Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor Vacuum Cleaners Review

What is a Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor?

The Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor is a lightweight bagged cylinder cleaner that’s accessible in blue (BGL3B110GB) and black (BGL3ALLGB). It’s also unequivocally affordable – prices operation from as tiny as £70 to around £110 depending on where we look. It’s one of a cheapest we’ve tested.

Bosch claims that a new engine record delivers a homogeneous cleaning opening of an aged 2400W machine. It’s tiny and easy to pierce around, uses a 4-litre self-sealing bag and performs morally for a inexpensive machine, yet it’s no good if we have pets. 

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Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor – Accessories

The GL30 comes with simple concept cleaner head. It’s a sincerely normal wide-body conduct with tough nylon bristles that dump down to dress over tough floors and stop a conduct scratching a floor. There is no rotating brush bar, so it’s firm to be rather singular compared to cleaners that have one.

That’s no warn given a inexpensive price, yet a GL30 doesn’t feel cheap. The plain telescopic steel tubes and chunky, solidly built hoop – Bosch refers to it as a ‘Ergo’ hoop – instil confidence. It’s built to last. If anything, though, a hoop competence be a bit too corpulent to be ‘ergo’ for those with smaller hands. A defect apparatus and tiny upholstery brush are granted but, notwithstanding what Bosch’s novel claims, we could see no approach of writing them to a hoop easily.

On a inside we have a vast 4-litre ability bag that Bosch claims offers high filtration and good airflow right adult to when they need replacing. There is also an anti-allergen AirClean2 filter, that can be cleared out several times before it will finally need replacing. Its EU ‘B’ rating for dirt filtration is important for a inexpensive machine.

Other good touches embody involuntary wire rewind, non-static suction appetite around a vast doorknob on a categorical cleaner and a shave that allows a tubes to be hold honest opposite a cleaner for some-more compress storage. It claims a sincerely low 79dB handling sound and Bosch offers a operation of discretionary accessories, such as turbo brush heads that can be used to extend a flexibility for a few dollars more.

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Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor – Carpet Hard Floor Cleaning

The GL30 Compact All Floor pulls around simply on a 4 wheels, even on sincerely low raise carpet. Even with a hose and a categorical multi-floor conduct trustworthy a sum total weight is usually 5.3kg – reduction than many cleaners yet their hose, tubes and accessories.

Powered up, a GL30 sounds extremely some-more manly than a 800W title figure would advise and we totalled a rise appetite of over 1200W – no consternation it gets a D rating from a EU for appetite use. Its new HiSpin engine with aerodynamic blades is pronounced to offer high dirt pick-up with low appetite consumption.

Bosch GL30

On carpet, a multi-floors conduct tends to hang down to a runner – it requires a satisfactory bit of force to pierce around. We found knocking a appetite environment down a tiny aided this and will save we some electricity, too.

Bosch GL30

The conduct spotless carpets sincerely good with many of a exam powder private from a runner after usually 3 passes. The conduct did, however onslaught to purify adult to a edge, quite where a runner dipped opposite a skirting. That said, a corner cleaning is improved than a Numatic Henry (£95) and beats cordless vacs like a Vax Air Cordless Lift (£350).

We had no head-sticking problems on tough floors, as it glides around on a unbending bristles with ease. Again, it struggled to purify right adult to a unequivocally corner nonetheless snapping around with a defect apparatus thereafter isn’t a vital duty for a low corner open clean.

The telescopic tubes are strong and adjust simply and a attachments shave onto them and recover yet too many pressure. As a GL30 usually comes with a one bag, don’t forget to collect adult some spares.

Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor – Stair Cleaning

Lightweight compress cleaners like a GL30 are good for stairs as they can be carried with ease. We used a categorical multi building conduct on a runner environment and step cleaning valid fit and easy. The conduct is vast adequate to purify quickly, yet not so vast it can’t get into a corners of stairs with turns. The hose is easily stretchable too, nonetheless a 7m prolonged wire could have finished with another metre or dual to save us carrying to unplug downstairs and re-plug into a mains during a tip of a stairs.

The categorical cleaner is compress adequate to lay on any step as we go if we need, possibly prosaic on a wheels or upright. The smaller collection valid useful for removing into parsimonious corners and crevices. In an ideal universe we would have desired a compress turbobrush for a stairs, and Bosch offers one for reduction than £35 approach from a website. Given a comparatively low cost of a GL30 Compact All Floor we reckon this choice would make this cleaner a good all-rounder for a unequivocally reasonable altogether cost.

Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor – Pet Hair Cleaning

Pet hair is a Bosch GL30’s one vital weakness. On full appetite a multi building conduct is sincerely fit during pulling hairs usually laying on tip of a carpet, yet no volume of behind and onward would change deeply embedded hairs.

Our exam area of churned Collie and Labrador hair took a best partial of 30 seconds of behind and onward movement to get a area acceptably purify – compared to 16 seconds from a Numatic Henry and 12 seconds regulating a Miele Compact C2 Cat Dog. The detritus from curly haired pooches competence be an even trickier challenged for a GL30. Of course, that discretionary tiny turbo conduct would also infer usually a pursuit for realistic rags of pet hair.

We had no such problems on a wooden floors and a GL30 sucked in lax tumbleweed hairballs with ease. It offers unequivocally manly suction for a claimed 800W appurtenance with a good airflow assisting to lift hairs from a edges and corners, too.

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Should we buy a Bosch GL30 Compact All Floor?

Maybe. It’s affordable, compress and cleans good in many cases. It’s as good on carpets and tough floors as a identical cost Numatic Henry, and it’s extremely lighter and easier to use on stairs. It’s a unequivocally good choice if we wish a inexpensive opening cleaner that doesn’t take adult too many space.

It’s no good for pet owners, though. It doesn’t have a turbo brush head, that means it unequivocally struggles to lift deeply inbred hairs. Bosch sells one for a GL30, yet it’s an additional £40 on tip of a list price. It’s value considering, yet usually if we get a GL30 itself for reduction than £100. Spend some-more and we might as good demeanour during a Recommended Miele Compact C2 Cat Dog (£180), that edges a Bosch in many areas.


A unequivocally good, inexpensive and compress opening cleaner supposing we don’t have pets.

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