Cobra CDR 900 E Camcorder

What is a Cobra CDR 900 E?

The CDR 900 E is Cobra’s new tip of a operation lurch cam and is a pattern depart compared to a prior models, such as a CDR 875 G. The latter was a solid, constant device, yet a CDR 900 E takes a selection closer to a stream apex of lurch cam technology, with a sleeker demeanour to match. In particular, this indication now shoots Super HD rather than usually HD. It can also double as an movement camera. However, over-reliance on a interconnected smartphone and some common picture peculiarity creates a HD CDR 900 E a middle-of-the-road lurch cam.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Windscreen ascent and movement camera functionality

The CDR 900 E might demeanour a bit opposite to prior models, yet a ascent complement is sincerely similar. There’s a flattering sized suction shade attachment, that a device slots onto, and this creates a sincerely secure installation. The prolonged energy wire culminates in a customary USB plug, that afterwards connects to a apart automobile energy adapter.

Cobra Drive HD 900 E

There’s usually one USB tie on this adapter, not dual like a Z-Edge Z2 Plus, so we can’t energy your sat nav from a same adaptor. But this still means we could use an existent USB tie in your automobile for power, or supply your possess dual-output automobile adapter, if we need to energy mixed devices.

Despite a aim of doubling as an movement camera, there aren’t any specific mounts enclosed in a box for this purpose. But there is an choice slide-in tie onto that we can bond a bundled lanyard. The slide-in apportionment of a shade mountain also screws to a section around a customary tripod fitting, so we could simply bond a CDR 900 E to a horde of third-party mounts, tripods and monopods. However, this is on a tip of a device rather than a bottom, so footage will be upside down.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Recording Formats, Menu, Manual Settings and WiFi

There’s a 3-megapixel sensor inside a CDR 900 E, nonetheless Cobra doesn’t hold how large it is. This will be usually about adequate for a title Super HD recording format, that equates to 2,304 x 1,296 resolution, and is prisoner during 30 frames per second. There is also Full HD available, again during 30 frames per second, yet no high-speed mode or 720p option.

I have criticised Cobra lurch cams for being a bit behind a times for resolution, so during slightest a CDR 900 E catches adult with a mainstream, nonetheless some are now going over Super HD, such as a Vicovation Opia 2, that goes all a approach to 1,440p. At Super HD, footage is accessible during 6.7 Mbits/sec. This is unequivocally low, yet a 8GB Micro SD label enclosed in box will be adequate for around 160 mins of footage.

Cobra Drive HD 900 E

Although there is a menu accessible on a device itself, this is flattering singular in scope. You can’t even change a recording resolution. This is where a built-in Wi-Fi and Drive HD app (for iOS and Android) come in. The CDR 900 E can act as a internal entrance point, or we can bond it to an existent wireless LAN. You afterwards bond your smartphone to this entrance indicate and glow adult a Drive HD app.

Apart from previewing what a lurch cam can see, and toggling record, a app allows we to set a date and time from a smartphone – that differently we can’t do. You can name Full HD or Super HD resolution, and configure a tiny operation of additional reserve facilities accessible on a CDR 900 E. There aren’t any serve settings in movement camera modes, however.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Safety features

Unfortunately, same to a Cobra CDR 855 BT, one reserve underline a CDR 900 E doesn’t have is an integrated GPS, something that was accessible on a CDR 875 G.

There is instead a same micro-jack built in so that a outmost GPS section that is enclosed with a CDR 875 G can be used, yet there is now no chronicle of a CDR 900 E that includes this as standard. Instead, it’s an discretionary additional costing £29.99.

Cobra Drive HD 900 E

The usually additional facilities are an Impact Sensor with high or low options, again configurable exclusively by a smartphone app, and a Motion Detector. The latter allows a CDR 900 E to act as a parking notice device, grabbing some footage if anyone tampers with your vehicle. But that’s it for extras – no line departure, collision warning, or various choice facilities are included. And with no GPS, reserve camera locations are totally out of a question, too.

Cobra CDR 900 E – Image quality

The prior Cobra models I’ve looked during have exhibited decent if not positively top-notch picture quality. The CDR 900 E, notwithstanding a aloft resolution, produces footage that looks rather soft. This is roughly positively since a 6.7 Mbits/sec information rate relies on assertive compression, that smooths out a lot of a detail.

It’s still probable to review those all-important series plates, yet usually when they’re relations tighten and sufficient lit. The CDR 900 E doesn’t understanding quite good with high contrasts in lighting, either. A far-reaching energetic operation choice would unequivocally have helped here, since dim areas unequivocally remove fact when there is clever backlighting, for instance when pushing towards a sun, that is conspicuous in a exam video below.

You can perspective a representation of footage from a CDR 900 E here.

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Cobra Drive HD 900 E

Should we buy a Cobra CDR 900 E?

The Cobra CDR 900 E is not a quite ground-breaking entrance into a lurch cam market. It’s good to see Cobra gripping adult with a fortitude arms race, yet this indication is unequivocally let down by a low bitrate, that adversely affects a picture quality. At a £179.99 RRP a CDR 900 E is also a small pricey, yet during a time of essay it was accessible for reduction than £135 on Amazon, that is most some-more competitive.

Adrian Flux is also charity a Dash Cam Insurance Discount of adult to 15 per cent that could make this product even some-more appealing from a value indicate of view. But in itself this is a unequivocally normal lurch cam, and even yet a movement cam capabilities are a acquire bonus, a common picture peculiarity and miss of controls put a tool in a works for this scenario, creation a Cobra CDR 900 E a bit of an also-ran.


The Cobra CDR 900 E promises Super HD fortitude and movement cam functionality, yet is let down by soothing picture quality.

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