CallRevu and DriveCentric CRM Announce Seamless Integration

CallRevu, automotive’s examination comprehension consultant in call data, tracking, and monitoring solutions, and DriveCentric, a personality in patron attribute government program for automotive dealers, are vehement to announce a partnership, integrating CallRevu’s solutions with DriveCentric’s patron attribute government (CRM) height to yield larger value to a marketplace and total customers.

The new CallRevu and DriveCentric integrated resolution will offer automotive dealers a some-more fit and effective approach to bond with intensity customers, record sales calls in a centralized location, and maximize any phone opportunity.

Users of DriveCentric CRM height will now be means to optimize inbound and outbound calling, including programmed formation of all inbound sales calls, opening monitoring of all outbound calls, and a new click-to-call underline that can be used directly by DriveCentric CRM. Additionally, a calls will be automatically available and pushed behind into a DriveCentric CRM for user-level entrance and manager review.

“We are anxious to announce this new partnership with DriveCentric, augmenting capabilities and a upsurge of information between systems for a seamless experience. Now, managers will be means to simply entrance minute call analytics to urge group capability and boost appointment results,” says Anthony Giagnacovo, CallRevu Chief Executive Officer.

The CallRevu-powered outbound click-to-call underline in DriveCentric CRM has all-new appurtenance monitoring record that severely enriches call analytics. An intuitive, easy-to-read dashboard improves patron follow-up, productivity, and transparency. This partnership allows dealers to take full advantage of a many absolute facilities of both systems in one seamless, integrated platform.

“We are vehement to partner with CallRevu — a idea has always been to yield a best CRM knowledge for a users, and a CallRevu formation enables us to raise that experience. We demeanour brazen to a destiny of a prolonged and prolific attribute as both companies work together to scale-up organically,” says David Fultz, Chief Executive Officer of DriveCentric.

About CallRevu

CallRevu, founded in 2008, helps thousands of automotive dealers in a U.S. favour a business that make it into a salon after carrying a good knowledge on a phone. CallRevu has monitored over 110 million calls and by providing internal and toll-free numbers to place on all ads, we track, listen, summarize, alert, and news on dealerships’ phone calls to guard call performance. With a strong information we collect, we manager on how to raise a caller’s knowledge and urge a bottom line of dealerships.

About DriveCentric

DriveCentric, founded in 2010, with a idea of regulating fast elaborating record to broach a cutting-edge apartment of products that are elementary adequate to be used by anyone. The CRM height integrates all a communication and simplifies a sales routine for a dealership. Using Artificial Intelligence to energy a platform, users can promulgate with impending business in a many effective way, permitting dealerships to modify leads into experiences, and practice into lifelong customers.

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