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What is a BT Home SmartPhone S II?

The BT Home SmartPhone S II is a home phone that’s been given a smartphone makeover. Unlike a initial SmartPhone, a S II adds Android support, enabling we to crop a web and download apps when you’re not bustling holding or creation a call.

At £170, however, it’s some-more costly than a new Moto G – so not inexpensive in smartphone terms. Despite a inclusion of some useful features, such as worry call blocking, it falls approach brief of convincing that a home phone is still a necessity.

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BT Home SmartPhone S II – Design and Features

The S II is no looker: it’s done from plastic, with a matte-black behind that’s removable for a purpose of replacing a battery. Its rather winding pattern creates a a S II lay absolutely in a hand, and a light weight means it isn’t a weight to reason for those longer calls.

Along a china cosmetic trim you’ll find a on/off symbol tucked adult subsequent to a volume rocker. Down next is a micro-USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack and connector for a charging base.

The S II’s charging cradle is again done from cosmetic and is finished in a glossy, piano black. It’s accompanied by a remote bottom station, that hosts a landline phone wire that plugs into your nearest accessible wall socket. This, too, is done from silken black cosmetic and is therefore utterly light, that creates it easy to hit over. On a bedside list or console section in a hallway, this creates for utterly a cluttered setup.

Fortunately, if we don’t have a space for all a above, we can simply retard a micro-USB charging wire directly
into a phone.

The 3.5-inch touchscreen arrangement is some-more check than mid-range quality. The fortitude is flattering mediocre, displaying washed-out colours and bad observation angles. Below a shade is a set of earthy menu buttons. From left to right, we can launch settings, go behind to a homescreen and go behind a screen. The S II also includes a 2-megapixel front-facing camera adult top, so we can utilize video-call services such as Skype and Hangouts.

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Thankfully, a S II isn’t formidable to set up. Once it’s all plugged in, a routine will be informed to those who have used an Android phone before. First safeguard a handset is purebred to a base, after that you’ll need to set adult a Google account. You can of march use an existent one if we already possess an Android phone, that includes joining to a Wi-Fi network and afterwards you’re good to go.

Once a BT trademark has finished spinning, you’ll be introduced to your homescreen. Since a S II runs on Android JellyBean, it feels a small dated. Nevertheless, it’s an easy place to make your approach around.

There are additional homescreens and a notifications row during a tip of a display, where we can keep an eye on facilities such as battery life, Wi-Fi tie and write line strength.

While there are a few S II-centric applications on board, there’s zero here that could be described as utterly groundbreaking. A dedicated answer phone app can be found during a bottom of a homescreen, though a many engaging is a Call control/nuisance call-blocking app.

This allows incoming calls to be limited to certain numbers in we VIP list by a use of a Do Not Disturb mode, and can even be set to work during specific times. So if we wish to safeguard your evenings are PPI-call free, afterwards we can set it to flog in from a impulse we get home from work, for example.

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You can retard incoming calls from general numbers, secrete numbers or even manually supplement those that we don’t wish to be worried by. It’s probable to shorten effusive calls too. Unfortunately, this functionality will need a subscription to a Call ID service. As a Virgin Media customer, this will cost £2.25 a month.

Apart from that, a S II is Android to a core. Access to Google Play will concede we to check in on Twitter or Facebook, or get stranded in a YouTube cycle. Plus, if you’re regulating an existent Google account, afterwards any reserved contacts will be pulled onto a phone as well. It’ll support adult to 1,500 contacts.

What isn’t so good is a insignificant 2GB of inner storage; many Android phones during this cost have during slightest 8GB. However, a inclusion of a micro SD label slot, tucked behind a handset’s cover, means this can be simply stretched if we need some-more room.

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BT Home SmartPhone S II – Performance

As a home phone, a S II works flattering well. Making and holding calls is simple, and call peculiarity is clever with good clarity. In my time with a S II, there were no dropouts; it’s what you’d design from a dedicated home phone. The built-in answer phone, too, is decent – nonetheless with usually 24 mins of recording time available, there isn’t a outrageous volume of space for for messages. It’ll be adequate for most, however.

The biggest offered indicate – a S II’s ability to retard worry calls – works well, too, if you’re peaceful to put in a bid to safeguard all a settings are correct. Otherwise, we could finish adult restraint numbers that we didn’t intend to. There’s also a fact that we have to supplement on a integrate of additional pounds onto your check for a feature.

When we pierce into smartphone mode, a S II delivers a flattering underwhelming experience. The processor during a core clearly isn’t adult to a charge of doing most some-more than providing entrance to some of Android’s reduction perfectionist applications. we wouldn’t worry interesting a thought of personification a diversion such as Real Racing 3 on here. Using Facebook and Twitter is fine, nonetheless even that can be a small laggy and sluggish.

Even a camera pales in comparison to a section enclosed on a likewise labelled smartphone, or a webcam on a laptop. Video peculiarity for both inhabitant and general Skype calls was merely average.

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Should we buy a BT Home SmartPhone S II?

You maybe rather doubtful to learn that there stays a direct for a home phone, though there are apparently some folk out there who continue to make use of it. If you’re of a opinion that a SmartPhone S II can overpass a opening between home phone and smartphone, afterwards I’d advise holding onto your money.

While it performs a basis well, a smartphone facilities are merely average. In fact, we could get improved from a dedicated smartphone for reduction money. Those captivated to a S II for a worry call-blocking underline should note that there’s a resolution that doesn’t need shopping a new phone. The BT SmartTalk app offers identical restrictions to BT business for their smartphone and will let we make use of a landline call cost devise on iOS and Android handsets.


BT’s second try during a intelligent home phone is improved than a first, though hardware compromises broach an underwhelming smartphone experience.

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