Canton announces new DM76 and DM101 soundbases

Canton’s latest soundbases, a DM76 and DM101, have arrived in a UK to renovate your TV sound with these new versions now incomparable than prior generations to accommodate bigger TVs

Remember a soundbase? Crashing in on a soundbar party, a soundbase were identical in idea – giving your flatscreen TV sound a boost – though a execution was different. It sat underneath your TV, ancillary a weight while pumping out a absolute sound.

With a DM76 (£449) and DM101 (£549), Canton is anticipating to replicate a success of a (well-reviewed) DM50, DM55 and DM60 soundbases from a few years ago.

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Bigger than a prior efforts and means to support adult to 40 kg of weight, a DM76 is dictated for TV sizes 40 inches and bigger. Inside is a 200W amplifier that drives a two-way stereo loudspeaker array that’s done adult of  a span of 50mm midrange drivers and dual 19mm fabric-dome tweeters. A downward-firing underling brings to a list 4 100mm drum drivers for a “deep and punchy” low finish performance.

The DM101 goes bigger still, fit for TVs 50 inches and bigger. It also has a 200W amp, though a series of mid-range drivers has been increasing from dual to 4 (two per channel).

Underside of DM101

The listener can select between 2.1 stereo and practical approximate modes – with a approximate mode privately done for song – and both units able of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS TruSurround tracks. EQ settings concede for messing with treble, midrange and drum frequencies, with Voice Mode importance discourse for clarity and a Hotel Mode that restricts a max volume level.

In terms of connections, both underline coaxial, visual digital and RCA analogue inputs. Wireless, a soundbases can be connected by aptX Bluetooth, though if you’re some-more prone to use earthy connectors afterwards Canton has enclosed cables for all inputs in a box. If we wish to use an outmost subwoofer, there’s is also a underling out connection.

Both models are accessible now, in black and white finishes, with a DM76 labelled during £449 and a DM101 during £549.

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