Congress claims 60 lakh feign electorate enlisted in MP, EC orders probe

NEW DELHI: The Congress on Sunday indicted a BJP supervision in Madhya Pradesh of electoral bungle by including a names of 60 lakh “fake voters” in a voters’ list and requested a Election Commission (EC) to mislay all such entries from a electoral rolls of a 230 Assembly constituencies in a state.

A commission of a party, led by Madhya Pradesh Congress arch Kamal Nath, met EC officials on Sunday and purported that a BJP supervision in a state had enclosed a names of 60 lakh feign electorate in a electoral roll.

The Election Commission has systematic a examine into allegations of large-scale discrepancies in a voters’ list of Madhya Pradesh. Two teams have been shaped by a check row to examine a allegations.

The teams have to contention a news by Jun 7.

“We have given explanation to a EC that a voters’ list of Madhya Pradesh is fraudulent. Sixty lakh feign electorate have been enlisted in it. We have conducted a possess enquiry in 100 constituencies. We have given explanation to a EC as regards how one voter has been enlisted in opposite constituencies with a same name, residence and father’s name. This can't be any mistake, it has been finished deliberately by a benefaction Madhya Pradesh government,” Nath told reporters after public a EC officials here.

The EC teams will revisit a Narela, Bhojpur, Seoni-Malwa and Hoshangabad public seats to discern how a discrepancies occurred.

After reaching a state on Monday, a teams would also repair shortcoming for mixed and feign entries, EC said.

The Congress leaders also requested a EC for a special monitoring resource to mislay all a “multiple” and “demographically similar” entries and urged a check row to surprise all a inhabitant domestic parties on a weekly basement about a standing of marker of such electorate during slightest during a district level.

Demanding despotic movement opposite a returning officers for their purported impasse in entrance adult with such “fraudulent” electoral rolls, a Congress leaders also pronounced a EC should not muster them on check avocation in a future.

“The officers, who furnish a second corrected list, should also give an confirmation or a certificate, along with a scold list,” Congress personality Jyotiraditya Scindia said.

The leaders also forked out that a 40-per cent arise in a series of electorate in a state, as opposite a 24-per cent arise in a population, was “inconceivable and incalculable” and requested a EC to demeanour into a matter.

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