BindTuning’s Tyson Foods Intranet Wins Prestigious Industry Award

Tyson Foods and BindTuning receiving a award

“Tyson’s intranet plan resulted in increasing capability and simplified corporate communications, while severely improving a altogether user experience.” Beatriz Oliveira, CEO Founder, BindTuning

The 2018 Intra.NET Reloaded Boston Awards were presented on Apr 23, 2018 in dual categories. The winners were comparison by a five-person row of tellurian communications and IT experts.

BindTuning’s work for Tyson Foods (in and with Dell EMC Consulting Services) was famous in a difficulty of Best Intranet Solution for User Experience, Design and Content Management.

Beatriz Oliveira, CEO Founder of BindTuning, along with Chris Eaves, Associate Director of Communications for Tyson Foods were on palm to accept a award. They also led a dermatitis eventuality where they showcased a Tyson Foods solution.

The BindTuning height offers a apartment of collection including beautifully designed web collection and web themes that extend a functionality and palliate of use of SharePoint and Office 365. Customers can now muster and sustenance professionally designed, entirely organic SharePoint websites, intranets and extranets but wanting to enter a singular line of code.

Tyson was looking to muster a user-friendly intranet that could streamline their operations and foster larger worker collaboration. This intranet would reinstate a brew of intranets Tyson had hereditary after a array of acquisitions.

BindTuning’s cloud-based, pre-built Office 365 themes and web collection became a “secret sauce” that together with Dell EMC Consulting Services enabled Tyson to fast muster a new intranet sourroundings that connects over 114,000 employees in some-more than 400 comforts worldwide. The initial antecedent was prepared within 8 weeks and a plan as a whole was finished in reduction than 6 months.

Intra.NET Reloaded Boston provides high-level preference makers with insights into how tellurian organizations are handling formidable intranets and worker portals. As a leader of this year’s Best Intranet Solution for User Experience, Design and Content Management, BindTuning perceived a concession of $1,000 from eventuality organizer, we.CONECT. BindTuning donated their endowment to, an general nonprofit classification dedicated to a quarrel opposite blood cancer and blood disorders.

About BindTuning

BindTuning is a heading height for building connected and intent workplaces for SharePoint and Office 365. It includes all a collection we need for formulating complicated intranet experiences, pushing user adoption, providing easier ways for pity information and transforming a approach teams promulgate and collaborate. BindTuning can be simply setup to work with all your existent SharePoint data, and can be deployed in 50% of a time for 70% reduction cost, when compared to normal approaches.

The BindTuning horizon is being used by some of a world’s heading brands and organizations, with over 20,000 businesses given 2011.

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