Blomberg KFD4952XD

What is a Blomberg KFD4952XD?

This French-style fridge freezer from Blomberg brings veteran form and several acres of brushed immaculate steel to a kitchen. With a full-width fridge of epic proportion, plumbed-in cold H2O dispenser and full-width freezer drawers, we positively won’t be brief of space.

At over £1,000 this is no bargain-basement machine, nonetheless technical highlights embody A appetite efficiency, filtered atmosphere dissemination to revoke odours, and an involuntary ice maker. Door-pocket space is limited, however, and with vast ability comes vast measure and fair-sized using costs.


Blomberg KFD4952XD – How does it look?

If we wish to make a matter of veteran cooking vigilant in your kitchen, this Blomberg is right adult there with a best. It’s a correct monster-sized apparatus during 84cm wide, 182cm high and scarcely 75cm low – so it’s going to hang out over your worktop by during slightest 15cm.

Part of that abyss is down to a equally serious-looking immaculate steel handles. There are 4 of them, and they need wise to a appliance. They demeanour plain adequate to hang off, in a approach we would gym equipment.

The bustling four-door demeanour is punctuated by a cold and filtered H2O dispenser. This needs plumbing into your mains H2O supply and includes a replaceable outmost in-line filter.

We were a tiny unhappy that this dispenser serves usually cold water, though. For ice, you’ll have to open a revoke freezer drawer to entrance a involuntary ice maker.

The shimmer black arrangement row above a H2O dispenser facilities reason controls, and there’s a finishing develop in a form of a entirely embossed Blomberg logo.

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BlomFF 2

It’s not all cosmetic roses, however. The immaculate steel aspect is beautifully brushed, nonetheless shows adult fingermarks with a persistence of a CSI squad.

Plus, on a representation during least, a tip doors were misaligned to any other by a few millimetres. To be fair, Jackie didn’t even notice – and wasn’t even worried once I’d forked it out.

BlomFF 9

Our representation also arrived on an articulated lorry approach from Blomberg, so we didn’t get a advantage of a retailer’s assistance for installation.

The doorway handles indispensable to be screwed on – 4 rather fiddly screws per territory – and there was some DIY concerned in using a microbore H2O siren from a supply valve.

Most eccentric retailers that batch this fridge will expected offer this setup as partial of a service, or for a tiny charge.

BlomFF 15

Swing open those tip doors and a 378-litre fridge interior is usually as professional and considerable as a exterior.

The wardrobe-door-style arrangement means we have entrance to a full breadth of a fridge for vast trays or outrageous pizzas. You get overwhelming side-mounted LED lighting columns, potion shelves, white embellished drawers and a puzzling blue heat emanating from a behind of a dual outrageous salad drawers.

Strong blue light in a cold sourroundings has an antibacterial outcome on some of a common germ that means uninformed fruits and veggies to decay.

There’s also justification to advise that some vegetables continue to photosynthesise underneath blue light, so it will keep them “alive” for longer. The effects are sincerely minor, nonetheless a speculation is that food in a salad drawers should sojourn fresher for longer.

BlomFF 10

The KFD4952XD is an energy-efficient, frost-free appliance, with an interior that facilities several vents. On a left side, a complement has a removable odour filter that can be spotless and re-activated intermittently simply by withdrawal it in a sunshine.

Speaking of filters, there’s a second H2O filter inside a fridge, behind a salad drawer, that needs wise before we use a ice and H2O feature. It’s endorsed that we reinstate this filter any 6 months. Combined with a outmost in-line filter, your celebration H2O should be delivered in tip-top condition.

If rummaging around in a freezer for long-lost peas, with your hands branch blue and glacial atmosphere rolling out over your toes, isn’t your suspicion of fun afterwards this Blomberg has a answer. Two outrageous freezer drawers lift out on roller-bearing runners, providing full top-down entrance to your solidified goodies. Both drawers have a array of accessible and removable dividers to keep things good organised.

If you’re still carrying difficulty anticipating that leftover meal from six-months ago, a middle basket of a tip drawer can be pulled out completely. The revoke drawer is some-more singular in space given it’s truncated to make approach for a compressors behind, and has a Blomberg’s ice-cube builder and ice-cube storage tray to one side.

