Breville PressXpress VIN339

What is a Breville PressXpress VIN339?

The Breville PressXpress VIN339 is a purple steam iron that performs unequivocally good for a midst price. It has a pointy pointing tip, a far-reaching soleplate and absolute steam – together these make discerning work of your ironing pile.

It has a few teenager quibbles though. There’s no shave for storing a energy cord neatly, it’s a bit complicated and a solitary image is on a thick side, so it doesn’t slip underneath shirt buttons terribly well.

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Breville PressXpress VIN339 – Design and Features

The PressXpress has an appealing pattern in purple. Standing on a heel it is slim nearby a bottom in a approach that looks superb yet creates it a bit wobbly.

That slight bit is ideal for storing a energy cord, yet annoyingly there’s no shave to reason a block finish in place so you’ll need to tuck a block in. The 3m cord is good and prolonged yet and is trustworthy around a 360° round to minimise tangles and maximize manoeuvrability.

Controls are good positioned during your thumb: one for steam shot and one for spray. Plus there’s a slider, also nearby your thumb, to name a steam spin (you can spin it off totally to iron dry).

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Further behind on a hoop is an appealing heat indicator that looks tactile: we feel like we wish to cadence it to name a temperature. But it’s usually an indicator. The heat control is in a common place, on a physique of a iron, a vast dial to name heat formed on dots or fabric type.

The hold is comfy yet large, so while a bend of it feels good it’s not good if we have little hands. And during 1.6kg and H2O a iron is a bit on a complicated side. But it is good offset in use. The soleplate itself is far-reaching yet with a pointy pointing tip.

The Safe-Store indicator frame usually above a soleplate is a crafty addition. When it’s red it means a iron’s cold adequate to put divided safely.

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Breville PressXpress VIN339 – What’s it like to use?

First up, stuffing a PressXpress is a breeze. Some manacles have slight fill holes that make spills hackneyed yet it’s unequivocally tough to skip this one. Even if we do miss, a cosmetic around it is contoured like a flue to beam a H2O into a reservoir. Impressive.

The 400ml fountainhead is on a vast side too, so a H2O will final for ages. The downside is that additional H2O means additional weight and a iron is already on a complicated side during 1.6kg so this brings it adult to 2kg.

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The iron came adult to heat fast and then, after a impulse to make a approach by a tubes, came a steam. The ubiquitous steam levels when ironing are unequivocally considerable (and we can dial a steam behind if we wish less).

The ceramic soleplate glides uniformly over a operation of fabrics and it’s good and wide, so we can shell a ironing raise quickly, while a tip is pointy for details. This works good yet a soleplate is utterly thick, so a slit above it for manoeuvring around buttons is a bit high: it’s glorious with large buttons yet isn’t good for ironing between tiny shirt buttons.

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Should we buy a Breville PressXpress VIN339?

Yes. It offers glorious steam for a cost with usually a few teenager niggles. But if we wish a unequivocally best we’ve tested, cruise a Bosch TDA7060GB. Or if you’re on a unequivocally parsimonious bill get a Morphy Richards Breeze 300254.


A mid-priced iron with considerable steam. And it’s purple. Well value considering.

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