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What is a Blomberg LDFN2240?

It’s time for some kitchen noir with Blomberg’s large-capacity LDFN2240 dishwasher, tested here in appealing all-black coachwork. The eccentric tradesman brand’s top-spec image and vessel cleaner boasts a 13 place environment capacity, an A++ appetite rating and a fanned drying system.

It isn’t yet a quirks, though, including a somewhat drippy mist arm and an Eco programme that’s best avoided. Yet a Auto cycle delivers glorious rinse formula and superb drying while regulating a smallest of resources. With an appealing seeking cost and low regulating costs, a Blomberg LDFN2240 is good value all round.

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Blomberg LDFN2240 – What’s it like to use?

Available exclusively from Euronics member retailers, a LDFN2240 is Blomberg’s top-of-the-range dishwasher. It’s accessible in normal white, of course, or we could opt for a rather some-more svelte and stylish black on exam here. In both models a interior is immaculate steel with maroon equipment and a brushed steel trim.

This appurtenance offers a whole lot some-more than a hastily dress sense, though. It’s an A++ energy-rated appurtenance with 13 place settings, and Blomberg has employed roughly any dishwasher storage pretence in a book to maximize coherence of a inner space.

A three-basket design, it has a dedicated cutlery tray during a top. This is a compress tray holding adult about half a breadth of a appliance, permitting room for potion stems and taller equipment to go on a side-racks in a basket below. The cutlery tray’s cosmetic bottom is created to smoke-stack cutlery on a edge, maxing out a blade and flare ability neatly. In addition, a tray unclips from a runners so we can take it to a kitchen drawer for unloading. If that isn’t adequate ladle space afterwards this indication comes with a normal cutlery basket as well.

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The tip of a dual incomparable baskets is height-adjustable, regulating elementary press-latches possibly side to pierce it adult or down by around 4-5cm. It isn’t probable to have one side adult and one side down, as we’ve seen on some-more abundant dishwashers, yet it does offer good coherence next – around 26cm hole with a basket down and 30.5cm with it up.

Two rows of plate-racking tines in a tip basket take adult many of a open-area space. That will be glorious if you’re a sequence tea-cup and urn user, yet not so unsentimental for many else. Thankfully, one set of tines can be folded prosaic to accommodate mugs, bowls and incomparable equipment in a basket.

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There are crater and potion racks to a sides, any in dual halves. All 4 sections are tallness tractable or can be folded adult out of a approach altogether.

The vast and low reduce basket is simply propitious with 4 sets of image tines. Individually these can all be folded flat, giving we options from lots of plates to a entirely prosaic area for vast pots and pans. If we do use a cutlery basket, this sits over a honest tines, permitting we to slip it left or right to best juggle your dishwashing bucket accordingly.

The soap dispenser and rinse assist cell are traditionally placed on a inside of a door, with salt fill and a removable cosmetic solids filter in a dishwasher bottom below. The rinse assist has a neat dial to adjust H2O hardness, and a LDFN2240 comes with a H2O softness contrariety pack if we don’t know what you’re operative with.

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The front fascia is silken black plastic, somewhat in contrariety to a rather orange-peel black paintwork, with a resisting steel handle. The control row to a left is compress and comparatively simple, with a large, frail display. The buttons are corpulent and plain to a reason and a altogether operation is logical. Simply press P+ or P- to get a compulsory programme number, afterwards supplement one of a 5 options and press start.

Wondering what those programmess are? Simply open a doorway and a programme list is printed along a tip corner for easy reading.


Blomberg LDFN2240 – What programmes does it have?

This Blomberg is an eight-programme machine, or 9 if we embody a self-cleaning ProClean cycle. In a primary P1 mark is a 50oC Eco wash. This is a many careful soaking module for medium-soiled daily dishes and a cycle on that a appetite label’s A++ and rating is based.

The Auto programme is a full-sensor cycle that determines temperature, time, H2O and appetite usage, depending on how squalid your dishes are. This cycle measures how unwashed a H2O is during a pre-wash, and selects a rinse cycle as it goes along. This is a best all-round daily programme for a brew of dishes, pots, pans and all a peculiar things that ends adult in a dishwasher for scrubbing.

