Black and Decker GW2200 Garden Tools Review

What is a Black and Decker GW2200?

The Black and Decker GW2200 is a somewhat opposite spin on a transmutable tube form of combi garden vac and root blower. Rather than wanting 4 opposite accessories to barter between a dual modes it usually requires two, creation storage and changeover most easier. It’s also among a cheapest collection of a type, entrance in during underneath £50.

Black and Decker GW2200

Black and Decker GW200W – Design and Features

First impressions of a GW2200 are unequivocally good as a simplified pattern immediately appeals over a multi-part proceed of alternatives likes a Bosch ALS 2500 or Stihl SHE 71. Those models have a detached intake and opening for a executive blower, so requiring dual pieces any for a floating and sucking modes.

The GW200, though, has a fan blades mounted externally, permitting a singular square of created cosmetic to be used to form both a estuary and outlet. The pieces also shave into place around a elementary pull symbol complement so changeover takes usually a few seconds and we usually have dual categorical accessories to keep lane of.

Black and Decker GW2200

Not so easy, however, is putting together a projection pieces. In particular, fasten a dual pieces that make adult a ventilator projection takes a outrageous volume of force – a full weight of an 80kg male disposition on it – to shave together. This isn’t too most of a problem as there’s tiny reason we should ever have to take them detached again.

More problematic, however, is a collection bag that attaches to a opening tube. Although we don’t need to mislay it for emptying, it is a bit easier if we do so, and you’ll need to take it off if a siren gets blocked. The spin close fit it uses, though, is impossibly unbending with bodyweight assistance again indispensable to mislay it.

Overall build peculiarity is also next par. Although a plastics seem pretty tough they’re simply not finished to a unequivocally high customary with pointy edges on roughly each join and no rubber hold on a handle. You won’t cut yourself, nonetheless it creates doing it a bit reduction gentle than alternatives.

The misfortune law-breaker is a energy switch as each time we activate it your ride flicks into a pointy corner of a surround. Plain and simply a GW2200’s build peculiarity is contemplative of since it costs underneath £50.

Black and Decker GW2200

Otherwise a doing is indeed unequivocally good. Like a Stihl SHE 71, a hoop of a GW2200 sits serve brazen so that in ventilator mode it feels good offset both when hold in a common downward confronting position as good as when hold together to a belligerent – there’s no front pressure here.

That energy switch also falls simply within strech and is easy to work – and it doesn’t harm if you’re wearing gloves. In fact since of a crafty approach a transmutable tubes work it falls within easy strech for both ventilator and opening operation. Most other models with a energy switch in a identical position finish adult with it being on a wrong side of a hoop when in opening mode, requiring a second palm to spin it on and off.

Rated during 2200W and with an atmosphere speed of 72m/s, a GW2200 wants for tiny in terms of rated power. The mains energy wire is usually 6 metres long, though, that meant we couldn’t indeed strech a corner of a 40m2 exam patch of lawn. Other blowers tend to have 8-10m cables. Of course, one advantage is that there’s reduction wire to neat divided when you’re finished nonetheless you’ll afterwards need an even longer prolongation lead.

Black and Decker GW2200

Black and Decker GW2200 – Blower Performance

Setting adult a GW2200 for ventilator use is literally a dual second event as a nozzle/intake grille clips on in one go – it’s a blessedly elementary operation. The projection is straight, rather than carrying a somewhat ceiling curving end, and terminates in a somewhat squashed oval that’s a comparatively tiny 7cm far-reaching by 3.5cm tall.

Despite a slight nozzle, a GW2200 achieved admirably. It privileged a 3kg of soppy leaves utterly simply and quickly, with that easy-access energy switch proof useful for quick branch a ventilator off when manoeuvring turn a garden. It achieved a floating operation of 7.5ft, that is adult there with a best handheld mains blowers.

The usually slight regard is that sound levels are utterly high. At 86dB, it’s a loudest mains powered ventilator we’ve nonetheless tested.

Black and Decker GW2200

Black and Decker GW2200 – Vacuum Performance

Again we contingency emphasize how easy it is to switch from one mode to a other. In 5 seconds we can unclip a ventilator and shave on a opening tube with a trustworthy collection bag. The latter is of a arrange that we rope over your shoulder rather than it unresolved underneath a opening tube.

Initial contrast was also considerable with a vac creation quick swell by a raise of leaves. However, usually about a third of a approach by it stopped picking anything up. A discerning unclipping of a projection suggested a opening tube to a collection bag had turn clogged. A discerning poke around and it was shortly privileged and it had no problems with a rest of a pile, nonetheless we were a tiny some-more crafty not to overkill it.

The problem seemed to branch from dual things. The initial is that a collection bag tube indeed has a few cosmetic fins extending into it and it’s opposite these that a leaves got clogged. It’s a somewhat peculiar pattern choice and we’re not unequivocally certain since they’re there. The other aspect is that a leaves aren’t utterly as finely chopped adult as on some competitors, so there’s a larger possibility of a root pieces removing stuck. The bag itself is also a tiny groundless and a tiny smaller than some during usually 35 litres, compared to 40 litres for some competitors.

When questioning a blockage we also beheld another slight emanate with a altogether design, that is that it’s utterly probable to entrance a fan blades while they’re still moving. They’re not powered – a device won’t work with a projection private – nonetheless we can mislay a projection quick adequate after powering it off that they’ll still be spinning utterly quick as they breeze down.

Black and Decker GW2200

Should we buy a Black and Decker GW2200?

In some ways a Black and Decker GW2200 is a triumph. Its crafty outmost fan pattern creates it is easier to store and quicker to change between blow and siphon modes. Overall usability is good too, with quite easy ventilator operation.

However, in other areas a GW2200 unequivocally shows since it costs underneath £50. The fit and finish is next par, we can entrance a blades while they’re still spinning and this is a usually vac we’ve tested that has turn blocked.

It’s a contrition as a simple pattern is one we’d select over any other blower/vac we’ve tested, nonetheless we’d unequivocally like to see it used on a some-more reward indication that’s build to a aloft standard.


A decent simple root ventilator and vac, nonetheless it can get clogged sometimes.

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