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BlueHost Company Founded in 2003, is a renouned Utah-based web hosting company. It’s now owned by Endurance International Group, a people behind a lot of large tech names: Domain.com, iPage, HostGator, SiteBuilder.com and more.

Bluehost’s common hosting products are clearly described, with a satisfactory volume of information about what we get for any of a plans.

The association doesn’t try to dope we by charity an underpowered starter devise to get a low title rate. Even a low-end Basic devise gives we 50GB storage, unmetered bandwidth and a giveaway SSL certificate, and throws in a giveaway domain.

Email options are singular with customarily 5 accounts upheld and a tiny 100MB inbox for each, yet differently it’s a ideally adequate product for many users, and it’s labelled pretty from $3.99 a month over 36 months (a discount $2.75 around a special deal), rising to $7.99 on renewal. (Sign adult for a smallest 12 months and you’ll compensate an initial $5.95.)

The Plus devise gets we support for total storage and total websites, along with SpamExperts spam filtering. It’s yours from $5.95 a month over 36 months, $10.99 on renovation (that’s an initial $7.95 on a annual plan).

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The Choice Plus devise adds domain remoteness and insurance as good as site backup. It’s also accessible from $5.95 a month over 36 months, that is tempting, nonetheless it renews during $14.99 (opt for a annual devise and it’ll be $7.95 monthly).

The Pro comment ramps adult performance, offers a dedicated IP and throws in a reward SSL certificate from $13.95 a month over 36 months ($14.95 annually), $23.99 on renewal.

Payments are stable around a 30-day money-back guarantee. That’s a attention customary and should be adequate to endorse that Bluehost is a right horde for you, yet some providers go further. InMotion Hosting, for example, offers an well-developed 90-day guarantee.

If we need some-more information, there’s an in-depth list of what’s enclosed in each common hosting devise on Bluehost’s support page.

Application hosting

Bluehost has customarily a really minimal operation of focus hosting plans, yet it customarily about manages to cover a essentials: WordPress and elementary e-commerce.

The WordPress hosting devise is tiny some-more than a same common hosting plans, with a same pricing (from $3.95 a month initially, $7.99 on renewal), and some-more importance on some WordPress-specific facilities (Bluehost updates WordPress automatically, and there’s some decent WordPress support and support).

Bluehost’s WordPress Pro devise is some-more capable, giving we total storage, bandwidth and websites, spam filtering, CDN formation and more.

Powerful WordPress-related extras embody a entertainment environment, a accessible proceed to emanate and work on a duplicate of your existent site. If you’re origination some vital changes – replacing a theme, switching one plugin for another – a entertainment underline enables contrast these out yet risking causing problems on your prolongation site.

Business-oriented facilities embody Jetpack Site Analytics, Premium or Pro (depending on your plan), a selling center, PayPal formation and more.

These are means products, and prices are good from a customary $17.95 a month over 3 years ($29.99 on renewal) adult to $47.95 ($59.99).

If you’re customarily handling a singular site and don’t need a business features, check out IONOS WordPress Pro, too. It boundary your storage and a series of websites, yet it gets we dedicated resources (from 1 vCPU and 1GB RAM) and Varnish-based caching on a Pro plan, and prices start during $15 a month, no long-term agreement required.

Bluehost’s e-commerce product is radically common hosting with WordPress, WooCommerce and Storefront themes pre-installed, a dedicated IP address, and a few selling credits (spend $25 on a Microsoft Advertising or Google Ads account, get $100 credit).

Again, prices are reasonable, starting from $6.95 a month (renewal during $13.99.) The skeleton competence be useful if you’re an e-commerce newbie, yet gifted users could get many a same formula by anticipating their elite common hosting package and regulating Softaculous (or any other auto-installer) to set adult a web store for themselves.

True VPS Servers

Bluehost’s VPS plans competence not demeanour cheap, during slightest initially, yet that’s since a association doesn’t try to cut corners to strike a low title price.

VPS products start during $17.99 over 36 months ($29.99) on renewal, for instance, some-more costly than some. But a specs are decent, and embody 2 CPU cores and 2GB RAM, twice a allocation you’ll get with many starter VPS setups. Bluehost’s tradition control row creates your use easy to manage, too.

If you’re happy to accept a some-more elementary system, Hostwinds‘ starter VPS skeleton are labelled from an initial $4.49 a month. But that customarily gets we 1 CPU core, 1GB and 1TB bandwidth (Bluehost’s entry-level devise gives we 5TB). Upgrade to a Hostwinds devise with 2 cores, 4GB RAM and 2TB bandwidth and Hostwinds charges $17.09, really identical to a Bluehost price.

Bluehost’s dedicated hosting is singular to 3 bottom servers with limited pattern options. The hardware specs are decent, though, and with prices starting during $73.99 a month over 3 years, they’re cheaper than high-end VPS products from some providers.

BlueHost Signing up

Bluehost’s website creates it easy to review a sum of a skeleton before we buy. The product pages have pretty minute comparison tables and uncover a starting prices, and if you’re a discreet type, really minute Support pages give we copiousness of low-level detail.

For example, in a singular click you’re means to check all from geeky stats like a limit upheld series of databases, to initial and renovation prices, a cost of several discretionary extras, and a pivotal payment-related sections of a Terms and Conditions (barely 200 words, many easier than reading a full document). If you’ve ever been ripped off by a horde who ‘forgot’ to tell we some critical detail, you’ll conclude a value of this kind of transparency.

We began a sequence and were stirred to select a giveaway domain (this can simply be skipped, if you’ve not motionless or maybe possess your domain already).

