Bose SoundLink Mini Review

What is a Bose SoundLink Mini?

The Bose SoundLink Mini is a tiny Bluetooth orator with a charging wharf that creates it ridiculously permitted as a orator to take around a residence with you. Its small-but-stubby pattern means it’s unstable too, if not utterly pocketable like a Jawbone Mini Jambox.

It is not inexpensive during £169, yet some-more crafty pattern elements have been put into a Bose SoundLink Mini than many of a rivals.

Bose SoundLink Mini – Design and Features

The Bose SoundLink Mini is a smallest in Bose’s line of wireless speakers. It’s a baby hermit of a full-size SoundLink, yet a figure and demeanour are really different.

The Mini is stubbier. It’s deeper than it is tall. It’s 18cm long, 5cm high and 6cm deep. Unlike some ultra-small Bluetooth speakers, a Bose SoundLink Mini doesn’t try to be as spare as possible.

We consider Bose intends a Bose SoundLink Mini to be used essentially around a house, upheld by a inclusion of a neat assign dock. Plug this in and we usually need to plonk a orator on it to assign – there are steel contacts on a section and a dock. The orator is tiny adequate to reason in one hand, though, and there’s no reason because we can’t bung it in a carrier or purse to take it out of a house. However, we find it spectacularly permitted to use as a mini bang box to take from garden, to kitchen, to resting on a penetrate as we have a bath.

It’s not most of a looker, though. Where many tiny speakers opt for a youthful, smart design, a Bose SoundLink Mini looks true to a somewhat comparison assembly that generally Bose is compared with.

Build peculiarity is glorious though. The front and behind grilles are coated metal, a rest is reinforced with a 2mm thick single-piece rope of anodised aluminium. The tip controls are finished with rubber, giving a Bose SoundLink Mini a bit of teenager splash-proofing. It’s a large tiny thing too, weighing usually underneath 700g. It’s not complicated adequate to means any unsentimental issues, yet is adequate to make it feel like a high-quality speaker.

It’s also pretty flexible. You can assign a Bose SoundLink Mini but a dock, regulating an enclosed charger, and there’s a 3.5mm aux submit on a side to let we block in things that don’t have Bluetooth. There is also a microUSB pier on a bottom of a speaker. However, this is used to refurbish a firmware rather than to assign a battery. This is a contrition given how many phones use a microUSB customary (almost all of them).

There is one other apparent blank underline – a microphone. The Bose SoundLink Mini can’t be used as a speakerphone. This will be a deal-breaker for some, and a finish non-issue for others.

Bose SoundLink Mini – Sound Quality

The Bose SoundLink Mini has a motorist array that creates good use of a permitted space. There are dual active 1.5-inch drivers and a span of pacifist drum radiators.

Using drum radiators is usually about a usually approach for a orator this distance to furnish a decent volume of bass. And a drum response is good for a orator this small. The sound is utterly punchy and absolute – most some-more than we competence design given a size.

The radiators have been expertly practical too. There are dual radiators that lay during conflicting sides of a Bose SoundLink Mini, in Mexican event pose. This stops any exaggeration from happening, definition we can holder adult a orator to a limit volume but creation a radiators crush – as mostly happens in speakers this like this. Bose clearly knows what it is doing.


Its sound signature is solid, and accessible. Treble is relaxed, a sound is utterly comfortable and massive – creation for an easy, non-fatiguing listen. However, there are boundary to what 1.5-inch drivers can do. Definition and dynamics are utterly limited. While a Bose SoundLink Mini projects a sound well, it apparently does not have a breadth and soundstage of a incomparable speaker. Among a peers, though, it’s a tip performer.

Should we buy a Bose SoundLink Mini?

The Bose SoundLink Mini is a good tiny unstable speaker. We like a preference of a assign dock, how easy it is to lift around a residence and a energy it offers relations to a size.

However, it is a tiny pricey. It’s a critique we mostly make of wireless speakers – like character headphones, a product difficulty comes with a possess cost bump. And now that a incomparable Bose SoundLink costs usually £30 some-more online, a cost is not wholly easy to live with.

Next, check out a round-up of a best unstable speakers.


The Bose SoundLink Mini is portable, convenient, really well-made and absolute for a size. However, it is utterly pricey. 

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