Best Samsung Galaxy S9 Cases: Keep your glossy new Samsung safe

Some of a favourite Samsung Galaxy S9 cases

Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus flagships strictly launched during MWC 2018 and now they’re out for we to buy. Yet even before they’d been announced, there were already a ton of S9 cases expelled into a wild. Whatever character you’re after, we can roughly positively already get it.

To assistance we find a right protecting covering for your incoming new Samsung smartphone, we’ve put together a choice of a best Galaxy S9 cases so far.

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Mous S9 Limitless

Need military-grade protection? No, conjunction do we, yet it’s good to know you’re covered. The Mous Limitless cases enclose AiroShock, a element able of interesting extensive impact even yet it’s unequivocally thin. It’s something about micro crystals branch into small atmosphere pockets during high heat during a construction process, and a atmosphere pockets behaving as mini shock-absorbing springs. We’ll take their word for it (until we can whip a microscope out and check for ourselves).

Despite a high turn of protection, a Limitless cases demeanour flattering grand in a choice of genuine walnut or carbon-fibre finishes, and are accessible for a S9 and S9+.

Buy from £29.99 directly from Mous

Proporta Walker

Proporta might have steamed in a small after than others with a Galaxy S9 cases, yet a operation now covers all a bases. We were drawn to a top-of-the-line Walker box (above), since of a claims of being hand-crafted from Alcantara with carbon-fibre reinforcement, carrying an electroplated bombard and a magnetically attaching folio cover. But mostly since of a eye-watering £159 price. Guaranteed for life, though.

If profitable out for an S9 has already left your bank comment a small light, however, a Proporta operation starts during a distant some-more reasonable £24.95 for a Carbon Ultra, and also includes cases designed by Ted Baker.

Buy S9 cases directly from Proporta

Samsung Clear View Stand Cover

Of Samsung’s possess S9 cases, this stands out for one reason. No, it’s not pretty. It’s not going to tarry being bloody by a shotgun. It isn’t done from materials grown generally for reaching a moon. But it does have a built-in stand.

Let’s not boot a significance of this. Phone screens are removing bigger and better, so we’re increasingly examination video on mobiles instead of laptops and tablets. But holding a phone while you’re throwing adult on Stranger Things isn’t always ideal – generally on a sight on a Monday morning while you’re clutching a latte and a cinnamon Danish in a other hand.

No such problem with a Clear View Stand Cover, that is accessible in black, blue, bullion or purple. It also doubles as a counterpart when not in use. Because, well, that’s something some people need.

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Buy for £49.99 from Amazon

Snakehive Galaxy S9 Case

For reward quality, these Snakehive folio cases tip a bill. Designed in a UK and afterwards crafted in mainland Europe from nubuck leather, their aspect is afterwards kindly sanded to a soothing suede finish. In other words, they’ll stir and strengthen in equal measure.

The Snakehive S9 cases are accessible in black, plum, reddish-brown brownish-red or navy blue.

Buy for £24.95 from Snakehive

Olixar ArmourDillo

If you’re not sole on a puntastic name alone, maybe a pattern that screams ‘I’M RUGGED DON’TCHA KNOW?’ will interest to your imperishable self. Or maybe a built-in mount is usually a thing we need to get your Netflix repair but a palm cramp.

If zero else, you’ll like a cost – nonetheless simple transparent (boring) Olixar covers start from usually £7.99.

Buy for £12.99 from Amazon

Gear4 Oxford

Gear4 has charged in with 4 ranges of S9 cases, with a bucket of opposite variants. Want catchy patterns? Try a Victoria array during £29.99 each. Rather have usually a transparent skin with a smattering of colour around a edge? The Piccadilly fits a check during £29.99 again. More critical is a Battersea, that facilities D3O intelligent record to assistance it survice a dump from 13ft. That’s £34.99.

But we rather like a Oxford, that is a neat folio box with understated character and some credit label storage, as good as 10ft drop-resistance and a observation stand. Nice.

Buy for £34.99 from Gear4

Tech21 Evo Max

Tech21 claims that this is a many protecting box ever, with 14ft dump protection. And that’s even yet it’s usually 1.4mm thick. Crazy.

The Tech21 Evo Max is accessible in a choice of ickily named colours: Orchid, Charcoal, Smokey Dahlia, Devine Blue (above, and yes, it’s ‘Devine’ not ‘Divine’), and Crushed Turquoise. Don’t let that put we off, though.

Buy for £34.95 from Tech21

UAG Monarch

Another scrupulously tough nut, this one. Urban Armor Gear offers a 10-year warranty, that is substantially about 5 times longer than you’ll possess your S9.

Five is also a sorcery series when it comes to construction, with a Monarch being done adult of 5 layers of protection, including a soothing core for impact-absorption. There’s also a honeycomb hold along a sides to stop it slipping from your hands, and some imagination leather and amalgamate pieces to encourage we that it was all income good spent.

Buy for $59.95 from UAG

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