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Hands-on with a Canon’s lightweight and beginner-friendly DSLR

Not prolonged after adding a EOS 800D to a lineup of amateur DSLRs, Canon has expelled a new indication to reinstate a four-year-old EOS 100D. The Canon EOS 200D follows in a footsteps of a prototype and is designed to be small, lightweight and accessible to carry.

Bearing a eminence of being a world’s lightest APS-C DSLR with a vari-angle screen, it slots into a company’s operation of DSLRs between a entry-level EOS 1300D and some-more modernized EOS 760D and EOS 800D models.

Aimed during those looking to buy their initial DSLR, as good as people who’d like to learn some-more about photography and rise their skills, a EOS 200D inherits a good array of facilities found around Canon’s DSLR range, including a manufacturer’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF tech and built-in Wi-Fi.

The Canon EOS 200D will be accessible to buy in Jul during a cost of £579.99 (body only). It’ll also be accessible as partial of a pack with a EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens for £679.99 or with a EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens for £649.99.

Prior to a central release, we attended a product lecture with Canon to find out a tiny some-more about a camera. These are my initial impressions.

Canon EOS 200D – Features

At a heart of a Canon EOS 200D is a 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor that offers a aloft pixel count than a 18MP sensor used inside a Canon EOS 100D. This chip works in partnership with Canon’s DIGIC 7 picture processor and provides a continual sharpened speed of 5fps, that is 1fps faster than a EOS 100D.

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Canon EOS 200D

The sensor is matching to a one used inside a EOS 77D and EOS 800D. It offers an ISO operation of 100-25,600 and can be stretched to a limit of ISO 51,200 in a ‘H’ setting.

The EOS 200D is, during a time of writing, a cheapest DSLR (£579.99 physique only) in Canon’s EOS lineup to underline Dual Pixel CMOS AF. This record provides increasing autofocus speed and tracking opening in live perspective and when recording HD video.

On a theme of focusing, a EOS 200D presents a sincerely simple blueprint of 9 AF points with one singular cranky form in a centre. These AF points are organised in a solid arrangement and underline an AF operative operation of to -0.5EV to 18EV.

As good as charity a full primer sharpened control you’d design from a DSLR, a Canon EOS 100D offers picture constraint for a detailed visitor in a figure of a Scene Intelligent Auto mode, with a preference of Creative Filters. Metering is looked after by a 63-zone dual-layer metering sensor and bearing can be polished regulating a exposure-compensation system, that offers 1/3 stop or 1/2 stop increments over a operation of +/-5EV.

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Canon EOS 200D

The shiver speed operation spans from 30sec-1/4000sec and, like many of Canon’s entry-level DSLR’s, we usually get a singular corkscrew dial on a tip plate. To adjust orifice with this dial when sharpened in primer mode you’re compulsory to press and reason a AV symbol during a behind that’s located usually above a D-pad. 

Those wishing a make discerning adjustments on a fly will conclude a considerable 3-inch, 1040k-dot vari-angle touchscreen. Unlike a EOS 100D’s shade that was fixed, a EOS 200D’s arrangement is now a lift out and lean form and comes into a possess when sharpened from ungainly or surprising angles. Above it you’ll find an visual viewfinder. Although coverage isn’t a full 100%, during 95% it’s important for a camera directed during beginners, and advantages from dioptre improvement and abyss of margin preview.

There’s also a built-in peep with a beam array of 9.8, and those who need a bit some-more energy can always insert one of Canon’s Speedlite EX array around a prohibited shoe.

There’s no 4K film recording, yet those who suffer sharpened a occasional video can do so during Full HD (1920 x 1080) peculiarity during adult to 60fps. Other accessible support rates embody 50fps, 30fps, 25fps and 24fps.

At a side of a physique you’ll also notice there’s a 3.5mm stereo mini jack should we wish to use an outmost microphone and urge a audio of recordings.

