Bosch ALS 2500 Garden Tools Review

What is a Bosch ALS 2500?

The Bosch ALS 2500 is a mains powered total root blower, garden opening and shredder. It performs all these duties nonetheless comes in during underneath £70, creation it a versatile and low cost choice for all your garden cleaning needs. It also offers non-static speed serve augmenting a jobs it’s suitable for.

Bosch ALS 2500 – Design and Features

The ALS 2500 is formed on a tube-swapping pattern of multi-purpose blower/vacuum tools. A singular executive territory houses a engine and controls with opposite configurations of tubes and bags afterwards used to possibly blow atmosphere out or siphon it in. This is as against to a all-in-one designs that usually need a switch to swap functions.

In a ventilator pattern a grille covers a incomparable intake hole and a tube goes on a narrower opening hole. Meanwhile for a vacuuming pattern a collection bag goes on a outlay territory and a incomparable tube goes on a intake hole. Garden rubbish is afterwards sucked in and passes true by a fan, where it’s shredded by a blades before being blown into a collection bag.

In this courtesy a ALS 2500 is – like all such multi-purpose garden vacs – an inherently somewhat unwieldy tool. You’ve got a lot of tubes and other accessories to store and keep lane of, and this is usually exacerbated by a fact that this is a mains powered territory so you’ve also got a prolonged energy wire to contend with. That’s usually a fact of these forms of tools.

Bosch ALS 2500

Looking in some-more fact during a ALS 2500’s design, in ventilator form it measures 90 x 30 x 20 cm, creation it comparatively compact. Remove a ventilator projection and this reduces right down to 45 cm long, creation it creation it easy to store. Of march we still have all a other accessories to store yet during slightest a categorical physique isn’t too big.

The full list of accessories consists of a intake cover, a ventilator nozzle, a collection bag, a dual territory opening tube and a shoulder strap. Thanks to a opening tube being in dual sections nothing of a tools are longer than 52cm, that again creates storage a tiny easier.

Weighing 3.2kg, it’s a tiny lighter than some competitors yet build peculiarity seems not to have suffered since of this – it feels stout and some-more than able of flourishing a life in a wild.

In terms of specific features, a ALS 2500’s standout is a non-static speed. A dial on a tip corner of a hoop can be used to pierce a tool’s speed down to about half a extent 2500W output. It’s a contrition it can’t be reduced right down for use in some-more ethereal situations yet it does during slightest give a tiny bit some-more control.

The categorical energy switch is of a shifting form and it sits underneath a handle. We found it ungainly to use as it’s unfit to strech with a palm you’re regulating to stratagem a device, so we have to spin it on and off with a other hand. This isn’t accurately gainful to finer operation where we might have to spin it on and off often.

The mains wire is a abundant 8m long, though, and is phony red to make it a bit easier to see in among a sand and grass.

Bosch ALS 2500

The opening of a territory uses a elementary pull symbol recover complement that creates swapping a ventilator projection and collection bag discerning and easy. The intake side, though, uses a somewhat some-more unwieldy turn on afterwards grip close system. It’s not formidable per se yet positively not all that sharp either.

Bosch ALS 2500 – Blower performance

We found a change of a appurtenance when in ventilator mode was not really good. A tag is enclosed to take a weight of a territory yet we found this would possibly trip off a shoulder and afterwards get sucked into a intake or if ragged opposite a physique it would extent manoeuvrability. Without it a territory is a tiny too front-heavy to be comfortable, generally given a energy it outputs. A dual hoop pattern would be many some-more secure and manoeuvrable.

When total with a formidable to strech energy switch it creates ubiquitous operation a tiny cumbersome. The dual handed Stihl BGA 85 is distant easier to wield.

Only one ventilator projection is enclosed and it’s of a squashed and focussed variety, with a opening wider than it is high and focussed upwards somewhat to yield a improved angle when a ventilator is hold in a downward position.

Bosch ALS 2500

The outlay from a appurtenance is really absolute yet that tiny opening means a jet of atmosphere can infrequently fire true underneath or by incomparable piles of leaves. This means we need some-more passes to get a lot shifted. It’s not as bad as on a weaker and even smaller Bosch ALB 18 LI yet it really trails units with wider opening nozzles.

As for a non-static speed, it’s a useful further as it allows we to run during a reduce speed for reduction perfectionist jobs. However, a control is not really glorious and we can’t dump it low adequate to be useful for use turn ethereal foliage or for, say, blustering divided a cobwebs in your garage – it would take all on a shelves with it.

In a tests with 3kg of soppy leaves on a soppy 40m2 grass we had a lot piled adult in around 5 mins and we totalled a operation during between 6 and 7.5ft depending on what speed it was using at. This compares good to other mains powered blowers, yet again it compulsory a few some-more passes to transparent this area. The operation would boost in dry conditions yet a damp exam creates for a good misfortune box scenario.

Testament to a singular outcome of a non-static speed is usually how little
a volume drops. We magnitude a ALS 2500 in ventilator mode during 85dB and it
usually forsaken to 84dB in low speed mode.

Bosch ALS 2500 – Vacuum Performance

Switching to opening mode does take a bit of bid yet no some-more so than any other multi-function apparatus of a type. The usually slight stumbling retard is holding detached a opening tube when you’re finished – it requires utterly a lot of beast force.

One thing we do like here is a approach a collection bag clips firmly onto a underside of a opening tube, providing a available place for it to hang. The zip for unloading a bag afterwards also sits during a behind corner so it’s easy to dull though carrying to pierce a bag around.

The many maligned energy switch also falls into a somewhat easier to strech position in this pattern too, creation it usually probable to work it with a one hand. Meanwhile a tag also comes in many some-more useful here. It takes a weight of a device and a tying of transformation isn’t so many of an emanate when vacuuming. There’s also a second hoop on a opening tube that creates manoeuvring even easier.

As to tangible vacuuming performance, it was really impressive, guzzling adult a 3kg of leaves fast and easily, and in one bag full. The tough-looking fan blades do an glorious pursuit of shredding a leaves into roughly 2cm distance pieces, creation a outlay ideal for possibly root cover or composting.

Also note this appurtenance can’t be used to opening adult not shreddable rubbish such as litter. Some alternatives offer this ability as a third function.

Bosch ALS 2500

Should we buy a Bosch ALS 2500?

The Bosch ALS 2500 is a ideally competent, good built garden tool. Its absolute outlay creates light work of all floating and sucking duties and a non-static speed provides a grade of additional control. It many really does a job.

However, we do have a few ergonomics complaints. The categorical energy switch is ungainly to strech when in ventilator mode and a miss of a second hoop also creates it a bit of a aria too. The non-static speed is also some-more of a token gesture, yet is still a acquire addition.

All this and we’re still not assured there is any sold advantage to this character of multi-purpose vac/blower. All a changing of tubes – and anticipating somewhere to store them – is distant some-more con than a all-in-one inclination that usually change functions with a crack of a switch. Sure a latter are bigger altogether yet they’re usually one device.


The Bosch ALS 2500 gets a pursuit finished yet doesn’t utterly surpass in any one area and is let down by somewhat next standard ergonomics. It’s a solid, low cost choice yet not one that sets itself apart.

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