Canon EOS M3 Camera Review

Third time lucky?

Canon is among a many distinguished camera brands in existence, yet it’s not had any fitness with compress complement cameras so far. Despite carrying a good sensor, a delayed and costly EOS M was a failure, to a border that Canon didn’t even recover a EOS M2 in a UK.

Instead, we’re skipping true to a EOS M3. And unexpected things are looking a lot brighter. This is a genuine enthusiast’s CSC that solves all a categorical problems of a original.

The Canon EOS M3 will be accessible with a 18-55mm pack lens for £599. We took a closer demeanour forward of a full review.

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Canon EOS M3 – Design and Features

While a strange Canon EOS M is now accessible during a discount cost (£199 with lens), a hardware pattern should still make we pause. It was, and is, a genuine point-and-shoot CSC, notwithstanding being unequivocally utterly vast in a class. The Canon EOS M3 changes all that.

Not usually has a handhold been lengthened to offer a softened grip, yet a camera now has correct primer controls. In integrity to Canon, primer controls in lower-end and mid-range CSCs have spin some-more common opposite all manufacturers’ ranges in a 3 years given a EOS M initial appeared.

There’s now a primer control dial that sits orderly around a shiver button, as good as a correct mode dial and a dedicated bearing control. You competence assume these would be a default in a £600 camera, yet a strange EOS M had nothing of them — and it started off during £769. Ouch.

The EOS M3 indeed creates sense. It feels good too, with a new hold and measure giving it a feel that reminds of a Canon 100D, Canon’s little DSLR.

This is not a DSLR, though, and some of a some-more critical photographers among we might be unhappy to hear a Canon EOS M3 still doesn’t have an inbuilt EVF. You possibly have to make do with a back shade or deposit in a EVF-DC1 hotshoe EVF that slots into a top. As this costs £249, though, it’s distant from a slot income upgrade.

The shade is a 3-inch 1.04M-dot vari-angle arrangement that tilts 45 degrees down and 180 degrees up. That’s adequate for low-down sharpened and gets we a barbarous selfie angle, nonetheless a EOS M3’s DSLR brothers a 750D and 760D have full-on articulated screens.

Canon EOS M3 – Performance and Image Quality

While a EOS M3 is not a camera that tries to do all a DSLR can, it is expected to offer really identical images and AF opening to a EOS 750D

Both cameras share a same sensor and Digic 6 processor, nonetheless a EOS M3 usually offers detonate sharpened of 4.2fps, that isn’t too poignant by stream APS-C standards. The AF complement uses hybrid phase/contrast detect focusing, that Canon says is 6 times faster than a notoriously delayed EOS M’s – in fairness, Canon significantly softened that camera’s focusing speed with firmware updates, yet a EOS M3 will be many faster regardless.

There’s good sustenance for low-light sharpened too, with a local ISO operation going from 100-12800, and a 25600 extended mode on palm when lighting is truly dreadful. Unlike a EOS M, a EOS M3 has a pop-up peep built in, too.

Canon has done certain it also has some of a hardware video shooters are after, including a microphone socket, yet differently a EOS M3 still isn’t many of a video star. It can usually constraint video during adult to 1080p 30 frames per second, where many others offer 60p and some even conduct 4K capture.

Early Verdict

The Canon EOS M3 is a many better, some-more complete-feeling camera than a EOS M. But maybe that’s a slightest we would wish for. More primer control, softened AF opening and a new processor were roughly a given for Canon to spin a CSC fortunes around.

However, as it should get we images only as good as those from a EOS 750D, it’s a flattering appealing tender for those not too incited off by a miss of a built-in viewfinder.

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