Bowers & Wilkins T7 Review

What is a Bowers Wilkins T7?

The T7 is Bowers Wilkins’ initial unstable Bluetooth speaker, earnest large sound yet with a large £300 cost tag.

While it competence be intensely late to a Bluetooth orator celebration and isn’t as unstable as a Jawbone Jambox or a Beats Pill, it’s been good value watchful for. This superb orator looks a partial and delivers where it matters.

Bowers Wilkins T7 – Design and Features

Bowers Wilkins is no foreigner to creation a beautiful square of hardware. Whether it’s a Zeppelin or a P7 headphones, BW always stands out for build peculiarity and neat styling. The T7 is not simply another Jambox wannabe and there’s no other Bluetooth orator that looks like it.

It is big, yet – about a same distance dual Beats Pill speakers on tip of any other and a bit more. The primarily polycarbonate cosmetic orator weighs a large 940g and while it won’t feel like a section in your bag, a participation will be felt.

Bowers  Wilkins T7 21

Grey and black can mostly feel bleak and boring, yet a T7 doesn’t tumble into those categories. That’s interjection to a pure honeycomb bombard that sits between a side-facing orator grilles to move some light into a mostly dim frame.

The black rubber trim adds a covering of ruggedness, while a bottom is somewhat lifted to assistance keep a orator in place when we wish to holder things up. Along that trim you’ll find a standby button, that when pulpy activates a ethereal audio evidence to vigilance that a complement is incited on. Just above that sits a quarrel of white lights that prove battery life. Across a tip is where you’ll find a set of embedded buttons to play and postponement music, adjust volume and to activate Bluetooth pairing. Unlike many unstable Bluetooth speakers there’s no speakerphone support here, that will be irritating for some, yet for us it’s not unequivocally a vital miss, as this is truly built for listening to music.

Bowers  Wilkins T7 19

Bluetooth connectivity aside, there’s support for physically joining your audio-playing inclination around a 3.5mm aux pier that sits alongside a energy input, a Micro USB pier that usually supports use updates and a reboot button. While it’s unsatisfactory that Micro USB charging support is lacking, a T7 will get by some critical play time before it needs plugging in. Bowers Wilkins claims an 18-hour battery life and even with an hour or dual a day, it can go for weeks. It’s unequivocally considerable stuff.

Not all about a T7’s pattern is great, though. As we’ve found from holding this on a outing abroad though a possess protecting bag, and as a images show, a cloaking on a speakers can flay and chip away, holding divided some of a speaker’s altogether sheen.

Bowers  Wilkins T7 13

Bowers Wilkins T7 – Sound Quality

What you’re profitable all that income for is a audio performance, and a T7 positively delivers. It has a energy to fill a decent-sized room and interjection to a bigger-than-average frame, fits in twin 50mm drivers and dual Class D amplifiers to yield beautiful sound peculiarity that rivals normal orator setups.

Streaming song from Spotify, Soundcloud and internet radio stations around an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy S5, a T7 tender opposite a sound spectrum. There’s copiousness of low-end warmth, minute mids and punchy highs. Bass response is glorious and there’s nothing of a rattling or exaggeration we can get with drum radiators packaged into a tiny physique of a Bluetooth speaker.

We also interconnected it with an iPad Mini to tide from Netflix and Amazon Instant Prime, and we still get a same abyss and regard in a audio. The biggest enrich we can give is that a T7 is still in use months after initial contrast it.

Bowers  Wilkins T7 9

Should we buy a Bowers Wilkins T7?

As a unstable Bluetooth speaker, a T7 is in a cost and distance joint of a really own, yet if we are peaceful to compensate for a best afterwards this is it what we get. £300 gets we a attractive orator with huge battery life and stellar sound quality.

You won’t be means to fit it in your pocket, and we still have to take emanate with a bark paintwork but, once we hear how good it sounds, yet those are a things we can disremember for an differently top-notch speaker.

If £300 is only too many to spend on a unstable speaker, a Pure Voca (£79) is a good bill choice that delivers good audio, or there’s a Sony SRS-X5, nonetheless you’ll have to live though a same fortitude during louder volumes.

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The Bowers Wilkins T7 isn’t a many unstable speaker, yet it delivers fantastic, room-filling sound and huge battery life, creation it good value a money.

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