Call Center Leader and Innovator, Lead Tag, Celebrates 3 Years

“If we are here to raid a talent pool, afterwards welcome!” This is not your standard opening line on many association websites, though Lead Tag is not your standard company. While it’s a counterculture view, Lead Tag’s goal is to secure destiny jobs for a best employees in an bid to assistance them grasp a improved life for themselves and their families.

Created 3 years ago as an in-house call center, Lead Tag has turn an attention dignitary by lenient a employees over a workplace. The prophesy of Lead Tag is not only focused on quotas and metrics, though also partnering with a employees to pursue personal expansion and advancement.

Lead Tag is an expansion that was primarily combined with 3 new high propagandize graduates as a support group for Call Box, a record association formed in Dallas. The initial Lead Tag employees were behaving basic, back-end work for a company, though it fast became apparent that these people had a aloft aptitude for some-more formidable work and a enterprise to take on some-more challenges. Despite not carrying a college degree, nor a vast volume of suggestive work experience, these agents were inspired to learn and fervent to enhance their veteran careers.

Lead Tag continued employing identical agents, and as a result, stretched a range of work and responsibilities. After Lead Tag’s initial few years, a goal became clear: partner with fresh or maybe impecunious members in a community, insert them to suggestive projects that demeanour good on a resume, and support them along a way.

Today, Lead Tag provides opportunities to desirous people that might not have bureau experience, building these employees by a structured veteran expansion and care training program, eventually rising them into a full-time position elsewhere.

“We partner with fresh members of a village and work closely alongside them to rise their skills in communication, record and veteran networking,” pronounced Dan Hutchins, Lead Tag Director. “Our success is built around a driven people who uncover adult each day looking to grow their veteran opportunities.”

Hutchins has grown a veteran expansion module with incentives and rewards as an particular moves by a expansion plan. The expansion module focuses on scheming these agents for full-time positions during other companies by charity resume building, talk practice, LinkedIn page establishment, veteran essay and a navigation of operative in an bureau atmosphere. The ideal Lead Tag representative will travel divided from his or her Lead Tag reign with an considerable resume and a skills compulsory to attain in a complicated workforce

Take Alex Martinez as an example. When Martinez was postulated his DACA (Deferred Action for Child Arrivals) work permit, he was fervent to benefit applicable business knowledge while completing his Associate’s degree. Lead Tag was a good fit for Martinez, providing valuable, hands-on bureau experience. His ability to adjust and his eagerness to conflict hurdles helped him grow with a company, and was fast promoted to a full-time position with Lead Tag’s primogenitor company, Call Box. “Curiosity is a key. Ask questions, don’t be afraid, work tough and be a personality during all we do,” Martinez said.

Persisting by years of achievements, failures and many success stories, Lead Tag has grown into an classification that provides glorious call core services while concurrently lenient a employees to grasp their particular career goals.

“It’s so sparkling and delightful when one of a extraordinary Lead Tag employees launches their career. These are some of a many gifted and tough operative people we have ever worked with. They only indispensable a possibility to infer it.” explained Patrick Elverum, COO of Call Box.

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Lead Tag is a full-service call core providing high-level patron use for clients focused on “Owning The Phone.” Whether it’s rebellious vast call volume, creation follow-up calls, engagement appointments, doing support tasks, or classification leads, Lead Tag excels during patron use support.

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