College Sports Marketing Veteran Launches Taymar Sales U

Mark Dyer, who has decades of knowledge building and handling successful ventures in college sports marketing, is rising a new association named Taymar Sales U. providing some-more personal, senior-level warn to college jaunty departments looking to urge sheet sales and attendance.

Taymar Sales U. provides extensive sheet sales and assemblage government services to collegiate jaunty departments, and provides customized support programs for schools that wish to say full control over those services. Taymar Sales U. is a auxiliary of Taymar Ventures, that is unconditionally owned by Dyer.

“I have spent many of my career formulating income for college jaunty departments and feel strongly that a sheet sales government marketplace needs a new approach,” pronounced Dyer. “The plea of sheet sales and assemblage in college sports is one of a biggest issues confronting entertainment departments and a accepting to this new indication is really positive.”

Dyer’s Taymar Ventures has been handling sheet sales for a University of Kentucky given 2018, and Taymar Sales U. will launch a new multi-year outbound sheet sales government agreement with Georgia State.

“Our work with Kentucky has shown that there is a marketplace for schools looking for some-more personal, senior-level warn and a incomparable share of their sheet revenue,” pronounced Dyer. “We are now in a position for enlargement and we are anxious to be comparison by Georgia State to hoop their sheet sales government responsibilities.”

“We are vehement to partner with Taymar Sales U. in a query to urge tickets sales for Georgia State entertainment events,” pronounced Georgia State AD Charlie Cobb. “Mark Dyer is really reputable in a attention and we demeanour brazen to certain formula from this partnership. Most importantly, we consider a stream and destiny fans will advantage a most.”

“Mark and his group have been essential to a efforts as we have practiced to a changing marketplace of sheet sales in college athletics,” pronounced Jason Schlafer, Chief Revenue Officer during University of Kentucky. “They have proven to be innovative partners who have brought an critical personal hold to a approach we bond with a fans and promulgate to them a significance of their support. We demeanour brazen to a continued work with Taymar Sales U.”

Dyer is a colonize in a industries of college sports licensing, selling and sheet sales. He was partial of a executive group that spearheaded IMG’s entrance into college sports that eventually led to a partnership with Learfield formulating a largest college sports selling association in a world. Prior to his purpose during IMG, he gathering record income expansion in comparison government roles with NASCAR and Host Communications.

“I have spent thirty years training from, and operative alongside, many important entrepreneurs in a sports industry,” pronounced Dyer. “Taymar Sales U. is a loyalty to those good entrepreneurs and is founded on a faith that there is no improved knowledge than attending a sporting eventuality on a college campus.”

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About Taymar Sales U.

Taymar Sales U. is a college sports selling association focused on pushing new income for jaunty departments and organizations that possess and work college sporting events. Taymar Sales U. was founded on a faith that organizations wish senior-level warn and some-more personalized use to assistance expostulate new income growth. The association is formed in Dallas, TX.

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