The Mixwash+ cycle is directed during churned loads, with opposite H2O pressures for a tip and reduce baskets. This allows we to put a likes of ethereal potion equipment in a top, and pots and pans during a bottom for soaking during a same time. It does onslaught to ideally finish glassware if a pans during a bottom are unequivocally oily, yet it’s a good compromise.

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The dual prohibited 70oC programmes offer a critical complete rinse for heavily contaminated pots and pans, while a Express58 cycle is for soaking medium-soiled dishes in a hurry. Coming in during usually underneath a hour including drying, it’s discerning if not quite energy-efficient.

The special Glass Care programme lowers H2O vigour to be additional peaceful on glasses. That’s ideal for post-party clean-ups – yet given a ability of this dishwasher, you’d need an awful lot of eyeglasses to fill it up.

For unequivocally easily contaminated loads, a Mini30 cycle is a high-speed rinse that forgoes a drying cycle to come in during around half an hour – and your tea-towelling time, of course. If it customarily takes we a few days to build adult a full bucket in a dishwasher, a Prewash cycle gives plates a discerning dash to stop food drying tough or a plates or smelling.

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Alongside a check start underline and child lock, there are some other rather engaging options too. The Half Load duty simply reduces H2O and appetite presumption there are distant reduction plates in a whole compartment. We cite half-load options that concede we to rinse possibly a tip basket or a reduce basket individually, yet we can’t have all on a dishwasher underneath £400.

The RapidClean and IntenseWash options both boost a H2O vigour entrance by a dishwasher jets. For low to medium-soiled loads, RapidClean’s aloft appetite shortens a rinse time, while for heavily contaminated pots and pans a IntenseWash gives a reduce basket something a good jet-washing.

SuperGloss isn’t something we’ve come opposite before, yet it promises to supplement an additional shimmer and flicker to your glassware and crockery by improving drying performance. This engages a machine’s drying fans and additional feverishness for a small longer than normal, so design a small additional appetite use too.

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Blomberg LDFN2240 – How loud is it?

Unless you’re shopping a super low-price machine, a days of your dishwasherkeeping half a domicile watchful during night are prolonged gone. This Blomberg touts low sound as one of a primary facilities and a appetite tag suggests it emits a library still 49dB.

Our tests frequency determine with appetite tag figures, given all that H2O sloshing around and bouncing off of your plates tends to make a whole lot some-more sound in reality. So we were agreeably astounded by a LDFN2240, contrariety during accurately 50dB via a whole cycle. Not usually is that unequivocally still for a mid-priced machine, a sound is consistent, ensuring it won’t disquiet your kitchen conversations.

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Blomberg LDFN2240 – How good does it wash?

Dried-on scrambled egg in a Pyrex bowl, dried-on porridge oats in a china dish, squalid pans, wine-stained eyeglasses and cups with builders-tea waves outlines all went into a initial exam load. This Blomberg is unequivocally stretchable indeed, and we laid several rows of a tines prosaic to accommodate pans down below.

Dropping a tip basket to a low position authorised us to get in customary 26cm plates in a bottom shelve and unequivocally high booze eyeglasses during a top. The bases of a booze eyeglasses sat easily beside a cutlery tray. In an ideal world, a reduce basket could have finished with some drop-down arms to reason trays and pans plumb – yet we’re being picky over what is an differently unequivocally stretchable space.

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We routinely use a customary Auto programme for a categorical rinse test, yet with a Eco programme in a primary P1 slot, we started that by accident. We let it run. And run. And run. At a whopping 3hrs 20mins’ duration, this isn’t a discerning programme.

Thankfully, it was value a wait. The purify was unequivocally good opposite a tip and reduce baskets, with many of a exam and day-to-day equipment left spotless. The appurtenance had a ridicule good try during a tough (well, nearby impossible) scrambled egg exam with usually a integrate of eggy lumps remaining. There was a satisfactory bit of egg/oil excess staining a glass, though.

