Capterra 2018 Best Value for Money Badge Award Goes to SkyStem

SkyStem is a illusory resolution for bringing clarity to a tighten process. We now know a risk with any of a accounts. It never lets us down and gives us a indispensable credit with a auditors. Thank integrity for SkyStem. We’ll be clients for life!

SkyStem is gratified to announce a 2018 Best Value for Money Badge given by Capterra (a Gartner company). Capterra, a world’s heading digital program marketplace, awarded a badge to SkyStem this year formed on a sepulchral certain feedback about ART from their customers. ART, SkyStem’s flagship resolution for automating a month-end tighten and settlement process, has been good famous in a attention to broach a best product and patron use for a best value.

SkyStem takes honour in portion their business in a approach that delivers extensive value. They say high expectations for themselves and are always listening to their patron feedback for superintendence on implementing a successful and peculiarity product. SkyStem’s business operation from a accumulation of industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail, hospitality, and more. Check out SkyStem’s infographic for some-more information about their business and their Capterra reviews.

About SkyStem LLC

Headquartered in a heart of New York City, SkyStem delivers a absolute tighten and comment settlement focus for organizations seeking to streamline their financial processes. The company’s flagship solution, ART, is an craving record that helps CFOs and Controllers digest a month-end tighten and a time to emanate financials by automating change piece reconciliations, handling month-end tasks, and providing judicious reporting. The web-based resolution streamlines and eliminates adult to 90% of primer activities while strengthening inner controls and corporate governance.

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