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Innovative dungeon therapies are mostly a final though many earnest form of diagnosis for cancer patients. However, such procedures are rarely formidable and engage a sell of supportive studious information between many stakeholders. With Hypertrust X-Chain, a CAMELOT Consulting Group offers a blockchain-based resolution that ensures a top turn of confidence for a storage and pity of studious information for autologous extracorporeal dungeon treatment.

“Since rarely innovative extracorporeal dungeon therapies are mostly a final wish for many patients, there is no room for blunder in a whole process. That is because we have come adult with a digital concentration that not usually ensures limit data-sharing and data-storage security, though also focuses on a patient,” pronounced Dr. Josef Packowski, CEO of CAMELOT Consulting Group, with courtesy to a proclivity to rise a innovative Hypertrust X-Chain application. “As consulting specialists for a digitalization of curative and medical value chains, a need here was transparent to us,” continued Josef Packowski.

With extracorporeal dungeon therapies, cells are private from a patient, afterwards deep-frozen for ride to a curative manufacturer, where they are processed in an elaborate, multi-stage routine before being refrozen and sent behind to be reimplanted in a studious on-site. Many opposite stakeholders, such as a treating clinic, a dungeon collection center, logistics use providers and curative companies are concerned in this process. Most of a critical information continues to be transmitted in analog form and afterwards rerecorded over a march of a process. The risk of erring information and information abuse is so intensely high.

In a concentration grown by CAMELOT, a concentration is on a patient. A closed-loop supply sequence proceed ensures that there are no mistakes via a process: from collecting a cells, estimate them, transporting them between a stakeholders, and returning a ‘right cells’ to a ‘right patients’. In suitability with authorised information insurance guidelines, a applicable studious information is done accessible to a stakeholders certified for a therapy routine on a basement of a blockchain record by means of a decentralized information storage. All information exchange take place exclusively between accurate participants and are immutably and consistently stored by means of encryption in a blockchain. In addition, Hypertrust X-Chain enables a stretchable formation of partner systems, real-time temperature, plcae and peculiarity controls as good as secure guarantees of origin. Combined with a suitable hardware (Camelot Trusted Computing Appliances), it also ensures that decentrally stored private information indeed sojourn private.

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Camelot Innovative Technologies Lab (Camelot ITLab) is a heading SAP consultancy for digital value sequence management. With some-more than 20 years of knowledge Camelot ITLab leads clients in their digital transformation. Our capabilities operation from a vital discourse around stream hurdles in a digital universe to a doing of a new, digital solutions. As partial of CAMELOT Group with 1,700 employees worldwide, Camelot ITLab stands for patron orientation, innovation, top peculiarity and possibly end-to-end solutions. From innovations to solutions.

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