Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Gadget Review

Available on Xbox 360, PS3 (reviewed), PC
Is some-more of a same always a bad thing? In a box of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, maybe not. Developed by 2K Australia rather than Gearbox itself, it’s some-more of a hyper-extended DLC container than a supplement as such, stuffing in some of a blanks between Borderlands 1 and 2, for those few who have even a smallest seductiveness in a over-arching plot. For a rest of us, who simply adore a Borderlands brew of FPS mayhem, honeyed loot, Diablo-style upgrading and humorous dialogue, The Pre-Sequel is an event to get a small some-more of it, despite with a handful of twists. It’s also one of a shrinking array of games that are heading on a last-gen consoles, rather than being ported downwards. More than a few Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will substantially be beholden for that fact.

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
It’s set on Pandora’s moon, Elpis, facilities a new expel of safe hunters – yet ones informed from prior games and DLC – and focuses on a behind story of a prior Borderlands’ villain, Handsome Jack. Graphically speaking, it seems matching to Borderlands 2, and a gameplay is no good depart either. You’re given missions, we fire enemies. When a enemies die, we benefit knowledge and a possibility to hoover adult their loot. Experience means we turn up, benefit ability points, and can spend them on a branching set of class-specific perks and skills. You also acquire badass ranks from a operation of challenges, winning tokens to be redeemed opposite a drip-feed of ability bonuses, enhancing arms damage, shields, reload times, m�lange attacks and more.

It’s a ascent paths that make Borderlands so addictive. Each of a game’s 4 protagonists has a opposite one, with opposite capabilities that can be unleashed during a fist of a trigger. As we turn adult and acquire ability points these usually turn some-more useful, with a enforcer’s drones apropos faster and some-more powerful, while a lawbringer usually develops a illusory ‘showdown’ attack, where she can gun down a whole squad of enemies in a mad sequence of auto-aim, damage-boosted shots.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
Throw in a clearly unconstrained tide of some-more efficient, higher-damage weaponry, and there’s always a feeling that a some-more gratifying proceed of slaughtering goons is usually only around a corner. Fans will also note how deftly a ascent paths tie into a altogether storyline; you’re examination characters from Borderlands 2 turn a villains you’ll eventually meet. It’s also good to see 2K Australia creation Claptrap a playable character, despite a dysfunctional, indeterminate hybrid of a others where we never utterly know what he’ll do next.

The Pre-Sequel also creates a many of a moon settings, throwing in a new essential apparatus – O2 – and a mass of low-gravity high-jinx. You need O2 to breathe (though a diversion doesn’t retaliate we with insta-death for regulating out) yet it also enables other tricks, namely a boost burst and slip in Elpis’s loose gravity, and a impact conflict we can use to understanding vast repairs from above. 2K Australia hasn’t been means to conflict a mark of platforming – yet for once it indeed works – yet these new capabilities supplement a small additional something to a combat. Butt-stomping someone from a good tallness never gets tired, yet you’ll also find enemies regulating it to their advantage. Sorry Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, yet everyone’s doing ‘verticality’ these days.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
And a fight itself? Well, it’s a common arrange of fast-blasting bedlam. Enemies aren’t quite smart, yet they are countless and aggressive. The several psychos and pint-sized nutjobs competence be wearing space suits and articulate – infrequently adequate – with Australian accents, yet they haven’t grown any some-more placid, while Elpis has a possess preference of extreme furious beasts to contend with. You’ll die sincerely mostly if you’re personification solo, yet there’s changed small chastisement for doing so, and The Pre-Sequel gives we a possibility for a last-ditch reprieve, supposing we can kill someone while you’re draining out. It’s too inexhaustible a diversion for a punitive approach.

Comparisons with Destiny are flattering most inevitable. Both games put we in vast open spaces and understanding out combat-focused missions with rob and upgrades a categorical reward. Yet if a minute-to-minute feel of a fight is stronger in Destiny, and a goal pattern generally stronger, afterwards The Pre-Sequel’s trump label is personality. I’m not one of those people who feels Destiny has no celebrity – Bungie knows how to emanate extraordinary worlds, and there is a behind story there if we catch it – yet there’s something spreading about Borderlands and a humour. It knows what it is and what a fans are looking for, and it delivers.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
The downside of this proceed is that there’s not an awful lot here that we won’t have seen before, and that a goal pattern can be lazy. Too many missions concentration on a outing to an outpost to kill some dudes, climaxing in a bullet-sponge trainer conflict where you’re pelted with hard-to-dodge attacks. If you’re looking for a year’s best single-player shooter, this isn’t it.

Played with a pick-up organisation or some Borderlands-loving friends, it’s a opposite story. The problem turn ramps adult easily to keep a movement intense, and there’s a good clarity of intercourse and enemy as we dispatch enemy after foe. The Pre-Sequel can’t compare a tenser, some-more tactical commune play of Destiny’s Strikes – and a matchmaking knowledge isn’t scarcely as well-spoken or as seamless – yet in a possess anarchic way, it’s only as most fun.

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Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
It’s easy to suggest The Pre-Sequel to fans of a series, providing they haven’t already replete themselves to a indicate of ripping on dual games and a raise of DLC. It’s not a best starting indicate for non-fans, as most won’t make clarity if we haven’t played Borderlands 2. Given that Borderlands 2 can be picked adult these days for a pittance, and looks, feels, sounds and plays most a same, newcomers would be improved suggested to start off there. After that, however, we competence feel like some-more of a same good stuff. If that’s a case, The Pre-Sequel won’t defect you.

It can feel some-more like a inexhaustible enlargement than a diversion in a possess right, yet The Pre-Sequel gives Borderlands fans what they wish and how they wish it, with only adequate twists to make a knowledge feel distinct. Played Borderlands 2? Loved Borderlands 2? You’ll adore this too. If we haven’t played Borderlands before, however, afterwards it’s value starting with Borderlands 2 before determining if we wish another helping.

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