Bosch ALB LI Garden Tools Review

What is a Bosch ALB 18LI?

Coming in during underneath £60, a Bosch ALB 18LI is about as inexpensive as battery powered root blowers come. It’s not a unequivocally worldly or absolute model, yet it is compress and lightweight creation it potentially suitable for those with smaller gardens and not many space to store their tools.

Bosch ALB 18LI: Design and Features

The initial thing we notice about a Bosch ALB 18LI is usually how tiny and light it is. At 1.8kg including a battery it’s reduction than half a weight of many rivals. With a projection it has measure of 90 x 22 x 15cm, yet mislay a projection and it scarcely halves in length creation this a arrange of apparatus we can simply container divided in a box or sideboard as good as hang on a garage wall.

It’s still a well-made device, though. The cosmetic surrounding and projection are good and corpulent and there’s no spirit of flimsiness about it, with no rattles or such like, and a hoop and bottom are lonesome in rubber for improved hold and insurance respectively.

The categorical reason for a petite measure is that this is a sincerely low-power unit. While a outlay speed of 58m/s is indeed utterly high, a volume of atmosphere it outputs is low. Bosch doesn’t yield total for this series yet as we’ll see in a tests later, it is distant next that of some-more absolute units.

Bosch ALB LI
The reason it can explain such high outlay speeds is that a projection is unequivocally narrow. It tapers to a indicate usually around 5cm far-reaching by 2cm tall, that compares to around 15cm by 5cm for some-more absolute units like a Stihl BGA85. This in spin creates it some-more accurate, that can be useful, yet widespread floating energy is limited.

The projection bends somewhat upwards during a finish to emanate a improved angle of conflict when hold in a normal station position. It’s also unequivocally easy to mislay interjection to a pull symbol recover on a tip edge.

Controls on a ALB 18LI couldn’t be simpler. There’s usually a singular trigger-style symbol on a under-side of a handle, with no locking or reserve systems or non-static speeds. The miss of any arrange of reserve switch is apparently a slight regard if we have children yet a outlay from this ventilator is low adequate – and a intake good stable adequate – that there’s unequivocally tiny possibility of any harm.

The battery is a sincerely compress section that slides out a behind of a device. Rated during 18V it has a ability of 2.0Ah, or 36Wh. This gives a rated using time of a tiny 10 mins and battery recharge time is 1-3.5hr depending on a horse we get, so clearly this isn’t suitable for veteran use or even remotely vast gardens yet it’s adequate for tiny jobs and gardens.

For a examination cost listed we don’t get a battery and horse yet for underneath £90 we can buy it with one of each. We’ve used a former as a categorical examination cost as a ALB 18 LI is concordant with a full operation of 18V Bosch cordless tools and a a many essential choice to buy it with that it mind.

Disappointingly for such a lightweight section there’s no ascent indicate for unresolved it on a wall so you’ll have to insert a length of fibre or mountain a offshoot to hang it up.

Bosch ALB LI

Bosch ALB 18LI: Performance

The Bosch ALB 18LI is a fun to use simply since it is so lightweight and a low energy outlay doesn’t pull your palm around too much. The elementary on/off trigger also creates it easy to stratagem a ventilator turn a garden though floating all else around you.

The 10-minute battery life is a bit of a limitation, generally with a prolonged assign time, yet a battery doesn’t trickle assign over time. So as prolonged as you’re certain to assign it after any time we use it, it should be prepared to go true off a bat.

All this adds adult to make this a available apparatus that’s good for a occasional garden or yard cleaning job. In fact a low energy outlay creates it suitable for certain indoor applications, like powdering book shelves or curtains, as good as blustering divided a cobwebs from your strew or garage.

However, there’s no denying a altogether outlay is weak. We tested with soppy leaves on a soppy grass and a effective operation was singular to usually 4.5ft, that compares to around 7ft for some-more absolute mains powered units. Moreover, this operation is usually achieved with mixed passes over a given area, as a slight projection opening tends to fire atmosphere true underneath thicker piles of leaves requiring an adult and down movement to change a lot.

As a result, clearing a 3kg (one vast garden bag full) of soppy leaves from a 40m2 exam patch of grass took utterly some time, utterly once a leaves started to raise up. In fact it got to a indicate of being utterly frustrating, carrying to ceaselessly go over a same patch. With a some-more realistic, thinner trace of leaves it would cope better, yet for any remotely complicated avocation work it does struggle.

One pivotal advantage of a ALB 18 LI’s low energy outlay is a reduce sound level. We totalled it during usually 70dB, that compares to nearer 85dB for high-power models.

Bosch ALB LI

Should we buy a Bosch ALB 18LI?

In some respects a Bosch ALB 18LI does tumble essentially brief of being a efficient root blower; it’s not absolute adequate to make a discerning and easy pursuit of clearing a vast volumes of leaves from a lawn. Certainly if you’ve got anything some-more than one mid-size tree in your garden it will take distant too prolonged to be practical, generally if a leaves and belligerent have turn wet.

However, as something of a ubiquitous purpose ventilator apparatus it is some-more useful. For blustering divided dirt and leaves from your patio, clearing out a cobwebs from your shed, doing a peculiar bit of powdering and of march clearing smaller rags of leaves from your grass it is some-more than adult to a task. What’s more, a compact, lightweight form creates it unequivocally easy to hoop and a battery operation means we don’t have to faff about with cables or petrol to get a thing going.

If you’re shopping a ALB 18 LI standalone a £85-£90 cost is a tiny high for a limitations, yet if you’re vigilant on removing other Bosch 18V collection or we already have some and usually need to compensate a ~£60 compulsory for a ventilator on a possess afterwards it’s a sound investment.


A useful ventilator for tiny jobs around a residence and garden, usually don’t design it to change industrial loads of soppy leaves from your lawn.

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