BirdEye Enhances Business Profiles by Integrating Google Reviews

BirdEye enhances business profiles with authentic Google reviews

“We’re giving business a event to examination what other business only experienced. It doesn’t get any some-more applicable than that.”

Customer knowledge personality BirdEye currently announced it has extended a business profiles around Google Places API integration.

BirdEye helps some-more than 25,000 businesses acquire new business by handling their online presence, reputation, and patron experience. As partial of this service, any business is supposing a tradition form designed to bond them with impending business by internal search. Each form displays a business’ accurate reviews, present hit information, directions, and photos, and allows business to make appointments and write reviews.

BirdEye has been a explorer in compelling examination authenticity. Ever given first a association in 2012, CEO Naveen Gupta has emphasized his joining to validating a legitimacy of reviews – a new Google integration, along with tighter controls on examination solicitation, serve BirdEye’s mission.

“As a personality in patron experience, businesses now design BirdEye to confederate seamlessly with all distinguished platforms,” pronounced Naveen Gupta, CEO during BirdEye. “Today, BirdEye integrates with 300+ sites, and we’re anxious to lower a partnership with a Google group to assistance businesses strech some-more customers.”

As a immeasurable infancy of business use reviews to make squeeze decisions, BirdEye’s integrated profiles will be profitable resources for business and businesses alike. To urge patron experience, these profiles are and will sojourn perpetually free, with no advertisements displayed.

“Our idea is to make it easier for businesses to attract and rivet customers,” pronounced Gupta. “BirdEye gets real-time feedback from accurate business around SMS and email workflows, and displays it on business profiles alongside authentic Google reviews. We’re giving business a event to examination what other business only experienced. It doesn’t get any some-more applicable than that.”

BirdEye skeleton to make these profiles even some-more extensive and interactive. The subsequent proviso of extended profiles will concede businesses to confederate amicable information from sites like Facebook and Twitter, share promotions regulating a Google Posts around GMB formation and directly summary their customers.

About BirdEye

The BirdEye height lets businesses daub into a many absolute source of revenue: happy customers. Gather, investigate and act on patron feedback from amicable media, examination sites and surveys about brands, locations products, and services — in real-time, from one place. Access low insights to know accurately what business like and dislike in sequence to solve problems now and urge operations. Whether we have one plcae or thousands, a BirdEye height turns your business into a selling engine that accelerates certain word-of-mouth, boosts ratings, and increases revenue. The BirdEye height is devoted by 25,000+ businesses and distinguished F1000 enterprises. BirdEye was founded in 2012 by Google, Yahoo, Amazon alumni and corroborated by Silicon Valley who’s who including Trinity Ventures, Salesforce owner Marc Benioff and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.

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