Bosch TDA7060GB Review

What is a Bosch TDA7060GB?

The Bosch TDA7060GB is a absolute steam iron with some crafty features. Most important are a i-Temp environment designed to work effectively with all fabric forms and a SensorSecure touch-sensitive hoop that usually switches on a feverishness when gripped.

Both of these features, and 50g/min of consistent steam and a absolute 200g/min steam shot make a Bosch a unequivocally considerable performer.

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Bosch TDA7060GB – Design and Features

The Bosch looks complicated and clinical in white and blue. Build peculiarity feels unequivocally good. And a pattern is superb, with controls usually where we wish them. At your ride are dual buttons, for H2O mist and for 200g/min steam shot. In front of that is a push to control continual steam levels: 0, 1, 2, 3 or max (50g/min).

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On a physique of a iron you’ll also find a push-button anti-calc duty – a elementary resource where we feverishness a iron and afterwards unplug it and press this symbol (over a sink) to flush out any limescale deposits – and an surprising feverishness control dial.

The dial has all a common settings, with dots denoting how cold or prohibited we wish a soleplate to be. But it also has an i-Temp environment designed to work with all fabric types. This is Bosch’s initial iron to underline i-Temp and a thought is that we can pierce from denim to silk though touching a feverishness sign and with no risk of burning. In theory, your days of pre-sorting washing before ironing are over.

The iron’s other surprising underline is called SensorSecure. Basically, a hoop is touch-sensitive and usually switches on a feverishness when gripped. This is like an auto-off function, usually improved since it immediately switches off when we let go, rather than watchful 30 seconds.

The energy cord attaches around a tiny ball, so a cord can indicate in any direction, and a heel’s designed in a approach that lets we hang a cord around a iron for storage.

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Bosch TDA7060GB – What’s it like to use?

Filling a Bosch adult with H2O is easy, notwithstanding a tiny fill hole. It does come with a jug, though a hole’s recessed and has been designed in such a approach that it’s flattering easy to fill by daub too.

We immediately set to contrast a dual special features: a i-Temp environment for all fabrics and a SensorSecure touch-sensitive hoop for branch a iron on.

i-Temp was a clear success. It did a good pursuit on cottons, with copiousness of consistent steam to explode creases, and was equally able with some-more ethereal fabrics. In terms of pristine ironing power, a Bosch was indisputably a best we’ve tested.

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The iron’s 200g/min steam shot was also impressive, though we found we frequency indispensable to use it while ironing clothes, so good is a iron’s ubiquitous performance. However it comes into a possess for straight bubbling of unresolved garments and de-creasing curtains.

Between a consistent steam and a steam shot, a Bosch unequivocally felt reduction like an iron and some-more like a steam generator. It make super-quick work of a towering of propagandize shirts as a result, and we mostly found that it did a good pursuit of ironing both sides of a shirts during once.

SensorSecure impresses too, though it seems bizarre during first. Whenever you’re not holding a iron, a hoop flashes blue. The second we collect it up, this changes to a plain blue light. Spooky. It’s a crafty idea, though we insincere that it would be irritating – if you’ve incited on a iron, certainly we wish it to be adult to feverishness all a time, not cooling down usually since you’re popping something on a hanger? But again a Bosch impressed: it takes a while to cold down and it heats adult unequivocally quickly, so we didn’t notice any disastrous impact of a SensorSecure feature. Instead it’s good to know you’re saving energy… and shortening a risk of boiling garments during a same time.

It’s tough to find anything to error a iron on. An anti-calc gourmet like a Tefal Ultimate Anti-Calc FV9640 would have been good. It’s not a many pleasing of irons. And a cost is during a high finish for irons. Still, it performs improved than some some-more costly rivals.

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Should we buy a Bosch TDA7060GB?

Yes, it’s a best-performing iron we’ve tested so far. If we wish a powerful, crafty workhorse though we don’t wish a steam generator, demeanour no further. If we wish something some-more affordable and lighter in a palm afterwards we suggest a Morphy Richards Breeze 300254.

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Powerful, crafty and installed with steam, a Bosch outperforms other manacles we’ve tested.

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