Buildr bridges a opening between construction and post-construction

Buildr, a California-based construction tech association founded by Procore alumni, is unapproachable to announce a expansion of a height from closeout services to full-on post-construction. Through partnership with a users, and a integrity to urge attention shortcomings, Buildr now bridges a order between construction and post-construction while stability to streamline a closeout process.

Revolutionized closeout redefines a approach ubiquitous contractors broach projects to owners

By simplifying closeout, Buildr provides high-quality turnover consistently opposite all jobs, giving ubiquitous contractors an impactful final touchpoint with owners. This is critical deliberation 70-90% of ubiquitous contractors’ business are repeat customers. The Buildr height creates a closeout routine fun and easy, so teams can over broach on their jobs in reduction time.

“The finish of a construction plan can be hectic. From a automation of request collection to a final closeout package to a owner, Buildr has combined a product that simplifies a closeout routine and allows us to broach to a clients though a poignant time commitment.”

  • Ryan Cleverdon, Project Engineer, Turner Construction

Warranty government apparatus improves a final proviso of construction

The Buildr group celebrated obstacles in a guaranty phase, where costs valid unpredictable. With a new guaranty government tool, Buildr gives all parties full clarity of each explain opposite all projects. Issues can be tracked, managed, and reported like never before, joining all communication and workflow between a owner, GC, and subcontractor within a dashboard. Warranty emanate statuses, apparatus disaster patterns, and subcontractor responses are all tracked and visible.

“Buildr has given us a ability to keep a pure workflow between a client, trade partners, and a margin teams in regards to guaranty issues. The communication record has severely increasing a approach a clients can see where their emanate lies, and a embedded CSV import is a game-changer for mixed identical items.”

  • Mike Jakes, Project Manager, XL Construction

Buildr transforms construction information into comforts government data

Buildr resolved to not usually collect though renovate a information mislaid between construction and post-construction. Now, all plan information is recovered and finished for a owners to use for upkeep of their trickery for years to come. Owners will be given a new complicated perspective of their facilities, receiving full information clarity and a constrained bird’s eye perspective of their whole portfolio so they can conduct it smarter and longer. In-depth medicine upkeep instructions given to comforts teams equals fewer apparatus issues and a improved run facility.

Buildr’s new Embedded App for Procore

With Procore’s recently launched Embedded Experience, Procore admins can simply search, implement and conduct entrance to apps within Procore, Buildr can now be embedded and implemented directly within Procore. With a new Embedded App from Buildr, plan workflow is some-more candid than ever—teams can now perform each plan proviso including closeout and guaranty within Procore.

“Now that Buildr’s guaranty government is operative together with Procore’s request control, a finish user can simply see a compliments of this integration.”

  • Mike Jakes, Project Manager, XL Construction

Buildr and Procore’s seamless formation saves time by giving users entrance to all their record collection in one place. Facilities government for owners is one grade simpler, as each unit of construction and post-construction information is perpetually permitted to all comforts teams.

“Buildr’s continued expansion of their Procore formation has delivered extensive value to a corner customers. Having them launch a new product for a second year in a quarrel during Groundbreak is a covenant to a value of a partnership.”

  • Kristopher M. Lengieza, Director of Business Development, Marketplace

To learn some-more about Buildr’s Embedded App, revisit their App Marketplace tile here.

To learn some-more about a specifics of Buildr’s closeout, warranty, and comforts government products, revisit their blog here.

About Buildr

Founded by Procore alumni, Buildr focuses on automating construction processes to facilitate closeout while bridging a opening between construction and comforts management. By formulating a guaranty and comforts government height that changes a approach information is available and fed behind into decision-making processes, Buildr transforms plan information into a substructure that is used to say a owner’s trickery for a subsequent century and beyond. Influenced by their years of knowledge during Procore and regard of a approach a attention was trending, Buildr launched with a blessing of Procore CEO Tooey Courtemanche. While still stability to build on and be integrated within a Procore platform, Buildr helps allege a tie and automation of pursuit sites, formulating processes to let construction companies do what they do best: build. To learn some-more about Buildr or report a demo, revisit

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