Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB Vacuum Cleaners Review

What is a Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB?

The Athlet is Bosch’s initial critical cordless honest opening cleaner, and it promises to reinstate corded models in all nonetheless a largest of homes. Powered by a durable 25v lithium-ion battery, a Athlet delivers high suction energy and copiousness of run time to passage around several bedrooms on a singular charge.

Charging is by a wall-socket adapter with a drifting lead that plugs into a cleaner only next a handle. Bright blue LED segments irradiate to prove a state of a charge. It has 3 energy levels, so we can change suction energy opposite run time. On a lowest energy environment Bosch claims adult to one hour’s cleaning.

The cordless pattern and compress sizes make a Athlet intensely versatile and easy to pierce around, utterly as it weighs in during a featherweight 3.3kg with a building conduct attached. Remove a building conduct and we can insert a clip-on hose and a preference of collection for reaching some-more untouched places while we lift a categorical section on a shoulder strap. The bagless pattern has a mud bin with a compress 0.9-litre ability and a warning light to prove when a washable filter needs a clean.

Bosch Athlet

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Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB: Accessories

Being a rechargeable cordless model, a many critical appendage is a horse itself. We weren’t overly tender with this, as it’s a elementary ‘wall-wart’ plug-in adapter with a somewhat fiddly jack plug. It’s not utterly neat when charging and, unless we unplug a horse from a wall while cleaning, we have trailing wire only watchful to be sucked up. The choice of a charging wharf would have finished a judgment a whole lot neater.  

Attaching a stretchable hose requires stealing a categorical building conduct by resolutely dire a strong cosmetic shave and lifting a categorical section divided from a head. It’s a three-handed job, so we had to place a feet on a head.

As mentioned, we get a shoulder tag for carrying a cleaner around, with a finish of a hose and a upholstery and defect nozzles within easy reach. This unstable inlet means a hose is really short, nonetheless with a superlight weight and no mains wire to outing over, a Athlet is glorious during reaching places other cleaners onslaught to reach.

Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB: How does it purify carpets and tough floors?

If you’ve ever attempted an old-style cordless opening cleaner, ready for a warn with a Athlet. Even from a sound of a engine on full power, we can tell this is a cleaner that means business, and a suction energy by a building conduct is adequate to beget utterly a bit of belligerent suction. This means a organisation palm is compulsory to lift and lift a cleaner around on full power.

Of course, we can poke down a energy to turn 2 to make relocating a Athlet around even easier, despite during a responsibility of cleaning power. On turn 1, a electric brush bar in a categorical conduct is switched off, creation it ideal for tough floors.

On full energy a Athlet achieved superbly in open areas of carpet, comparing really good with lower-powered corded models. Its light weight and manoeuvrability inspire we to repeat any areas that weren’t spotless on a initial sweep, while a cordless energy is a blessing for anyone who’s ever turn held in a opening cleaner cable.

Get closer to a trimming house and categorical head’s corner opening isn’t as considerable as with a open-space cleaning. There was manifest freshener powder remaining tighten to a trimming house and, in unsentimental use, incomparable mud particles mostly had to be manually flicked out from a corner for a Athlet to collect them up.
Bosch Athlet

On tough floors this Bosch is really easy to pierce around, utterly as a building conduct can focus forwards and retrograde as good as side to side. While many hard-floor cleaning is a elementary assign for opening cleaners, we’d have elite a choice to use a aloft energy environment and switch a brush bar off manually.

Used on turn 3 (labelled ‘Turbo’) on mixed-pile carpets, a Athlet ran consistently during full energy nonetheless vanishing or shortening energy for only over 12 minutes. At this time it stopped completely, indicating it indispensable a recharge. We had to dull a enclosure mid-way and several bedrooms got vacuumed twice before a appurtenance stopped working. This is a good result, as we can get a lot of cleaning finished in 12 minutes. If you’re prepared to do a lighter purify on Level dual power, we can passage turn all nonetheless a largest of houses on a singular charge.

Charging itself takes around 3 hours from flat, and a horse draws reduction than 16W during this time – we totalled 0.056kWh/charge. The horse automatically shuts down when a cleaner is entirely juiced up, definition it can be left plugged in and switched on nonetheless wasting electricity between uses.

The Athlet was sincerely still in use, too. When vacuuming runner in a entirely carpeted bedroom, it totalled only 75dB during ear tallness above a cleaner, or about a same as many people have their kitchen radios or TVs. That’s quieter than a infancy of normal mains-powered vacuums we’ve tested, detached from a models that are designed to be ultra-quiet.
Bosch Athlet
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Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB: How easy is it to use on stairs?

For a stronger user, a Athlet’s easy-to-handle 3.3kg weight with a categorical building conduct trustworthy indeed means we can lift it adult a stairs, cleaning any step as we go. Practically, though, a suspicion with this is that we barter a building conduct for a hose, insert a strap, rope a cleaner over your shoulder and use a hose collection provided. That’s not as elementary as it sounds, however, as a push-clip to detach a conduct (and latterly a hose) requires a really organisation lift while perplexing to lift dual sections detached during a same time.

Once a hose is attached, we also had problem with a strap. There are pieces of Velcro during a finish and a blueprint to contend this wraps around a handle, nonetheless a Velcro is simply in a wrong place and doesn’t secure to itself if it’s wrapped around a handle. There might be a approach of achieving this that we’re nonetheless to fathom, nonetheless conjunction a manual, a blueprint nor Bosch’s website strew most light on a subject.

Simply restraining a tag on was glorious for a test, and a Bosch worked as described – presumption you’re gentle with carrying a appurtenance over your shoulder. The categorical hose apparatus was OK for step cleaning, although, as ever, collection nonetheless a rotating brush are always going to have singular potency on carpeted stairs. Care contingency also be taken when putting a opening cleaner down in this mode, as there’s no apparent approach to place it on a floor. It would be easy to put it down ‘end-first’, abrasive a hose.

Bosch AthletBosch Athlet BCH625KTGB: How does it cope with pet hair?

The Athlet had rather churned opening with pet hair from a peaceful assistants, Poppy (Labrador) and Willow (Collie).

In honest mode with a categorical building conduct it coped superbly well. On full energy it spotless a exam runner area, with a well-rubbed-in pet hair, to primitive purify in around 18 seconds.

The Athlet’s tying cause with pets is not so most a collecting performance, nonetheless a tiny 0.9-litre bin. This will fill fast if your pets are carrying a open moult. Handily, a Athlet’s brush bars can be private from a side of a head, permitting easy detangling and dismissal of hairs held around a bar.

In portable/handheld mode a Athlet struggled with pet hairs. The reduce suction energy than a full-size electric corded vacuum, and a miss of a turbo brush conduct on a hose tool, collaborate to make it really formidable to collect adult dogs hair that are embedded into carpet.

However, a ability to use full energy even on tough floors when in this mode meant collecting lax pet hair and cleaning tough floors was comparatively easy.

Should we buy a Bosch Athlet BCH625KTGB?

That depends. The Athlet is desirous in some areas nonetheless falls down in others, so it will really most count on how we intend to use it. If we like cylinder cleaner ‘hose and tool’ flexibility or handheld opening convenience, a Athlet isn’t during a best. It’s wily to modify to this mode, a lift tag could be improved designed and we can see many people put off by a suspicion of a opening cleaner unresolved off their shoulder.

However, a opening as a lightweight, absolute and rarely manoeuvrable honest cleaner is excellent. We found it became a default opening cleaner for discerning clean-ups and even vital open cleans around a bureau during a time we had it. For smaller homes with an Athlet, we’d onslaught to consider because we would need honest mains cleaner during all!

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