Boeing Just Patented An Actual Force Field

That’s right, Boeing wants to build a force field.

Despite being called a ‘shockwave attenuation system’, it’s extravagantly transparent that what it indeed is, is a force field.

While it won’t emanate a flattering bubble, or indeed stop bullets, a force margin has privately been designed to neutralize a effects of a shockwave from a blast.

force field

While a blast itself can means outrageous close-range damage, a ensuing shockwave is adequate to break ear drums, means serious inner repairs and worse, all from a distance.

To fight this, Boeing skeleton to use a sensor that can detect an explosion, a sensor afterwards relays a plcae and power of a blast to an ‘arc generator’. It afterwards fast heats a atmosphere around a chairman or intent that needs protecting, this ‘changes a temperature, firmness and composition’, effectively formulating a aegis between a shockwave and a dictated target.


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The obvious is impossibly comprehensive, covering all demeanour of opposite deployment options from regulating laser beams, microwaves or even electrical currents to change a air’s composition.

it’s tough to suppose this apropos a existence for some time, however with a growth of railguns now entirely underway, a destiny of crusade is looking some-more and some-more like a scholarship novella film each day.

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