Canon EOS 200D

One underline lacking on a EOS 100D that a EOS 200D now boasts is Wi-Fi. For anyone looking to step adult from a smartphone this is, of course, seen as a must-have feature. It ties in with a free-to-download Canon Connect app and allows we to share images between mobile inclination in seconds as good as take control of a camera’s pivotal settings when you’d like to work remotely.

Inside a menu you’ll find a same discretionary guided interface that we get on a EOS 800D and EOS 77D, which, when activated, changes a sharpened shade and menu arrangement on a LCD to a some-more charcterised one that provides information and unsentimental recommendation specific to a bearing mode selected. The information will be utterly useful for beginners who are starting their DSLR tour with tiny or no prior experience.

Canon EOS 200D – Build and Handling

Canon has tweaked a blueprint of buttons and controls on a EOS 200D. The many apparent disproportion is a vari-angle shade during a rear. A tiny nick has been cut out of a physique to make it easy to lift out, and a good news is that a shade sits probably flush to a behind of a camera when it’s not pulled out.

Live-view, playback and exposure-compensation buttons are all located in a same place, with a quick-menu symbol once again being located in a centre of a tiny D-pad. 

Canon EOS 200D

Up on a tip picture a on/off switch is now apart from a mode dial, creation it somewhat reduction ungainly to work with your thumb. Pushing a switch over a on/off settings engages video mode.

The mode dial has been simplified and we now get a arrangement symbol alongside an ISO symbol to toggle by opposite views on a behind screen. Both a ISO and DISP buttons are sincerely spongy, though, and need to be vexed utterly a approach before they do anything. Ahead of these we get a knurled corkscrew dial and a shiver button, that is no longer surrounded by a same rubberised element as we get on a EOS 100D.

Though a camera feels unequivocally identical size-wise to a EOS 100D, a finish of a hold has altered to a some-more normal leatherette finish that’s some-more in gripping with other EOS models in a lineup. It doesn’t offer utterly a same turn of hold in a palm as a EOS 100D, yet it does demeanour smarter in my opinion.

As good as being done in black, a EOS 200D will be constructed in white and a vintage-inspired china and tan finish.

Those with pointy eyes will also notice a new connectivity symbol on a tip of a camera to a left of a pop-up flash, that can be used to trigger a wireless connection.

Canon EOS 200D

The polycarbonate creosote and carbon-and-glass-fibre physique doesn’t feel as clever as a some-more costly models in Canon’s range, however it feels sufficient clever to shake off a occasional strike or hit it competence accept in day-to-day use.

People with vast hands competence find a hold a tiny on a tiny side, yet those with tiny or medium-sized hands are doubtful to have too many complaints.

With a battery and memory label extrinsic a camera weighs 453g but a lens. Studying a earthy measure on a spec piece reveals it’s incompletely incomparable than a EOS 100D. It measures W122.4 x H92.6 x D69.8mm as against to 116.8×90.7x69mm.

Canon EOS 200D

First Impressions

We knew it would usually be a matter of time before Dual Pixel CMOS AF and a latest DIGIC 7 picture processor were handed down to this turn of DSLR. With their latest APS-C DSLR release, Canon has brought a EOS 200D crash adult to date by incorporating facilities that until now we’ve usually seen on some-more costly models.

We’re awaiting a picture peculiarity from a 24.2MP sensor to opposition Canon’s some-more modernized EOS 800D and EOS 77D DSLRs. What’s many impressive, though, is how it manages to squeeze all a facilities we would design from a mid-range fan DSLR into a physique that’s so many smaller. It unequivocally is utterly an achievement!

Canon EOS 200D

Though it competence be a smallest and many appealing entry-level DSLR in Canon’s EOS lineup right now, it’s positively not brief of foe in a mirrorless market. From my brief time with a camera it positively seems like a tantalizing tender for those who wish a picture peculiarity and handing of a DSLR but a bulk and weight that’s so mostly compared with this form of camera.

Overall, my initial impressions of a Canon EOS 200D are unequivocally good and we have high expectations of what it competence be able of. We’ll have to wait a integrate of weeks before a initial examination samples start operative their approach by to a press. Watch this space for the full review.

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