Broken Laptop? Damaged Nvidia Graphics Card? Just Put It In The Oven

A widespread problem with Nvidia graphics chips forced a lot of laptops sole between 2008 and 2010 to spin inadequate – yet according to Gizmodo, all we need to do it put them in a oven.

More than 50 apart laptop models contained a chips, that would run so prohibited they melted a soldering that connected them to a motherboard. The problem even caused screens to stop operative altogether.

Writing for Gizmodo, Sean Buckley told of how he was tormented by a emanate with his aged Dell m1210, so he bound it by baking it in a oven.

Ok, it wasn’t that simple. He indispensable to delicately dismantle a mechanism and go by several ungainly stairs before he could try it out. But once he had salvaged a ancient motherboard, Sean preheated a oven to 320-350 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s 160-177 degrees Celsius in English) and baked a circuits for 2-4 mins on any side.

Drumroll please.

It worked. The hulk gaming laptop booted adult eventually and Sean installed Windows Vista, realised how awful it was and motionless to implement a Windows 10 Technical Preview. That’s new age fun with a selected feel.

Sean said: “Baking an aged laptop is one of a weirdest things I’ve ever finished with a square of consumer electronics. It was value it, yet we wish it didn’t have to be.

“If Dell had left with a swappable graphics solution, we could have transposed a inadequate GPU (or even upgraded it to a improved one!) instead of perplexing to prepare it behind to life.”

We can’t suggest cooking your gadgets, yet if you’ve successfully deep-fried an iPhone or sautéed some Android Wear we’d adore to hear about it.


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