Cambridge Audio TV2 Audio Review

What is a Cambridge Audio TV2?

The intolerable audio peculiarity of spare flatpanel TVs has led to a bang in sound systems that boost a drum and volume levels though holding adult loads of space in a vital room. An increasingly renouned form is a soundbase, that is like a soundbar solely that we can place your TV on tip of it, definition it can be bigger than a soundbar and so offer sonics that advantage from that additional cupboard size.

The TV2 is Cambridge Audio’s latest soundbase and a inheritor to a considerable Minx TV. It’s one of dual new soundbases in a company’s operation – a other is a incomparable TV5 with an additional subwoofer, that costs around £80 some-more and caters for incomparable TVs.

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Cambridge Audio TV2

Cambridge Audio TV2 – Design and Connections

Let’s face it, soundbases aren’t a prettiest products to demeanour at, though a TV2 hits new levels of dullness. It’s a elementary matte-black box measuring 550mm far-reaching by 100mm high, with a removable cloth grille on a front and a singular LED resplendent by it. On a and side, this understated pattern allows it to mix seamlessly with any black TV, and it positively won’t pull your pleasantness from a screen.
Cambridge Audio TV2

Thankfully, build peculiarity is glorious too. The cupboard is impossibly robust, promulgation behind a plain whack when we daub a tip panel, and can support TVs adult to 30kg in weight. If we are fixation a TV on top, make certain a mount is no bigger than 550mm far-reaching by 300mm low – it’s too tiny for a 55-inch Samsung set. We don’t suggest putting it in front of your TV as it’ll substantially retard a IR receiver, though we can container it into a TV mount shelf.
Cambridge Audio TV2

Pull off a front grille and you’ll expose volume controls and a symbol to activate a training remote duty (with some useful instructions).

On a behind you’ll find a meagre choice of sockets, including a singular visual digital input, analogue stereo submit and a 3.5mm minijack submit for unstable devices. There’s also built-in Bluetooth with aptX, that enables easy, high-quality song streaming from phones, tablets and other devices. It remembers adult to 8 inclination so we don’t have to keep pairing them.
Cambridge Audio TV2
This preference should sufficient if we simply wish to bond your TV to a visual submit and let a TV2 play whatever’s on screen. However, a skip of HDMI inputs means we can’t use a TV2 as a switcher for your hi-def sources – check out a Sony HT-XT1 or Roth Neo 6.2 SoundCore if we need mixed HDMI inputs. A second visual submit would have been nice, though it’s cross to protest during this price.

Cambridge Audio TV2 – Features

The TV2’s 100W amplifier drives dual 2.25-inch Balanced Mode Radiators (BMR) orator drivers and a 6.5-inch down-firing subwoofer – a bigger TV5 sports dual of a latter. BMR drivers are remarkable for their far-reaching dispersion.
Cambridge Audio TV2

It’s also versed with modernized DSP record with 4 opposite EQ profiles – Voice (which lends additional clarity to dialogue), TV, Music and Film. Elsewhere a Auto Power Down and Up modes spin a energy off if zero plays for several seconds, though turns it behind on when it detects a signal.

Cambridge Audio TV2 – Operation

Most soundbase remotes feel like an afterthought, though that’s not a box with a TV2’s well-made zapper. Its slim figure sits absolutely in a palm and a neat array of rubber buttons covers all bases.
Cambridge Audio TV2 remote

The sound modes are clearly noted and a volume keys are willingly distant from a other controls. AUX, OPT and Bluetooth buttons make it easy to switch between sources too. If you’d rather continue regulating your TV or Sky remote to change volume, afterwards a IR training duty creates it possible.

Normally we find a skip of a text-based readout annoying, though a TV2’s elementary functionality means it’s not required and substantially doubtful during this cost anyway. The LED glows opposite colours for any submit and blinks when we change volume.

Cambridge Audio TV2 – Performance

We praised a Minx TV for a weighty, room-filling sound – all pleasantness of those considerable BMR drivers – and a TV2 continues in a same vein. This creates all a disproportion when examination a rough movement in Godzilla, as it brings a clarity of scale that we simply don’t pattern from a box sitting underneath a TV.

Skip to a bit when a tidal call ravages Oahu and TV2 handles a movement with superb energy and intensity. A low rumble radiates from a section as a H2O approaches, peppered by smaller thuds as cars get swept along by a water.
Cambridge Audio TV2
When a movement reaches a airfield and we accommodate Godzilla for a initial time, his feet pounds a building with a well-controlled bump and his bark is shrill and fulsome.

The down-firing underling kicks in fast and integrates well, ensuing in a generally discerning and well-balanced sound. It could be a small tighter though for £200 we’re not complaining.

TV2 also creates mids and highs sound forceful and sharp-witted though many justification of softness – supposing you’ve run it in for prolonged enough. Machine guns clap though creation we recoil and colliding steel is full-bodied and realistic. Dialogue is also clearly reproduced, ensuring that we don’t skip a word even in a midst of a raging movement scene.

The TV2 picks out copiousness of fact too, permitting we to hear pointed nuances like rustling footsteps on a building and credentials chatter. It can’t contest with a larger intrepidity and refinement of a Canton DM50, though during twice a cost we wouldn’t pattern it to.

We played around with a EQ settings and funnily adequate we found a ‘Film’ environment best for movies, charity richer drum and a fuller soundstage, though a Music environment has a improved altogether balance. The Voice environment is best indifferent for TV use.

Bluetooth-streamed song sounds frail and clear, though a many beguiling aspect is how a TV2’s BMR drivers make tunes fill a room. We incited adult a volume and each lane that came on sounded abounding and immersive, with fat punchy basslines and distinguished vocals. Audiophile it ain’t, though bland listening it’s a rarely beguiling sound.
Cambridge Audio TV2

Should we buy a Cambridge Audio TV2?

If we can get over a lifeless pattern and meagre connectivity, a TV2 is a superb squeeze during this price.

The speakers flog out a loud, atmospheric sound, brimful with fact and transparent dialogue. Movies exaggerate a extensive clarity of scale and a aggressive tinge guarantees excitement. Other soundbars offer larger refinement and tighter bass, though during this cost you’ll be tough pulpy to find many better-sounding bases.

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A great-value soundbase that delivers a big, room-filling sound with cinema and song – only don’t pattern to be wowed by a pattern or connections.

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