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We were quite tender with a drying. The bucket was intensely good finished, bone dry and with no streaks. Upturned cups weren’t pooled too badly, and decent crater chain should safeguard all is dry. Then it went a bit wrong. We pulled out a tip basket initial and H2O dripped out of a mist arm onto a dry bucket below. Remember to unpack a reduce basket initial and this won’t be an issue, of course.

This Eco cycle used 1.27kW of electricity and accurately 10 litres of water. That’s decent in a wider context of dishwashers, yet equivocal for achieving an A++ rating.

Setting a whole rinse adult again – another scrambled egg lunch with red booze in-between – we went with a Auto programme to accurately review with other machines we’ve tested. The rinse started off saying 3hrs 20mins generation on a display, yet indeed finished about 55 mins bashful of that.

Again, a rinse was unequivocally good: this time, a scrambled egg play had been scrubbed even better. There were no eggy lumps during all and usually a feintest staining of egg/oil on a glass. Drying competence have been usually as good as previously, yet we came behind to a bucket scarcely dual hours after it had finished and a glassware had steamed adult with condensation.

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The genuine head-scratch outcome was that this Auto programme used 1.03kW of electricity – 20% reduction than a Eco cycle! Water use was adult marginally during 10.7 litres. The Auto cycle uses a turbidity sensor to adjust a programme, while a Eco cycle is a bound wash. So for loads that aren’t unequivocally unwashed or quite greasy, a Blomberg’s Auto programme will roughly positively use reduction appetite than Eco, and is quicker and in ubiquitous washes improved too. Go figure.

Several some-more loads ensued over a week and we continued to be tender with Blomberg for a soaking and drying performance. To safeguard best drying we need to unpack a reduce basket initial and not leave a soaking in a appurtenance too prolonged after a cycle has finished. If we can’t cause unloading into your daily routine, make use of a check timer.

Which brought us around to contrariety a SuperGloss option. Since a Blomberg’s drying abilities are unequivocally good indeed, we didn’t notice a good understanding of difference. Glasses came adult discriminating to contemplative soundness and prepared to be put away. There might have been reduction drips from a mist arm or a reduce inclination for precipitation if we left a bucket lay after a cycle had ended, yet a gains were marginal.

This is glorious all-round soaking and drying opening with a few quirks and good eco certification – if not indispensably on a Eco programme.

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Blomberg LDFN2240 – How many will it cost to run?

The LDFN2240’s A++ appetite rating is usually about certified by a Eco rinse test’s nearby 1.3kW and 10 litres of H2O consumption. While we’ve had A+ rated machines grasp those total on a good day, it’s a Blomberg’s Auto programme that impresses a most. With a sensor-based wash-adjusting, relations to a defiled spin of a load, for many daily washes it will use reduction appetite and be distant quicker than a Eco cycle.

Our annual exam calculation is formed on 250 dishwashing cycles separate half on Eco and half on Auto for some-more heavily contaminated loads. Yet given a LNFD2240’s good Auto cycle formula and ability to support from light to heavily contaminated loads, we’d be prone to use that programme for all washes all year round. Okay, if we need to rinse plates in a precipitate or need a unequivocally low purify afterwards there are dedicated programmes for that – yet a Auto will cover many of your needs, many of a time.

Only regulating Auto and formed on a exam loads, this appurtenance would cost we around £38.60 in electricity for those 250 washes. If you’re on metered H2O during an normal of £3.50 per cubic scale of supply and waste, a LDFN2240 would supplement reduction than £10 to a annual regulating costs. Such total could make we wish to hang adult your plate cloth and tea towel for good.

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Should we buy a Blomberg LDFN2240?

This Blomberg dishwasher punches good above a cost indicate in terms of style, coherence and good soaking and drying results. It’s easily quiet, too – yet not yet a quirks. These embody a somewhat drippy mist bar, precipitation if we don’t unpack for a integrate of hours after a cycle is finished, and a reduction considerable Eco wash.

However, use this appurtenance on a glorious sensor-based Auto programme and it will spin in a good rinse and dry formula any time, regulating unequivocally small H2O and electricity in a process.


This stylish and stretchable dishwasher turns in good rinse formula with low regulating costs, creation it good value all round.

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