Bissell Vac & Steam Steam Cleaners Review

What is a Bissell Vac Steam?

The Bissell Vac Steam is an surprising steam mop that has a built-in opening cleaner. That means it’s heavier than possibly a standalone steam mop or a hang vacuum. But it creates discerning work of cleaning floors since we can do both tasks during once.

It doesn’t have a hand-held steam cleaner or scrubby brushes, so it’s no use for fate or upholstery, or even unequivocally inbred stains. But it heats adult quick and gives we clean, mopped floors in record time.

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Bissell Vac Steam – Design and Features

At 4.4kg a Bissell isn’t light. That’s since it packs in a cyclonic opening cleaner as good as a steam mop. It comes with dual machine-washable cleaning pads (one soothing and one “scrubby”), a measuring cup, dual incense discs (that tuck into a filigree slot on a cleaning pad) and an anti-calc H2O filter that should forestall a cleaner removing clogged with limescale.

Look on a underside of a cleaner and you’ll see a tiny frame opposite a front dedicated to a vacuum, with unbending tiny brushes to collect adult fluff. The rest of a underside is taken adult with a mop’s cleaning pad, that is elasticated to fit around a mop head.

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The pad feels well-made and fits well. There’s a tiny filigree slot for adding a incense front – that is unequivocally sharp itself, yet leaves bedrooms with a “clean” smell.

There’s no clip-on runner glider. Instead, if we wish to steam purify carpets and rugs we cocktail a cleaning pad off. And it’s designed to opening and mop during a same time – nonetheless a opening cleaner won’t endure unequivocally soppy conditions.

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The incense discs give we that ‘clean smell’ in further to a tangible cleaning

Bissell Vac Steam – What’s it like to use?

For vacuuming, we simply press a symbol and go. For steam we initial fill a fountainhead by pulling down a strap and afterwards pouring in H2O – we contingency flow solemnly differently a H2O spills – afterwards switch on.

It took only 24 seconds for a steam to feverishness adult prepared for use, nonetheless it was tough to tell as a indicator light is on a front of a handle, so we have to gaunt brazen to see it. There are dual steam settings: high and low. While these didn’t furnish outrageous clouds of steam, a cleaning formula were impressive.

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The Bissell unequivocally comes into a possess when we vac and steam during a same time. As prolonged as your building doesn’t have any unequivocally inbred stains that need a brush or scourer, it gets them purify (and clean-smelling) unequivocally quickly. Muddy footprints on a wooden building carried no problem.

Downsides? The controls are easy to strech yet tough to see as they’re on a front of a hoop (see below). There’s also no “vac and steam” button, so we have to switch any on exclusively – this can lead to we branch a opening off yet forgetful that a steam is still going. It’s also heavier than many steam mops and a whole mop conduct pops off too easily, with a smallest knock.

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But many of these downsides are sincerely pardonable deliberation how good it cleans. We also like a comfy and tractable handle, that creates it easier to store is accessible if you’re taller or shorter than average.

Emptying a bagless opening is simple: detach a dirt enclosure and tip a essence into a bin. But if we wish to dull new H2O we contingency tip a cleaner up. The cleaning pad washes purify simply by palm with soap and water, yet it’s also appurtenance washable. The anti-calc filter cartridge pops out simply when it’s time to reinstate it.

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Should we buy a Bissell Vac Steam?

If your priority is cleaning floors quickly, yes. This vacuums and mops during a same time and does a good adequate pursuit of both. Where it falls down is a miss of handheld collection for spot-cleaning soil and cleaning things other than floors.

At a time of writing, a Vac Steam was accessible approach from Bissell during a bonus and with a giveaway Steam Shot handheld cleaner – a good deal.

Overall, it’s a good buy, yet if we wish a some-more versatile steam cleaner that cleans some-more than floors, cruise a Polti Vaporetto GO.


The Bissell Vac Steam is complicated yet it’s a speed demon when it comes to removing floors purify fast.

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