BlomFF 14

Blomberg KFD4952XD – How many can we fit in?

Inside a fridge, a 3 full-width shelves and 4 outrageous drawers offer copiousness of room. If you’re still stranded for storage space in here, we competence wish to severely cruise one of those chiller cabinets they have in a supermarkets. At over 400 litres of comprehensive volume, and 378 litres net of serviceable space, this Blomberg is scrupulously huge.

The advantage of French-style appliances is that a wardrobe-door arrangement during a tip allows we to open adult a full breadth of a fridge. Not usually it is ideal for storing vast trays and plates alongside normal fridge fayre, it creates anticipating equipment really easy indeed.

The doorway pockets are a tiny bit of let-down, due mostly to a resource for a H2O dispenser. On a left side, a lowest of a 3 doorway pockets is truncated to a ability that won’t reason many some-more than a tube of tomato puree, and there’s no vast bottle slot during all.

BlomFF 16

That means a right-hand side contingency hoop all bottle duties and, being half a breadth of a appliance, it isn’t that big. It can reason 2 x 2 litres of divert during most.

Families used to their juice, cocktail or booze pity doorway slot space with a divert will have to find room for those inside a categorical area of a fridge. And if we wish to store those additional bottles upright, you’ll have to mislay one of a shelves. Your mileage might change depending on requirements, nonetheless for us a singular door-pocket space was something of a understanding breaker.

There’s no necessity of space in a fridge drawers. In mirrored pairs, a tip drawers offer a low heat area for beef and fish, while a revoke salad drawers are steam tranquil areas for fruit and veg. These extend right to a front of a compartment, serve augmenting capacity.

We couldn’t effectively exam a potency of a blue light on longevity of foodstuffs, nonetheless anecdotal justification from consumer reviews of this underline on other fridges are generally positive.

Indeed, they do seem to extend a life of your groceries. For a few pennies a year additional it will cost to run a blue LEDs, it seems like a good feature. Our usually premonition being that a essence during a behind of a drawer are expected to be bathed in a full heat of a light while furnish on a front will be in shadow.

BlomFF 6

Down below, a French-style pattern has a reduction conspicuous outcome on viewed freezer space. While a dual vast freezer drawers exaggerate a healthy 152 litres – allied with many US-style appliances of a same altogether breadth – a figure doesn’t feel like it’s giving we any additional space over a high nonetheless slight 4 of 5 drawer arrangement.

It’s positively easier to locate your food items, though. Looking down on a far-reaching drawers from above offers a improved perspective and is distant easier than pulling out smaller drawers or looking on shelves.

The tip drawer is many incomparable and facilities dividers to territory off your produce. Yet oddly, these dividers are usually half a tallness of a drawer, so we can see these apropos buried when a freezer is full.

You can lift out a middle basket of a tip drawer totally – nonetheless be warned, it’s going to be super-heavy and ungainly when entirely loaded.

BlomFF 7

Blomberg KFD4952XD – How loud is it?

Like many complicated A-rated fridges with multi-speed compressors and electronic controls, this sizeable Blomberg is tiny on noise. Our sound dimensions normal over a five-day exam generation tallied with a appetite tag figure of 42dB for library-quiet operation many of a time.

However, it does evacuate some sparse noises that, due to a generally still operation, can be extraordinary in a near-silent kitchen.

There’s a peculiar fridge indigestion lap – remarkable in a primer as utterly normal; a pivotal delinquent is a ice-cube maker. This combines ice creaking and turn-out sounds with noises in a plumbing as a fountainhead refills with water. Still, that seems a tiny cost to compensate for avoiding a violation of pouring a solitaire tonic and anticipating we have no ice.

BlomFF 12

Blomberg KFD4952XD – How good does it perform?

The Blomberg’s control row offers easy preference of fridge and freezer heat in 1oC increments, and some other accessible facilities too.

Economy mode sets a freezer to a many energy-efficient heat and cooling mode, nonetheless this won’t be a best environment when you’re loading adult from a supermarket and need to chill dishes quickly. Rapid Freezing mode is on offer for that scenario.

