Best iPhone X Cases: Protection for your super-expensive smartphone

The iPhone X is an considerable phone. Also an impressively labelled phone. So, naturally, carrying blown a grand on your new glossy Apple toy, you’ll wish to keep it nice.

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As we competence expect, a accessories marketplace was busily beavering away, prepared to supply an collection of cases before we could even get your hands on a smartphones to go in them. And a public line hasn’t stopped using given launch.

Here’s a delicately curated preference of a best iPhone X cases we’ve seen so far…

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Greenwich Maia Collection

New for open 2018 is a wealthy operation of reward leather cases from Greenwich. The Maia Collection comprises a series of a company’s Blake leather folio cases available in some unequivocally stretch hues: Beach House (pastel blue), Pale Gravel (off-white), Blake Blossom (pastel pinky-peach), Scarlet Red (just red, to be honest), Tahiti Blue (pictured above) and Canary Yellow (as described).

In further to a beautifully phony leather outer, we get a folio cover with an Alcantara backing and credit label holder, as good as an electroplated steel bombard for additional durability. None of this comes cheap, yet conjunction did your phone.

Buy your Maia Collection box for £139 directly from Greenwich.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker’s 2018 operation of iPhone X cases is done in partnership with that many consultant encaser of gadgety things, Proporta.

As you’d pattern from such a team-up, we get top-class design – scalloped edges, appliquéd flowers and all that – as good as arguable levels of protection.

You can squeeze one starting from £29.95 directly from Proporta.

Mous Limitless

This operation of considerable cases provides your iPhone X with military-grade protection, either it happens to incidentally disintegrate off a table or trip from your awkward fingers.

It’s also impossibly slim, and comes in a accumulation of juicy finishes, such as wood, leather and marble. The latter will go ideally with a statue of yourself that we can substantially means to elect if you’ve got a top-end 256GB iPhone X incoming.

Retailing from £29.99, you’ll be means to collect one adult here.

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Proporta Carbon Ultra Flash

Carbon twine is super-strong, yet also light and thin. Perfect for a case, in other words. The Proporta Carbon Ultra will usually supplement 2mm to your iPhone X’s backside, while charity a whole store of additional protection. This Flash chronicle also facilities a covering of resistive leather nearby a bottom, to give a grippier aspect for a some-more secure hand-hold.

Buy Now: Proporta Carbon Ultra Flash at Amazon

Proporta Carbon Opus

If we imagination a carbon-fibre insurance of a Ultra Flash above, yet with a additional shade covering of a folio case, Proporta’s Carbon Opus competence be a choice for you.

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The space-age wobble is lonesome in luxurious, soft-touch nappa leather, and a firmly wise shade guardian can be folded into a mount for a mark of Netflix bingeing.

Buy Now: Proporta Carbon Opus during Amazon

Greenwich Walker Alcantara

Alcantara is a element of a moment. After decades of usually unequivocally being used on imagination seats in boy-racers’ cars, it’s recently been given renewed cachet by Microsoft, who used it on a Surface Pro and Surface Laptop keyboards.

And now oppulance code Greenwich has selected this durable element for a top-end iPhone X folio case, a Walker. Delve underneath a impeccably tailored Alcantara, though, and you’ll also learn a shotgun-proof carbon-fibre lining. Clay-pigeon shooters, we got we covered.

You can buy a beautiful Walker for £159 directly from Greenwich. If that’s a small too abounding for you, however… Well, maybe we should’ve bought a cheaper phone, eh? But, nevertheless, a operation starts from £95.

X-Doria Defense Lux

The Defense Lux comes with a CO twine or leather back, yet we’re rather lustful of a ballistic nylon in a pic below. Sounds like it could take a bullet – that is usually a insurance we direct if we’re dropping £1000 on a smartphone.

Buy Now: X-Doria Defense Lux during Amazon

GEAR4 Piccadilly

Just wish a transparent box that lets Apple’s styling gleam through? The Piccadilly is one of a best such cases, and is now accessible for a iPhone X.

It’s not totally abandoned of pattern flair, however, with a choice of black, rose, white or bullion (as shown below) accents around a edge. A UV-resistant, scratch-proof cloaking should safeguard clarity until it’s time for a iPhone XI. Or iPhone 11. Whatever.

GEAR4 Knightsbridge

Fancy something sincerely simple, yet utterly apparently classy? The Knightsbridge is a grand snap-on series with genuine leather, accessible in a choice of black or tan, hand-wrapped around protecting layers of impact-absorbing TPU and D3O.

Urban Armor Gear Monarch

Work on a building site? Or in a warzone? Or somewhere unequivocally hazardous, like an all-girls school? The Monarch is a box to keep your iPhone X unscathed. Five layers of insurance outcome in it assembly troops shock-proofing standards, while a honeycomb traction hold on a edges meant it shouldn’t trip out of your hands.

Sure, it screams I’M RUGGED rather than gently murmur that we can means a silly-money phone, yet where would Beauty be but The Beast?

Buy Now: Urban Armor Gear Monarch during Amazon

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