Canon EOS 800D Camera

What is a Canon EOS 800D?

Canon’s triple-digit EOS operation has prolonged been a renouned choice for those seeking possibly an top entry-level or step-up DSLR. In new years, Canon has muddied a waters rather by charity not usually one triple-digit EOS indication during a time though two. In 2015, this proceed resulted in a launch of both a Canon 750D and a some-more modernized Canon 760D.

Fast brazen to 2017 and Canon has introduced dual new models to attain a 750D and 760D: a 800D and a 77D. The 800D serves as a inheritor to a 750D, while a 77D is dictated as some-more of a 760D deputy that is positioned underneath a enthusiast-grade 80D.

Also referred to as a Rebel T7i for a US market, a 800D shares a same pivotal specs as a 77D, nonetheless in gripping with a 750D/760D differences summarized above, gets a simplified control intrigue in sequence to raise a interest with first-time and beginner DSLR users.

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Canon EOS 800D – Features

The 800D is built around a 24.2-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor – as used inside a some-more modernized 80D (£840 body-only). While a 750D/760D also sported 24.2-megapixel sensors, conjunction encompasses Canon’s Dual Pixel AF technology, so while effective fortitude stays matching to a 800D’s sensor, it represents a sincerely large step forward.

Likewise, a 800D also employs Canon’s latest era DIGIC 7 picture processor, as opposite to a DIGIC 6 chip found inside a 750D/760D. Canon claims that a DIGIC 7 is means to routine information 14x faster than a predecessor, that not usually enables a 800D to yield a aloft limit detonate speed of 6fps (compared to 5fps on a 750D/760D), though also to glow off a aloft series of uninterrupted images when detonate shooting.

Canon EOS 800D

In addition, a new sensor and processor pairing also allows a 800D to offer a aloft limit local attraction environment of ISO 25,600, along with a homogeneous of ISO 51,200 in stretched mode. By approach of comparison, a 750D/760D both offer a limit local attraction environment of ISO 12,800, with a homogeneous of ISO 25,600 accessible in stretched mode.

Perhaps a many important encouragement a 800D enjoys over a predecessors is a serve of Canon’s Dual Pixel AF technology. Introduced with a EOS 70D in 2013, Dual Pixel AF is a name given to Canon’s exclusive on-sensor phase-detection technology.

In unsentimental terms a categorical advantage of Dual Pixel AF is that it severely speeds adult concentration merger times when a camera is being operated in Live View. The approach it works is that any pixel on a sensor’s aspect is separate into dual particular photodiodes – one left and one right. Each of these can be review separately, thereby permitting them to be used for phase-detection AF purposes.

Prior to a introduction of Dual Pixel AF, Canon DSLRs relied on contrast-detect record and were eminent for providing sincerely indolent AF performance.

Canon EOS 800D

The pierce to Dual Pixel AF therefore represents a large step adult in terms of performance. Indeed, Canon claims that a latest iteration of Dual Pixel AF is a fastest on-sensor phase-detection record now accessible to DSLR users. Until now, a record has been cramped to models aloft adult in Canon’s DSLR operation – a 80D and 7D Mark II (£1250 physique only), for example. This is a initial time a record has trickled down to Canon’s mid-range models.

In addition, a 800D’s viewfinder-based phase-detection AF complement has also seen a vital revamp and now employs 45 particular AF points opposite a viewfinder, all of that are of a cross-type variety. This is a important alleviation from a 19-point complement employed by a 750D/760D.

In terms of bearing modes, a 800D is good served by a inexhaustible operation of options including a customary PASM party for some-more gifted users, alongside Scene Intelligent Auto mode and 10 particular Scene modes (some of that can be comparison directly from a Exposure mode dial) for point-and-shoot duties.

Canon EOS 800D

Those wanting to get artistic in-camera can take advantage of 10 built-in digital filters (including aged favourites such as Toy Camera, Miniature outcome and a contingent of HDR options), or select one of 9 Creative Auto settings, any of that is designed to constraint images with a singular ambience.

JPEG estimate options extend to Canon’s exclusive Picture Styles, of that there are 8 presets and 3 User Defined slots to customise as we wish. In addition, a 800D also provides a operation of in-camera lens-correction collection for minimising unsightly effects such as purple fringing and distortion, alongside a company’s longstanding Auto Lighting Optimizer apparatus to auto-correct picture liughtness and contrast.

Canon EOS 800D – Build and design

As with prior triple-digit Canon DSLR models, a 800D is a compact, lightweight and orderly styled DSLR. While it does feel a small plasticky (a common trait of entry-level Canon DSLRs over a years), altogether build peculiarity is indeed flattering many on standard for a camera of this cost and specification.

Canon EOS 800D

Inside a polycarbonate outdoor shell, a inner wiring of a 800D are stable by an aluminium amalgamate chassis. This should yield plenty insurance opposite a kind of peaceful knocks and random scrapes many cameras knowledge during some indicate in their lifetime.

However, distinct models serve adult a EOS range, a 800D’s physique isn’t continue hermetic – so you’ll need to keep it as dry as probable when sharpened in soppy weather.

For a DSLR of such medium altogether proportions, we found a 800D’s handhold to be surprisingly low and pronounced. With a averagely sized hands we were absolutely means to hang 3 fingers around it, while a contoured ride hold on a behind of a physique offers something to prop your ride opposite for a secure grip.

Canon EOS 800D

With a new EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens attached, a 800D feels unusually good offset too. The camera’s earthy buttons and controls are all clearly labelled, good spaced and have a reassuringly manageable ‘clicky’ feel about them when pressed.

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