You can set a arrangement to spin on for a integrate of mins usually when a doors are opened, tighten a keypad, or rivet Eco-Fuzzy mode. And we suspicion fuzzy-logic went out with a VHS video cassette recorder. This mode automatically detects when there’s been no entrance to a fridge or freezer for some-more than 6 hours, and drops it automatically into Eco mode to save energy.

With a freezer during -18oC and a fridge cell during 4oC, we installed adult a Blomberg to a common capacity. That’s 0.5kg per 10 litres of space of churned fruit, veg and bottles in a fridge, and 1kg of solidified food per 10 litres of space in a freezer. The freezer bucket enclosed 2 litres of room-temperature H2O in a tip drawer to exam a machine’s ability to solidify down bulk uninformed food.

BlomFF 7

Average temperatures in a fridge cell were tighten to ideal, trimming from 6.5oC on a tip shelf to a fish-friendly 2.5oC in a beef and fish drawer. You can design a heat on a midst shelf to normal 5oC, and in a salad drawer a steam tranquil 3.5oC. Half a grade revoke on any would be perfect, nonetheless that’s being picky.

Air temperatures in a open partial of a fridge do change a tiny during a compressor cycle, nonetheless not by any concerning extent. There’s a disproportion here between customary and Eco modes too. In standard, a coherence is really good during usually /- 1oC opposite all areas – save a beef and fish drawer, that bounced between 1oC and 5oC. In Eco mode a cycle is longer, with swings of around /- 1.5 to 2oC opposite all areas – save a salad drawer, that keeps a really good /- 1oC throughout.

The freezer heat showed a likewise buoyant trait. Air heat opposite both shelves and a food representation were roughly mark on -18oC as an average. However, it swung between -23 and -13oC any hour and a half or so of a cycle duration. This did give a solidified food representation a tiny movement of /- 1oC – nonetheless again, this is zero of concern.

BlomFF 5

If a appetite fails, this Blomberg will be flattering kind to your solidified foods. Good insulation meant that during a three-hour destroy exam a limit atmosphere heat crept adult to -8oC, with a food representation rising to a respectably low -13oC.

Such decent total are somewhat dampened by a atmosphere heat pitch by a freezer cycle, that would revoke a food-safe time a tiny if a appetite unsuccessful while a freezer was during a warmest partial of a cycle. Techy-talk sum aside, this Blomberg is absolutely good for a right side of a 12-hour appetite outage – even in a worst-case scenario.

Certainly, a somewhat shorter compressor cycle with reduction heat pitch in a fridge would be improved for your food – nonetheless that’s being picky. In fact, this Blomberg delivered a really purify and neat set of exam formula and is a formally good technical performer for a money.

BlomFF 2

Blomberg KFD4952XD – How many will it cost to run?

The volume of electricity fridge freezers use is relations to how many ability they have. Models of a distance of this Blomberg will have commensurately bigger using costs than a standard 60cm fridge freezer. Thanks to a A appetite efficiency, though, it isn’t too bad.

In a exam lab kept during 18oC ambient room temperature, installed as above and with a doors non-stop half-a-dozen times a day, we calculate that a KFD4952XD will use around 400kWh of electricity per year. At around 15p per kilowatt hour as an normal opposite UK suppliers, that would be an annual using cost of around £60.

Blomberg’s possess total advise a tiny some-more than this during 452kWh per year, substantially due to contrast in many warmer European meridian than East Sussex in January. Those using costs aren’t bad deliberation a Blomberg’s outrageous capacity, nonetheless they sojourn around twice that of a standard high-efficiency 60cm-wide fridge freezer.

BlomFF 8

Should we buy a Blomberg KFD4952XD?

Four-door preference with blurb kitchen character and facilities aplenty, a Blomberg KFD4592XD is a correct centrepiece apparatus for your kitchen.

It is rather bulky, quite with a vast handles, and a truly outrageous cooling ability is hampered by a necessity of doorway pockets for vast bottles.

However, a well-filtered H2O dispenser, plain technical opening and reasonable using costs for a size, make it good value deliberation if you’re meditative vast cooling for a vast kitchen.


Four-door convenience, facilities aplenty and A potency make this vast oppulance Blomberg a character matter that’s good value considering.

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