BirdEye Launches Better AI Tools for Customer Sentiment Analysis

BirdEye launches improved AI apparatus for patron view analysis

Athena can now accept information and learn it to make smarter decisions in future, assisting businesses get a deeper bargain of their customers.

Customer knowledge personality BirdEye currently announced a launch of Annotation underline to a Insights product. With this new AI apparatus enhancement, users will be means to demeanour during insights generated by BirdEye’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, Athena, and overrule these insights as necessary, in a routine creation Athena smarter over time.

Athena processes patron feedback from reviews, amicable media, blogs, contention forums and news articles, and translates them into transparent actionable insights. Athena identifies snippets of calm that seem frequently opposite patron feedback and assigns certain or disastrous view to any dash formed on appurtenance training research of their context. Snippets embody topics, keywords, and adjectives.

To raise peculiarity and aptitude of patron view analysis, BirdEye users can now combine with Athena by modifying a calm of their insights. Athena will learn from users’ edits and request them to all incoming patron feedback to urge a correctness of trend identification.

Users can make a following edits to snippets:

  • Change a snippet’s view from disastrous to positive, or clamp versa
  • Delete a dash identified by Athena that is not critical for their business goals
  • Add a new dash they would like to track

NLP algorithms can know immeasurable amounts of information that no tellurian would have a time to feast or analyze. However, mechanism programs still infrequently have a tough time last that nuanced phrases, jargon terms, and total of debate are critical for any business– unless they are taught to do so. With this new Annotation feature, Athena can build a some-more strong training indication by incorporating users’ input, permitting it to broach increasingly polished insights.

“Even a many modernized appurtenance algorithms can learn a lot from humans,” pronounced Neeraj Gupta, COO during BirdEye. “Accuracy of patron view research depends on machine-learning that can adjust and urge over time. Athena can now accept information and learn it to make smarter decisions in future, assisting businesses get a deeper bargain of their customers.”

About BirdEye

BirdEye is a SaaS height that reimagines a approach patron feedback is used to acquire and keep connected business by shutting a loop between repute selling and patron experience. BirdEye enables businesses to get new reviews and captures existent patron view from examination sites, amicable media, Net Promoter Scores, and support cases in real-time. BirdEye translates all feedback into actionable insights so businesses can rivet in each step of a patron journey, settle a certain online presence, and benchmark opening opposite locations and opposite competitors. The BirdEye height is devoted by 25,000+ businesses and distinguished F1000 enterprises. BirdEye was founded in 2012 by Google, Yahoo, Amazon alumni and corroborated by Silicon Valley who’s who including Trinity Ventures, Salesforce owner Marc Benioff and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang. Learn some-more during

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