Casamba Gains Fast Time to Market With Mobilize.Net Modernization…

Mobilize.Net, provider of a heading programmed modernization program for 90’s legacy, currently announced that Casamba, Inc. used Mobilize.Net Visual Basic Upgrade Companion to revoke emigration risk and to get to marketplace faster. To learn some-more about Casamba and Mobilize review a full box investigate during

Casamba provides electronic medical record (EMR) craving program to medical comforts and has some-more than 275,000 providers opposite a US.

Casamba used a Mobilize AI-based modernization resolution to modify 250,000 lines of Visual Basic 6.0 formula to C# / .NET. By regulating Mobilize.Net tools, Casamba was means to save time and income relocating their profitable focus source formula from an out of support programming denunciation to a modern, renouned .NET framework.

“This was a poignant project,” pronounced Doron Hetz, Senior Vice President Of Engineering during Casamba. “The focus is used by providers to check some-more than one billion dollars of services per year. Neither Casamba nor a clients could means any intrusion in a financial workflows upheld by this application.”

“Mobilize.Net provides formula modernization solutions that broach large capability boosts to companies like Casamba.” pronounced Tom Button, CEO, Mobilize.Net.

About Casamba

Founded in 1997, Casamba provides EMR solutions in agreement therapy, learned nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and home health and hospice caring settings. Its solutions are designed to maximize both business and clinical success for providers opposite a whole continuum of post-acute care. Casamba’s acquisitions of TherapySource and HealthWyse have enabled a classification to turn one of a largest post-acute caring program and services companies in a industry, servicing over 275,000 providers in some-more than 10,500 clinics nationwide. Casamba is headquartered in Agoura Hills, CA and has locations in Wilmington, MA, and Hoover, AL. For sales inquiries, hit 800-648-2596.

About Mobilize.Net

Mobilize.Net accelerates and simplifies a mutation of program applications to .NET, web, mobile, and cloud platforms. Millions of developers have used Mobilize.Net record to successfully update billions of lines of code. Mobilize.Net solutions capacitate business to revoke risk, cost, and time while relocating applications to a platforms businesses direct today. Mobilize.Net emigration record is Microsoft’s selected resolution for Visual Studio and MSDN customers. The privately-held Mobilize.Net is formed in Bellevue, WA, and is led by former Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Tom Button. For some-more information, greatfully go to

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