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In efforts to support a stream Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) and rising 5G ecosystem, as good as roadside safety, Commsignia, a personality in a research, growth and supply of V2X connectivity and collaborative systems for automotive, introduced currently a new roadside units (RSUs) and onboard units (OBUs), that underline C-V2X approach communication technology. Building on a success of a existent ITS-RS4 and ITS-OB4 platforms, a new ITS-RS4-C and ITS-OB4-C will exercise a Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X chipset solution, that is formed on 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 14, for radio communication. Available as stand-alone products, or with dedicated short-range communication (DSRC/ITS-G5) configurations, a new ITS-RS4-C and ITS-OB4-C platforms are approaching to representation in Q4 of this year and will be shipped with a top-quality, automotive-grade V2X program smoke-stack and focus height initial launched in a preceding products. The automotive-grade V2X program smoke-stack and focus height is also accessible for apart chartering to OEM and Tier-1s globally.

The ITS-RS4-C and ITS-OB4-C are designed to concede strange apparatus manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier-1 suppliers worldwide to capacitate focus developers to exercise tradition use-cases.

With a mild V2X height like a new ITS-RS4-C and ITS-OB4-C, vehicles will have a event to promulgate with any other and with their surroundings, serve enhancing onboard and roadside safety.

Earlier this year, Commsignia introduced a ITS-RS4 roadside infrastructure platform, that is designed to concede self-driving cars to “see around a corner.” Among other deployments, Commsignia supposing V2X RSUs to Las Vegas to support of Lyft and Navya self-driving cars handling in a city. The infrastructure was essential in providing a initial stepping mill to bond cars with intelligent infrastructure to concede remote sensors, such as trade cameras, trade light timing information and other sensor data, to be transmitted to a vehicles.

Commsignia products are famous for their modularity, strong built-in confidence and correspondence with standards, as good as for providing low-latency with low executive estimate section (CPU) expenditure to assist in shortening hardware prolongation costs for customers. Additionally, a Commsignia ITS-OB4 is a world’s initial OBU to be approved by a prestigious OmniAir Consortium in a U.S.

“We are really unapproachable to be among a initial companies to pattern and launch C-V2X RSUs and OBUs that underline both C-V2X and DSRC/ITS-G5 approach communication modes,” pronounced Jozsef Kovacs, CEO of Commsignia. “Offering a business a stretchable resolution enables them to countenance and rise C-V2X-based solutions. This launch gives us tellurian marketplace coverage in terms of radio record and allows us to support to all finish business regardless of their welfare on a communication medium, withdrawal a preference on a record options with them.”

“Commsignia is identified as one of a heading vendors in a ITS and connected automobile space and we are vehement to work with them integrating a Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X chipset resolution in their products,” pronounced Nakul Duggal, clamp boss of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Qualcomm Technologies believes that V2X is a profitable submit to encourage safer driving, as good as a required building retard for unconstrained vehicles. We trust that C-V2X is a best record to accommodate existent and elaborating requirements, including how 5G will serve support connected and unconstrained vehicles.”

About Commsignia

Commsignia ( is a market’s many energetic V2X association interjection to a cutting-edge record and marketplace prepared portfolio. Commsignia specializes in Connected Car / V2X “Safer on a Road” program and hardware products concordant with IEEE 802.11p standards and DSRC and Cellular V2X / 5G technologies. Commsignia is assisting to build a subsequent era unconstrained automobile and intelligent mobility ecosystem that will make pushing safer while shortening overload and obscure emissions. Commsignia reserve best-in-class V2X (Car2X) Communication Software, hybrid V2X /ADAS Applications with strong PKI and SCMS security, a V2X SDK as good as OnBoard (OBU) and Roadside Units (RSU) for connected automobile and Smart City deployments.

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