Bluehost Web Hosting Review (2020)

Bluehost’s top-notch features, arguable patron services, strong uptime, as good as beginner-friendly plans, make it a sought-after hosting provider. So, if your welfare in a choice of hosting is reliability, contend no more. 

Also, Bluehost is
compatible with WordPress, creation it a ideal choice for WordPress websites.
That’s since it’s referred to as a best hosting for WordPress specific. And
yes, WordPress themselves rarely suggest Bluehost given a year 2005. 

However, it came to
life in a year 2003 and ever since, they’ve been means to defend stellar
progress, so enhancing a popularity. Besides, it’s underneath a government of
the Endurance International Group – a association that also manages a rival,

That said, Bluehost is
a horde to dual million-plus domains around a globe. Let’s see why:

Advantages of Bluehost

  • Bluehost delivers arguable server uptime of 99.98 percent, that means there are minimal chances your site would believe prolonged hours of downtime.
  • It offers a super-easy interface for easier WordPress integration.
  • Offers scalable choice plans, creation it some-more affordable.

Disadvantages of

  • Their packages offer additional add-ons but, during additional costs. Sadly, these additional costs might be combined to your transport yet your believe that’s since you’re suggested to uncheck nonessential equipment before purchasing your package. 
  • Unlike other providers who offer total hoop space on a simple plan, Bluehost doesn’t. 


When we progressing pronounced Bluehost
was arguable hosting, we meant it. It guarantees an glorious uptime of 99.98
percent with an annual downtime of one hour 45 minutes. Of course, no hosting
can pledge 100 percent uptime, so an glorious display for Bluehost. 


Bluehost pricing and
plans are divided into 6 categories: Shared, Shared WordPress, WooCommerce,
Managed WordPress, Dedicated, and VPS. Read on to know any of them in

  • Shared: this is a ubiquitous use with a cheapest plans. 
  • Shared WordPress: this is a cheapest and many candid devise for WordPress hosting. 
  • WooCommerce: This is a devise best for hosting WordPress online stores. 
  • VPS: mostly elite for e-commerce websites that need to go premium. It’s also reduction costly compared to dedicated hosting. 
  • Managed WordPress: offers some-more facilities for WordPress hosting.
  • Dedicated hosting: this is a many costly plan, yet during a same time offers top-notch services to a users. 

Domain registration

While other providers
offer domains during a fee, Bluehost does a opposite. It provides giveaway domain
hosting nonetheless on specific packages. For instance; if we pointer adult for the
one-year plan, we get a giveaway domain yet you’ll still have to compensate for its
registration, that ranges from $10 to $15. 

Website builder

Bluehost provides its
users with an easy interface for site customization, where we drag-and-drop
features. It is an glorious choice for those who miss adequate skills in CSS and
HTML yet are wakeful of what they are doing. 

Data transfer

With Bluehost, we get
unlimited information send on a series of a packages. Besides, it also offers a
security underline – a CPU. 


A control row should
be a core of your site government system. The cPanel also comes with free
backups for retrieving your files.  


The volume of disk
space varies depending on a plan. It guarantees 50GB adult to total storage
for your data. For a WordPress site, 50GB is glorious unless we intend to do other
things that need total space. 


Bluehost guarantees a
better value for income with a 30-day money-back pledge regardless of the
plan. Their skeleton are scalable, definition we can opt for a cheapest package
and ascent when necessary. 

The cheapest plan,
which is a common hosting, starts during $2.95 adult to $7.99 per month and a most
expensive plan, dedicated hosting, that comes in during $79.99 a month. 


Bluehost provides its
users with SSL certificate – a absolute confidence underline that ensures your
safety from hackers as good as attacks. Usually, it takes a ‘https’ format at
the commencement of your web address. 

The giveaway SSL
certificate is accessible on all their plans, so we don’t have to worry about
insecurity issues whenever guest are on your site.  

However, we can as
well opt for a purchased SSL certificate that goes during $49.99 per year. This
can be an glorious choice for business websites, where users will be required
to yield supportive logging details. 


Bluehost, dependable
features make it a best hosting provider for WordPress. And, it’s no surprise
that even WordPress themselves suggest it to a new users. 

If we enterprise to have
a WordPress site set up, demeanour no serve since Bluehost got your hosting
needs covered. 

Either way, we can
decide to customize your site for WordPress if you’re already regulating the
Bluehost hosting. All we have to do is revisit, that will
automatically route we to a Bluehost dashboard for navigation. 

Customer Support 

Bluehost takes pride
in providing arguable patron services that embody phone calls, email
support tickets, and live discuss that’s accessible 24/7. This has proven to be
true from their customers’ reviews. 

Depending on your
needs, Bluehost offers 3 technical numbers for support services in box of
urgent assistance.

  • General enquiries
  • VPS and dedicated hosting
  • WordPress assistance

Bluehost’s Additional

Just like we mentioned
earlier, Bluehost offers additional add-ons, that are released from all their
plans. However, there are tons of additions enclosed on all their plans. 

For instance; with a
basic devise that goes during $2.75 per month, we get a following:

  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Five parked domains
  • 25 subdomains 
  • One domain included 
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth

You can get a above
additions total if we ascent to a Plus common plan, that goes during $4.95
a month for a introductory. 

Besides, you’re
assured of a 30-day money-back pledge if their services don’t fit your

Bottom Line 

Having analyzed all
the hosting platforms around a globe, Bluehost ranks third, after HostGator
and InMotion. However, it shows earnest formula in some categories such as
customer services, uptime, improved value for money, among others. Also, it’s an
excellent choice for WordPress specific hosting. 

The usually disadvantage
you’ll confront with Bluehost is their additional costs. Nevertheless, we can
still equivocate this by unchecking a other products on your transport before
confirming your purchase. 

We wish that we find
this essay useful and that we’ve supposing solutions for your questions. Stay
tuned for some-more of it.

However, if we still
want to know either or not we suggest Bluehost, a answer is Yes. This is
because it’s arguable as good as budget-friendly. 

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