Bluehost requires all a common personal sum to emanate an account: name, earthy and email address, and even your mobile phone number.

After handing over a cash, a sorceress walked us by a initial site setup. This was distant some-more engaging than a unchanging ‘what’s a name of your site?’ questions, seeking for instance possibly we indispensable a blog, where a posts should seem (the home page, somewhere else), and more. That’s good news, as it enables Bluehost to do a many improved pursuit of environment adult a site to fit your needs.

Another prompt asked possibly we indispensable a web store. Agree, and a sorceress also installs and activates WooCommerce, a hugely means WordPress e-commerce platform.

After seeking about a website goals and permitting us to select a theme, a sorceress finally commissioned WordPress and we were prepared to get down to some critical work.

Control Panel

Log in with many web hosts and they possibly prove we during a tasteless home page with elementary sum about your account, or chuck we true into cPanel or some other rarely technical control panel. That’s glorious for experts, yet competence be a tiny treacherous for everybody else.

Bluehost’s control panel takes a many easier task-based approach, inventory actions we competence wish to take immediately.

For example, a site presented us with 5 actions: Customize site pattern (colors, fonts, layouts), Add a hit page, Add content, Set adult your store, Add a product or use (to a store).

This proceed can’t do all for you. When we chose ‘Add content’, for instance, we were taken to a WordPress ‘Pages’ manual, yet it was left to us to figure out how to supplement or revise a new page. Still, that’s customarily to be expected, and altogether Bluehost’s system offers vastly some-more assistance and assistance to beginners than is standard for a course.

Experienced users substantially won’t be meddlesome in any of this handholding, yet Bluehost hasn’t lost them. Tapping a Advanced choice in a sidebar takes users to a full-featured site government setup with a record manager, FTP setup, phpMyAdmin and MySQL management, email comment creation, metrics, confidence options and more.

BlueHost Support

Bluehost support starts on a website with a accessible complement warning page. Not customarily does this yield ubiquitous warnings about vital outages, yet we can also use it to check information on any domain or server (this even lets we see server load.)

Bluehost’s knowledgebase organizes a calm into several well-chosen categories: FAQ, Domains, Email, WordPress, Control Panel, Account and more.

Click any difficulty and a site displays a decent choice of starting articles. For example, click Email and you’ll see articles including Create An Account, Setup An Email Client and Manage Your Accounts – customarily what you’re many expected to wish to know.

You can hunt for your elite keywords, too, and a engine does a reasonable pursuit of anticipating essential results.

When we searched for ‘import WordPress’, for instance, a site listed ‘How To Migrate An Existing WordPress.com Site’ and ‘How To Migrate A WordPress Site’ as a initial dual articles, and there were other applicable articles customarily a tiny proceed down a list (‘How To Transfer Blogger To Your WordPress’).

There’s some peculiarity calm here, too. Articles like ‘How To Install WordPress’ are brief yet get true to a point, and (when possible) give we several options to solve your stream issue. They typically integrate to associated content, too, so once you’ve found one applicable article, it’ll customarily prove we to many more.

If a website can’t assistance you, support is accessible 24/7 around email, write and live chat.

We attempted a live discuss support, providing a email residence and sum and posting a outline of a question. This was a genuine issue, incidentally, rather than a exam question: we weren’t means to record in to a account, and indispensable to know why.

The discuss window suggested we’d have a five-minute wait, a tiny longer than usual, yet this incited out to be an overestimate. Within a integrate of mins an representative arrived, concurred a question, and sent an authentication formula around email to endorse a identity.

Our certification verified, a representative gave us an choice login that got us entrance to many web hosting features.

He went on to explain that there were a few other reports of a issue, and engineers were looking into it yet there wasn’t an ETA for a fix. This wasn’t a vital regard as we could entrance all we needed. We were still extraordinary about a problem, yet Bluehost after explained (and we confirmed) that it was a elementary and comparatively surprising emanate that will be bound by a time we review this.


To exam Bluehost’s performance, we set adult a really elementary immobile website and used Uptime.com to check a accessibility and response time for a week.

The association managed 100% uptime, that works for us. Keep in mind that we were contrast a many elementary common hosting plan, too – if Bluehost is going to have problems, we’d design them to uncover adult here.

Response times ranged from 205ms to 669ms, with an normal of 241ms, fixation a association 10th out of 21 providers we were monitoring during a time.

Keep in mind that a differences in response times between good providers are generally really small. Our best horde during a time, Hostwinds, managed response times from 126ms to 303ms with an normal of 139ms, customarily 102ms faster. If you’re handling a jammed site and need a best probable speeds, that’s good to know, yet if opening isn’t tip priority, we competence not even notice any difference.

What’s some-more engaging than tender response times, generally for common hosting, is how unchanging a formula are. Spiky graphs display a lot of movement can prove overloaded servers, as websites contest for resources. Bluehost performed well, though, with customarily dual poignant peaks (that’s a response time larger than twice a average) in 7 days of measurement. Lesser hosts have mixed peaks per day.

To turn off a tests we ran Bitcatcha’s Server Speed Checker on a exam site. This kind of one-off exam can’t tell us as many as Uptime.com’s continual monitoring, yet it was still good to see Bluehost lapse glorious speeds, quite from US locations. Bitcatcha was positively impressed, awarding a server a top A+ rating.

Final verdict

Bluehost products aren’t as configurable as some of a competition. Its skeleton are well-specified, though, with 100% uptime and unchanging response times during testing, and Bluehost’s accessible live discuss support fast helped solve a customarily technical issue.

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