • Interchangeable bands
  • Large arrangement for at-a-glance information
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Consistent tracking
  • Cardio Fitness measure is a useful metric
  • 5-day battery life
  • Updated with Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights


  • No GPS (GPS Connected mode requires your smartphone)
  • Gesture approval is ropey
  • Basic notifications

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a refurbish to Fitbit’s best-selling tracker, a Fitbit Charge. Unlike a strange Charge, that was accessible as Charge HR and customary Charge models, there’s only one Charge 2. This is since a heart rate guard now comes as standard, assisting to facilitate things.

Otherwise, there have been a raft of improvements over a strange Charge model, including a many incomparable display. This allows for larger at-a-glance information as good as simple notifications from your connected smartphone. The bands are also now interchangeable, definition we can dress a Charge 2 adult or down, depending on a occasion. Bands operation from elastomer to fancier leather options.

Built-in GPS is still lacking, though connected GPS that uses your phone is accessible if we wish to map your using routes. The Charge 2 can also yield we a Cardio Fitness Level score, that is formed on your VO2 Max. This is a useful metric to sign your aptness and a approach to keep tabs on your progress. Other new additions embody a Breathe mode, that is designed to assistance we relax.

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The Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights that debuted with a Alta HR have also begun rolling out to a Charge 2 for improved nap tracking. The new underline does a many improved pursuit of vouchsafing we know if you’re removing adequate peculiarity sleep.

Unless a sleeker pattern of a Alta HR is some-more critical for you, a Charge 2 is a some-more entirely featured tracker for a same money.

Buy Fitbit Charge 2 from Amazon for £112 now

Fitbit Flex 2


  • Sleeker design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life


  • Basic practice tracking
  • Basic notifications can be improved
  • Fiddly clasp

The Fitbit Flex 2 improves over a strange Fitbit Flex with a distant slicker design. The tracker itself is smaller and we can customise it with transmutable bands and accessories. You can even wear a Fitbit Flex 2 as a match by an discretionary necklace accessory.

The large further is H2O insurgency to 50m, that is a initial for Fitbit. You can wear a Fitbit Flex 2 while swimming and built-in path counting is included. It also has involuntary practice recognition, too. You can pattern adult to 5 days of battery life, that is great.

Buy Fitbit Flex 2 from Amazon for £39.99 now

Fitbit Alta HR


  • Attractive and neat design
  • Sleep Stages information is useful
  • Comfortable
  • Long battery life


  • Basic practice tracking
  • No Connected GPS
  • Slightly nonchalant display

Like a Flex 2, a Fitbit Alta HR mostly covers a basis in terms of activity tracking. The Alta HR is an updated chronicle of a Alta, that adds a heart rate guard though sacrificing a slim form.

It’s clear in a watchful design, transmutable tag with leather options, and immaculate steel body. Unlike a Flex 2, it comes with an OLED display, so we can perspective your critical statistics and information approach from your wrist, alongside some simple smartphone notifications.

The large further with a Alta HR is new Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights. These use a heart rate guard and accelerometer information to improved lane your sleep, including revelation we how many time we spend in any nap phase. 

Since a Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights functions are entrance to a likewise labelled Charge 2, a Alta HR’s categorical pull is a neat and appealing design. If we wish some-more minute discernment into your exercise, however, a Charge 2 is a improved choice of a dual models.

Buy Fitbit Alta HR from Amazon for £89.99 now

Fitbit Blaze


  • Colour shade is a good touch
  • Good battery life
  • Reliable practice tracking
  • Multiple tag options


  • No inbuilt GPS will be a pain for runners
  • No third celebration presentation support
  • Not H2O resistant

The Fitbit Blaze is a aptness watch hybrid, though this time with sold importance on a ‘watch’ part. To that end, it comes with a normal square(ish) body, an transmutable strap, and a colour shade that can feed in texts and calls like a smartwatch.

There’s no GPS, so it isn’t for hardcore runners like a Surge, nonetheless it can piggyback a GPS in your interconnected smartphone. Rather, it’s a aptness tracker you’ll be happy to wear all day and maybe even all night, too, that is accessible with that sleep-tracking function.

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The Blaze packs in a heart rate guard on a back and Fitbit is rolling out an refurbish that brings some of a newer Charge 2’s facilities across, including a Breathe mode and Cardio Fitness score. FitStar is another Blaze underline that delivers endorsed routines formed on your activity turn and provides a library of bodyweight and cardio exercises. The Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights from a Alta HR will also arrive to a Fitbit Blaze as a destiny update.

Buy Fitbit Blaze from Amazon for £165 now

Fitbit Surge


  • Durable and H2O resistant
  • Quick and accurate GPS tracking
  • Accurate resting and continous heart rate tracking


  • Inconsistent nap tracking
  • Battery life is not great
  • Drab homely design

Fitbit refers to a Fitbit Surge, as a “super aptness watch.” Unfortunately, that doesn’t meant it will automatically make we super-fit – you’ll still need to put in a tough graft.

The Surge includes many of a facilities you’ll find on Fitbit’s other trackers, including all-day activity and nap tracking, involuntary practice tracking, smartphone notifications, and adult to seven-day battery life. But a genuine addition, that will make it interest to some-more hardened runners and cyclists, is GPS.

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It means a ability to accurately lane stretch and pace, giving we some-more biometric detail, as good as a ability to map out your lane though carrying to move your phone. If you’re building adult to a marathon pace, or looking to run your fastest 10K, accurate stretch and gait recordings will be critical alongside a heart rate information to guard your aptness and effort.

Buy Fitbit Surge from Amazon for £120 now

Fitbit Ionic


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Solid practice tracking including swimming
  • Typical Fitbit activity and nap tracking
  • Gorgeous screen
  • Impressive battery life


  • Shortage of apps
  • Occasionally delayed OS
  • Passive notifications
  • Tedious song transfer
  • Quick recover tag peculiarity control


While a Fitbit Ionic is deliberate Fitbit’s initial fully-fledged smartwatch, a law is during launch it’s a small lacking on smartwatch smarts. That’s been gradually improving now that we’re a few months on from a strange release. Fitbit debuted Fitbit Labs, that is a exam bed for new app ideas and features. Some of these are already proof fun, such as a practical pet we caring for by ensuring we get adequate stairs any day.

With a Fitbit Ionic, a practice and activity tracking is still a best you’ll get from any Fitbit tracker on a market. It also has a beautiful and frail display, distinct anything seen on a prior device from Fitbit.

As we would pattern from a top-end model, there’s built-in GPS, onboard storage for your song and even contactless payments so we can leave your phone behind for your subsequent workout. Although with a latter be certain your bank is supported.

You can also get all of your smartphone notifications delivered true to your wrist for combined convenience.

Buy Fitbit Ionic from Amazon for £239 now

Those are a tip picks of a best Fitbit. If we wish to know some-more about what to demeanour out for when shopping a Fitbit afterwards review on.

Which Fitbit is best?

This is a initial doubt we should ask whenever shopping a Fitbit. Despite carrying “fit” in a name not any Fitbit is privately designed with hardcore athletes in mind. Many of a compay’s inclination are designed for infrequent gym goers, or people only removing into a aptness regime. This means they are generally excellent for many infrequent joggers or cyclists, though some-more critical athletes would be improved off checking out a some-more dilettante aptness track.

Equally if all we caring about is intelligent functionality, you’d substantially be improved off checking out a dedicated smartwatch, like a Apple Watch or one of a crowd of Android Wear devices.

You can check out a stream picks of a best for both categories in a guides below.

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  • Best using watches
  • Best smartwatches

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