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Data-driven organizations comprehend a significance of deriving value from their information for business advantage. But this can usually be achieved when information adults (anyone within a classification who uses information to perform their job) can simply entrance a data, know it, and trust it. Today, Collibra, a personality in craving information governance and catalog software, announced a latest product release, Collibra 5.4. Collibra 5.4 facilities new crowdsourced amicable functionality that leverages a believe and insights of business users opposite a classification to concede them to rate and examination information resources and extend information governance rendezvous and collaboration.

“Most organizations currently are leveraging some form of centralized information governance,” pronounced Felix Van de Maele, co-founder and CEO of Collibra. “But pulling information governance to a corner presents a extensive event for organizations to capacitate a business users with a many insinuate believe of information to rate and examination that information and share their insights with others. Crowdsourced submit helps a best calm arise to a top, and a new Collibra ratings and examination functionality empowers organizations to take a some-more community-driven proceed to information governance and encourage partnership and engagement. This way, a company’s best information resources are identified, promoted, and used with confidence.”

About Ratings and Reviews

Much like how consumers advantage from a five-star rating complement on sites like Amazon to assistance beam their preference process, a Collibra 5.4 ratings and reviews functionality includes a new starred rating territory on any item page, charity users discerning insights into infallible resources (such as information sets) and assisting them make improved decisions about that information to use formed on devoted feedback from their peers.

Additional Collibra 5.4 Enhancements

  •     Dedicated Report Catalog Page and Functionality: To expostulate extended information governance adoption, user knowledge and pattern contingency be outstanding. Collibra 5.4 facilities one singular place where users can get an overview on all a reports that are being built in an craving opposite opposite business comprehension collection and even Excel files.
  •     Enhanced Data Catalog Landing Page: To some-more fast get vicious information resources in a hands of information consumers of several levels of acumen, Collibra 5.4 facilities a new, some-more graphical and user-friendly portal knowledge for a Data Catalog. The alighting page includes catalog-specific hunt and mixed opposite forms of underling pages to urge a user experience.
  •     License Management: Collibra 5.4 offers a permit expenditure dashboard for administrators, creation it easy to safeguard any user has a permit they require, while staying within compliance, eccentric from permissions.
  •     Repository Replication: As fill-in protection, Collibra 5.4 offers enterprise-level database riposte support.
  •     Enhanced Quick Search: Collibra 5.4 facilities extended discerning hunt functionality that starts creation suggestions even before a user starts typing.
  •     Tableau: Collibra 5.4 includes an infrastructure to parse Tableau workbooks, going over what a Tableau API creates accessible in terms of metadata.

About Collibra

As a personality in information governance and catalog software, Collibra helps organizations opposite a universe benefit rival advantage by maximizing a value of their information opposite a enterprise. Collibra is a usually resolution purpose-built to residence a progression of information stewardship, governance, and government needs of a many complex, data-intensive industries. Our stretchable and configurable cloud-based or on-premises resolution puts people and processes initial – automating information governance and government to fast and firmly broach devoted information to a business users who need it. Learn some-more during

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